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  1. Mm ya the news about the MMO is well over 3 years and the download im guessing is old since there main site hasnt been updated for a year or 2 aside from there news and the deleting of the english page. But since no one posted the download or anything I figure id point it out.
  2. Well after spending some hours searching google to see the current status of this comming overseas I happen to notice somthing new. There official site has a benchmark, basicly a playable demo to see if the game will work on your PC. Well I downloaded it and tryed it out and guess what? Its really cool. Heres how you can get it. Go to the official site http://www.universalcentury.net/ look at the bottom 4 buttons. Click on the button between PC and FAQ. then just click on the zip file thats 98.7MB. Hope you guys like
  3. Pull the card out clean it using can air or blowing into it and put it back in see if that helps. If it dosnt then shut your computer down, open it up and then turn it back on to see if the graphics card is really making the noise. If it is then try contacting your cards maker via e-mail or support live chat to see if you can get help or a repacement for it. The point it so find whats making the noise so once you see and hear it you can maby get more help from us. Oh and just a thought but does your motherboard support the graphics card that you installed? If it dosnt then thats probably why everything is crying for help.
  4. Hmm looks nice If you guys want I can translate the site. I have a japanese/chinese translater and from the looks of it it actuly worked out nice on this site. I can make out paragraphs lol. Heres the main story page. http://www.seed-stargazer.net/story/index.html Its a bit confusing to read but you can at least get an idea what its about.
  5. We had a few bear cubs and there moma in our yeard rolling around. I live in a small contyside area with not many buildings around. Its not often I get to see bear around the yeard though. Deer, moose, rabbit, fox, wood chucks, wolf I see alot though.
  6. my bad my bad
  7. Iv played the first one and part of the second. The movie was so much like the first game I dont understand why you guys dont think that. I can see how its kinda like the second one (the dad goes and tryes to find them) but thats about it. I have a feeling there will be a SH2 comming out that has the dad trying to find out what happend just like in the 2nd game.
  8. Ya do what Sledgstone suggested. Also if your windowsXP hasnt been updated in a long time I belive there was a problem a few months back that restarted your computer if it wasnt patched. Might wanna check and see if theres any new updates for you.
  9. I was tempted too ask for the manager but I had a feeling that wouldnt help me. I have a best buy card anyway so I got some rebates ($40). haha Id be scared if I was in a best buy and you where doing that.
  10. ya, my bad it was mistagged. When I went back to get it the cash guy was like that will be $270 and I was like how come it shows $60 then? And hes like one second Ill go double check. He comes back and tells me it was mis tagged but there is a sale. Its original price was $320 and now its $270 so I got it anyway. O well that sucks hahaa I would have gotten 3 HDDs if it was that cheap.
  11. I forgot the name of the one I saw last night but when I was at bestbuy I saw a 500GB USB external HDD for $59.99 I was tempted to buy it since it was 500GB but I didnt have enough on me so Ill go back next weekend and pick one up. Its main point was for computer backup but Im sure you can use it as plain storage. Ill get the name and post back later.
  12. Dosnt hurt the microwave. Frys the cd. Just dont put it in longer then 15 seconds or else the cd melts and messes up your microwave pritty bad. Sometimes it catches on fire.
  13. Wanna see somthing cool? get an old cd that you dont need anymore then go outside. Oh dont forget some eye protection. Then put the eye protection on and grab the cd in bolth hands. Bend it away from you and watch all the layers and rainbow colored middle fly everywhere like ribbons in the air. I did this in my house when I got mad. Makes a mess so maby its not such a cool thing to do outside :/ Also try placing a cd on a paper plate in your microwave for 13 seconds and watch the fireworks show.
  14. For thouse of you that like mozilla then you should toss it out the window and download Flock. I have to admit im not much of a mozilla or firefox fan but after I downloaded Flock and actuly took it for a test spin I was amazed at how they fixed almost all the memory leaks that Mozilla claimed as "features" and also changed some other things to boost the browsing speeds. If you wanna try it out go here http://www.flock.com/ Works on windows, Mac and linux like all mozilla products.
  15. GP02A - Physalis or GX-9901-DX Gundam Double X
  16. So I take it you guys are watching fansubs since there not being aired on TV yet right? Unless the inu~ there showing in the weekdays are the new eps?
  17. Its almost like DBZ, back when they aired the planet namic eps with freeza over and over again for a months haha. As for the end, ya it sucked. Why the hell is Kagome just letting inuyasha act the way he does? Even if she loves him she should at least do somthing other then make a few noises and not say anything for the rest of the ep. Its annoying how it was built up so much and then went to shit after the band of seven. O well, what ya gonna do?
  18. This is kinda cool, however I found all the bands I already listen too haha o well. hopping to find new ones.
  19. oh snap its a gundam battle! Lets get it on!
  20. haha yaaaaaaaa..... I can remeber when Seed was first comming out and they posted all images of it on the web. People thought Kira and Athrun where girls including all the other girl look a likes.
  21. haha oh my god, see whats happening to our youth these days. Girls like gay anime guys.
  22. ya, their gay, what else could it be? episode 130 "the sexual love of Kira and Athrun" hahaha just kidding, to be honest I belive they where/are just best of friends.
  23. I guess
  24. to bad its over . PS. blue gender wasnt that bad, I liked it.
  25. I cheat, If im gonna play wow its eathor on my friends account or on a private WoW server . Im too cheap to pay money for a online game