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  1. No using tables this time
  2. Someone hide this from Godgrave! haha.
  3. At my work we do all fixed width sites but we center so no matter what, they look good in every browser. The standard width now is about 1000px so you should be fine with that or higher.
  4. They're already using it in Boston hospitals for laser surgery on extremely hard operations. There's a wide range of Iphone apps that use AR that haven't come out yet (twitter finder, map locater, reviews on stores..etc). I cant wait for it in practical use!
  5. That's nothing compared to firefox lol. With only 1 tab open it uses 300,000K memory.
  6. Not sure if anyone else saw the OnLive Keynote at Game Developer Conference 2009 but I'm really impressed. I might actually use this as apposed to upgradding my PC anymore or buying a next next gen console. In staid of writing a wall of text explaining what it is I'll just do a quick Q&A type thing. What's OnLive? In short it allows you to play video games "on demand" via your browser by streaming them. Why should I care? - You can play the latest video games the second they're publicly released without having to reserve them. - You will never need to buy a game console or upgrade your computer's GPU again. Yes you heard me right, you can play top of the line games on a shitty computer that's using a graphics card from 5 years ago. - Try the game before you buy it. OnLive allows you to try any of the games in a demo form before you decide to buy them. Hows it work? By using a computer (currently just PC or Mac) or TV (using their little micro console) you connect to their cluster of servers via a web browser. When you find a game you like just click play and it opens up in your browser. The great thing is there's no downloading or installing involved. When you play a game it streams in real time via your browser so obviously this whole system is meant for people with high speed Internet (DSL, Cable, Fiber..etc) which most of us have. Is it out yet? It's in private beta right now but they plan to release it sometime this winter. You can sign up for beta on their site. Their site: http://www.onlive.com/ Heres some videos [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8nZfEWYt1fA]YouTube - GDC 2009: OnLive (PART 1/6) [What is OnLive?][/ame] Crysis running on a shitty laptop [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Lqkz5UJHbY]YouTube - GDC 09: OnLive Video Gemo - Crysis[/ame]
  7. Na, but I probably will if I start to see this become popular once it goes public. I'm not really defending it per say. If it ends up sucking then I'll be the first to say it . I just like the idea and support it right now. If they can keep the service free I'm all for it. If not then I'll probably never use it.
  8. I have a feeling he gave him the ability to seal Sasuke's eye jitsu so he doesn't fall under the influence of it. Itachi probably knew what Sasuke would do ahead of time and figured Naruto would be the only one in the end to save him from himself. It's either that or he gave him the ability to kill an Uchiha which I wouldn't doubt. So far their setting up for a Naruto fight in front of the Kage conference. I still think Naruto will save the day and gain acceptance by all the Kage's in the end. PS. wtf was up with the random screen shot of the Samurai in the north lol?
  9. Not necessarily. I'm pretty sure Alienware put the nail in their own coffin already. I don't know anyone that buys Alienware anymore. Their prices are far to high for something you could build for a fraction of the price. That's pretty much what everyone is doing now. They buy one system and just keep upgrading the graphics card and ram. @Dubird - I already mentioned that OnLive runs on as little as 1mb down 756kb up. DSL supports that and above, so people using it shouldn't have a problem. Really the only thing people have to worry about is bandwidth caps and throttling.
  10. I have Comcast and they recently put a 250GB/month cap on everyone. Downloading anime (normally 350mb big each, 6 eps a day) daily and host a pretty big web server is barley enough to even hit 100GB/month for me. I doubt people will have much of a problem as long as they have a cap as big or bigger then 100GB. For the rest I fear they will probably be screwed. @[ame=http://forums.ancientclan.com/member.php?u=4]DeathscytheX[/COLO"]Ancient Clan Forums - View Profile: DeathscytheX@@AMEPARAM@@View Profile: DeathscytheX</title>@@AMEPARAM@@DeathscytheX[/ame] - ya we wont know how well OnLive will work till the beta is over. I hope their new method of utilizing bandwidth really works. If it does it could mean a lot for streaming video sites.
  11. There's actually three methods to the pay process. 1) Monthly fee for the service (which they are reconsidering since most people are rejecting the idea). 2) You can rent a game for x number of days for a low price. Any progress you make in the game will be saved on their servers so if you ever buy or rent the game again you can pick back up where you left off. 3) You can buy the game for the same price as what you would pay in the store. Some games are close to free due to their age. So sure, you can still "own" a game. You just wont own a physical copy of it. I'd much rather own a physical copy too but I think their method of payment is pretty reasonable. As for the lag, there hasn't been any complains in the beta testing about lag. At least not from the people that are within the US. Since OnLive doesn't have any overseas clusters yet it's obvious that anyone in the beta that's not in the US would notice substantial lag. Oh and as for bandwidth. OnLive can run on just 1mb down and 756kb up so people using DSL or in the middle of peak hours shouldn't have that big of a problem. I think if they keep the service free it may become something big.
