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  1. Can you log into the admin account at all? Just to a system restore back to before you think the windows genuine software was auto updated. Then it should be fine. Keep in mind you will loose anything you installed or downloaded from that day to now so back up your files. FYI. MS's Genuine checker sucks dont ever install it lol.
  2. Dubie I'm not trying to start a Gundam fight but if you havent seen the other shows then how do you know that their not as indepth if not more then GW? You don't so what your saying is kind of one sided. I'm sure everyone here thats seen Wing understands that there is depth to the story but there are other series that have far more depth and action going on. End of ranting, Happy to see you like Gundam X
  3. Overpowerfull to the show Dubie, at least thats what I mean. For example it would be like putting superman vs a clay human size doll. Its no fun seeing fights like that over and over again. I sence a gundam battle comming! lol j/k As for Relena, she just wanted some s*x thats all . Can't hurt the girl for wishing.....or can you . *end of crappy joke*
  4. ahh I was to slow, Dubird posted before me lol. Ya I agree CN was the major push that made GW so popular. I like Gundam X and Gundam 0083 way more then wing but thats just me. The mecha in wing where way to powerfull and made it seem like nothing could beat them.
  5. lol 3 months ! Iv been here since 2002 and havent reached 1000 posts yet haha....trying not to be a spammer I guess maby I shouldnt have gone away for a few years
  6. I don't know if I should post this but If it's braking rules then just delete the thread Anyway Has anyone seen it yet? If so what did you think? I think it totally kicked ass to the max.
  7. lol, this turned into a welcome back thread . Welcome back.
  8. I NEED EP 193!!!!!!!!! I ran out of Eps to watch now
  9. haha thats a sick mod for the PC game, I wish I knew where to get it.
  10. You and me had the same history, we must be brothers from another mother lol j/k. VHD is the best!
  11. ya I liked how CN brought back thunder cats becuse when I was younger I had a hard time grasping the story line. All I knew was "THUNDER CATS HOOOOOOO" lol I think I was about 6 Ill have to ask my mom....she has fond memorys of me running around saying things like that becuse of anime lol.
  12. I grew up with old Anime like transformers, Speed racer, He man, and thunder cats but I was young but I didn’t know it was anime till I got older. The one anime that I truly got into and I could safely say is the first movie that got me hooked in the anime world was Vampire Hunter D the first movie. I saw it on HBO one night when I was young and fell in love with how cool anime could be (blood, action, nude girls and such). Then shortly after that Id stay up and watch HBO just for the anime back when they showed it. They had Mid Night Eye Goku, Pet Shop of Horrors and some other junk that I cant remember. Then I found out cartoon network was about to start airing anime in the afternoons so I started watching whatever they offered. From there I learned about DBZ, Gundam, Sailor Moon, and other delightful shows.
  13. ya same here DX , then I went and got all the eps and watched them. Dude im so sad that it only has 50 eps and a rumered movie comming out. They should so keep it going or at least make a side story or somthing.
  14. Welcome welcome! ^)^
  15. lol this is funny I was cracking up laughing when I saw this for the first time. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qO7-FmRY1-c
  16. hahaha ya ass kicking is right. But it wasnt all Kakashi's doing. Without his best friend sacrificed himself Kakashi wouldnt even have the option to do it. But still that must put so much strain on his body he hast to be strong for that I guess. Kakashi kicks ass. Now all he needs is a Byakugan eye and there will be no stoping him in taking over the world and making a fool out of Gai.
  17. Theres alot of boring spots all through Naruto but theres also alot of great fights. So its a bit of a mix. I can't say why others like it but I can sure tell you the 2 things that make me want to keep watching it is to see more about Naruto and the 9tailed fox and also just to see Naruto and Hinata (im waiting for the day they do somthing "constructive" togeathor..like that will ever happen lol).
  18. haha dude your so lucky. 75 disk packs thats alot for cheap.
  19. Well not to be rude but I wasnt hipper so I dont know why the calm down part needs to be in your post. I was only asking 3 questions and then stating what I thought after the questions. I dont know why people keep thinking that what I ment by the comments about the merging of the two kids and stuff was from some ep or somthing. It was only an option I was toying with since at the time I had Orochimaru's seal mixed up with 4ths and it just seemed logical if the 5th did the sealing that she would merg the 2 boys togeathor. As for the questions. They where verifyed in Eps 131-134 where Naruto fights Saska at the water fall of end or w/e the name is. Alot is explained about Saska and Naruto/9tailed. The 4th was the sealer so the part that I had said with the 3rd or 5th was, as Sledgstone said, was reffering to the seal that Orochimaru placed around Narutos seal. Also in thouse eps they say he sealed it to a baby not him self. So Im not to sure about the idea of him sealing it to himself and then turning into a kid. I wouldnt be surprized if the 4th had a kid (Naruto) and used his kid as the cage.
  20. ya iv been watching thouse. But theres not much info on the 9tail. Just that Orochimaru put his seal on it (however I didnt know it was intended to last long I thought it was supposed to be a temp thing hehe) So After I reach ep 150 Ill pick up from the ending eps of the chunin exams.
  21. The first post wasnt based on anything just 3 questions and my thoughts and the first ep did explain the legend but gives no real facts for what happend. All you hear is the story theres no flash backs..thats kinda what Im looking for in futer eps. The fan subs are fine just go to fast for me to read sometimes causing me to get confused lol. But ya what you said (that might be the seal they're referring to when Kabuto and Orochimaru were talking.. who could have removed that seal.. probably the third or Jiayra.) might be what they where talking about. Still they plainly say the 3rd or 5th so hmm o well that at least explains that seal they where talking about I guess. I should have probably watched from the exams to the current eps im on now. I basicly skipped 40 or 50 eps lol.
  22. huh wtf there eps confuse me now. Like ep 90somthing Orochimaru and the glasses guy where talking about how powerfull Naruto could get if he figured out how to use the ninetailed foxes powers. Then the glasses kid asks who could possibly have sealed the nintailed fox into him and Orochimaru goes it could have only been the 3rd or 5th. So thats why im a bit confused. Eppy What eps did it explain or at least show some info about what your saying? Id like to watch them.
  23. its pritty good im waiting for the next linking park CD set to hit the streets in later summer this year.
  24. I think it was good. I went the night it opened and ended up sitting in the 2nd row....that sucked I had to look up the whole time and got dizzy often haha but other then that the movie was good. I did find Toms acting a little dry this time round but a friend told me thats how his character was in the book. As for the truth or not? I'm open to the idea of it being true but either way they do peace together things nicely to make it seem like its all true. I really don't understand why news and TV make movies like this and United 93 seem like there gonna make people start shooting each other and stuff. When the movie ended everyone just clapped there was no controversy at all. I havent seen any fighting or controvery on the church channel or the news after the movie came out so wtf. I did find this movie more of a recruiting film for Opus Dei hehe. PS to all you Angels & Demons fans read this. http://stuff.co.nz/stuff/0,2106,3678679a1860,00.html
  25. nope still high prices here in NH.