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  1. welcome back ^)^
  2. never cryed but Iv so put my fist in the air and yelled out HELL YA!!!!! haha iv done that to a few animes.
  3. http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=774521863&n=2 Its sweet! Kinda brings back the old days of DBZ in my opinion.
  4. It was hot seeing Rain and Allenby in there there hot tight clothes. It made it worth watching lol.
  5. Depends dosnt it? I mean Sasuke had a really hard time even seeing Naruto move when he only had 2 dots in each eye when Naruto was using the kyuubi's power to fight. Then once he got his 3rd dot he could actually track naruto's moves again. So it would all depend on what stage your Sharingan is in and how strong your enemy is. Im not sure what id pick though bother are very strong. Byakugan allows you to see peoples chakra holes and block them so they cant use any ninjutsu and genjutsu attacks. But Sharingan can basicly make you crazzy to the point of killing your self....Can I have bolth ?
  6. Sledg, ya but it was funnyer at the end where everyone had one haha. BTW ep 195, another lee ep but its starting a new mini story. Things get intresting.
  7. maby she has a crush on Eva? haha.
  8. Well its not like I read new peoples names when they post . It wasnt till a few mins ago that I actuly looked at his/her name haha.
  9. oh snap its the old sesshomaru lol
  10. You are NEJI! Proud. Driven. You fix on your objective and stick to it. Some people may see you as cold or even cruel, but they just can't see past your prickly surface. At heart, you care about your companions and may be a little more sensitive than you'd like to admit.
  11. To me G Gundam wasnt the best, I didnt like it as much as other Gundam series. But its still Gundam nontheless and I am a huge gundam fan
  12. lol wtf, Do you guys know each other or somthing?
  13. wow, I wasnt expecting that. That would explain why hes the one that initiates and supervises the jutsu that forcibly brings a bijū out of a captured Jinchūriki.
  14. I think Naruto is the 4th's son. :idea 1: I think the seal the 4th used didnt seal his whole soul in the death god. As you can plainly see when the 3rd tryed to use the method on Orochimaru he couldnt so he was forced to "cut"the soul. Im guessing that the 4th "cut" his soul as he was being taken by the death god, leaving a part of him self inside Naruto as the gates that hold the kuuybi in. Thus there yellow color that you see often when the kuuybi talks or does somthing. :Idea 2: Maby Naruto's soul is the 4ths. The seal method takes the targets soul and pulls it through the sealers causing the seal to show up on there tummy. So Im guessing the 4th used it a bit diffrently and put naruto between him and the death god causing narutos soul to be taken and the 4ths soul to replace narutos and since kuuybi cant die, he was fourced in a cell made by the 4ths soul within Naruto. Heres a image to explain what I mean. (kuuybi)------(4th)----(naruto)----(Death God) This would explain how Naruto can use/lern the 4ths moves so fast and also read the scroll that a normal ninja his age couldnt. :Idea 3: Since kuuybi can't die maby the seal method had a diffrent outcome then what the 3rd had. What I mean is maby the 4th was reincarnated into Naruto. The 4th may have known this going into it thats why you dont see his body in the first ep or any of the eps that flash back to when the Kuuybi was sealed into naruto. All you see is a baby in a round seal thing. The 4th may have stood there sealing the kuuybi inside himself causing him to turn into a baby. Theres a old saying I forgot the exact words but its somthing like, with death comes life. That would explain this good. Just my thoughts after watching the anime so far. I havent read any of the manga yet.
  15. 1) Who sealed the nine tailed fox in Naruto? Was it the 5th Hokage (the old lady) or the 3rd or someone else? From the eps iv seen they make it seem like only the 3rd or 5th could have done it. 2) Was Naruto born, made, or merged for the soul purpose of sealing the nine tailed fox? 3) From watching eps 93-130 it almost seems like the 5th merged her 2 boys (or if there not her boys then 2 kids that looked up to her) in order to form naruto and merg the nine tailed fox. Im probably way wrong but could someone at least shed some light on the subject. Also give me some ep numbers where some of this stuff is answerd. I just found eps 33-184 on myspace video so iv been watching them for a few days now.
  16. Sasuke can't use it...at least im not aware of it yet. He never killed Naruto so he cant use it. He did however get the 3rd little dot in bolth eyes when fighting Naruto with his full power so he has the full Sharingan. It would be sick though if Sasuke could use it.
  17. ep 194 another filler. Not as bad as the last but still a filler non the less. It also looks like the next ep will be a filler also .
  18. its was ok, Im happy we got to see more of Gaara in the show.
  19. Thats correct, he cant use it as good as an Uchiha but he can still use it very well since hes had it for so long. If he was Uchiha it wouldnt put so much of a strain on his body like it is now.
  20. welcome ^)^
  21. ya somehow I thought that was the 3rd lol. Iv seen -the special with naruto shitting himself. -the special with Naruto and Sasuke fight some ninja in the hiddle waterfall place. -the princess snow movie (movie 1) -the move Naruto, and the sand ninja fight the weird people searching for a stone. (movie 2) This is why I thought there was 3. If you know of another special please tell me! I need more naruto to watch lol.
  22. check this out http://blog.taragana.com/index.php/archive/how-to-disable-windows-genuine-advantage-warning/ also search google for better tutorials
  23. ya my bad I was thinking about the princess snow one.
  24. ya iv seen movies 1-3 and the special with Naruto pooping him self lol. I'v run out of thinks to watch I hate fillers.
  25. Ya there is but I think MS' disabled the uninstall for the Gen checker so it makes it a tad bit harder to get off your system. If all else fails search google for help. Theres loads of stuff with people having issues just like you.