  12. Have we even seen the real Aizen yet? For all we know the Aizen we've been seeing this whole time could just be another clone...similar to what he did in SS.
  13. Theres no doubt that the mangaka is gonna pull something like that if he really does introduce some Samurai. Ya that would be funny if Sasuke made his move when he was surrounded by Anbu and other strong ninja. The shitty thing is the magaka would probably have Sasuke destroy them all though :/.
  14. I have to disagree. The mangaka has far to many groups and characters in Naruto that he's introduced but hasn't done jack shit with. If he side tracks and starts feeding us bullshit about Samurai and other random groups/characters it's going to get annoying fast. Not to mention we haven't seen Neji or anything on the Hyuuga Clan since the start of the series and their one of the most powerful groups in the village.
  15. True, I have a feeling once the battle really starts it's going to go back to 1vs1 again .
  16. I can think of a few things Godgrave would want you to do haha j/k. I'm liking where the story is heading now. Shit is starting to happen and characters we've always wanted to learn about (ie. The kages, Root..etc) are starting to pop up. I'm wondering if the next big battle will happen at the Kage conference. Would be hilarious if Naruto saves the day again in front of all the Kages and is given the title of Hokage for the Leaf or some other high rank haha. Danzo would go ape shit.
  17. "We're not on your side! We're just against Aizen! We're on Ichigo's side" . These past two chapters have been good. I'm pretty surprised how good it's gotten compared to the crap show it was several chapters ago when they where having 1 vs 1 fights.
  18. Most programmers use virtual machines when they want to test stuff out so chances are it wont matter what OS you use as long as the tools your using can work on it. That's how we do things at my work anyway.
  19. bad, very very bad. The first half was full of nothing but penis and naked jokes...both of which went out of style a long time ago. The second half was funny but felt more staged then Borat. I kind of figure everyone knows who sasha baron cohen or at least what he looks like so it probably made it harder for him to do spontaneous shit like he did in his past work. If your debating on going to see this your better off waiting for it to hit DVD. I give this movie a 5 out of 10.
  20. It didn't turn white without splotches. His older videos he had them on his lips and hands. That's why he used to put on fancy gloves and make up, like lip stick. Then gradually as it got worse he got more extreme with his clothes so people wouldn't notice. That article I linked to explains some of it. Theres another one that was on digg.com a few weeks back that interviews his doctor. The guy is extremely misunderstood. Another neat image
  21. Chris Crocker looks more like a girl now then he did back in his "Leave Britney alone" days. It's still relatively easy to tell he's a guy though. His face is too masculine. @slippers - you do know MJ wasn't getting plastic sugary to look white right? His nose was done up to look like peter pan (although he claims it wasn't). His lips look different because of his skin disease thus the reason why he started wearing lip stick or masks when he was in public. His skin...well he had the skin disease called Vitiligo which causes blotches of white to show up on your skin. There's also the rare case where your whole body is covered. MJ was actually happy about his black heritage. Look up some of his latest interviews where they ask him such questions. He's always pretty up front about his skin disorder. Read this, it's another interesting article http://inrepair.net/2007/12/18/vitiligo-more-than-skin-deep/ haha just noticed the last image is of MJ in the manga section
  22. Looks like the slow start up is related to a bug. Here's another suggestion on how to speed Firefox up before they release the patch to fix this bug http://mozillalinks.org/wp/2009/07/workaround-for-firefox-3-5-slow-startups-on-windows/ . Apparently Firefox does a scan in your temp Internet files on start up and depending on how many folders and subfolders you have, firefox can load really really really slow.
  23. pretty good chapter but very wtfish. Wonder Weiss popping up like a retard was pretty funny.
  24. same here. I ended up turning off all the auto check functions like auto check for new firefox version, auto check for extension updates....etc. And it seemed to decrease the initial load time a tad. If you haven't already you might want to remove all the default RSS feeds that come with firefox if your not using them. It also adds extra time on load up since firefox goes out and grabs the latest RSS from each of those feeds.
  25. I wont be using Chrome as my primary browser till they have extension support in the stable build and have a decent amount of useful extensions.