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  1. Ram dosnt have a set speed that it has to stay at depending on what kind. Normaly if you buy 997megaherts it can run that or anything below it. Thats why when adding more ram it become a pain in the ass if your new to the process.
  2. Sesshoumaru's Dad might have cheated on his mother with Inu's Mother. In turn thats why Sesshoumaru hates all humans and has hate for his fathor and Inu. Just an idea though, no facts at all in my post
  3. Hinata us soooooo sexy If she was real id hit that. umm errr my bad, ya Hinata would win.
  4. now we also find out InuYasha was really a girl this whole time with a mans voice lol.
  5. Make a good site with loads of original content then post a link to your forum on it. Its full proof I tell ya, full proof!
  6. I just finished watching ep 193 and guess what....another filler ep and a bad one at that, well not for the Gai and Lee fans but still a filler . Does anyone know when they will get back to showing the main story with Sasuke, Orochimaru and Itachi?
  7. OMG Hina almost admits her love to Naruto in ep 199 lol. Naruto: "Can you help me (a way of asking someone out)?" Hina: "Blush I umm" Naruto: "So you cant?" Hina: "Thats not it... I ....um.." *Naruto looks around and sees Nij* Naruto: "Ok Ill just go ask Nij" *Hina has a shocked face* haha that was the best part.
  8. ROTFL haha that was the best idea for a comic.
  9. welcome ^)^
  10. Has anyone seen this Anime? I noticed it plays on WAM so I searched eps and started watching and I have to say the first 2 eps are really cool. They dont BS you with a long drawn out story at the start, they put you in the action then as you watch I guess the story starts to fill out (or so comments from people that have seen it said). I like the music alot, Its like rock and upbeat kinda stuff. This anime is like Samurai X mixed with Ninja scroll gone Naruto lol. Anyway Im looking for others opinions on it. edited: ok on ep 4 now and I got to say this Anime kicks ass. Theres so much to the story that you only find out about as you watch each ep.
  11. ya iv been reading around and I guess the manga dosnt have monsters in it. The Anime is the only one that has the monsters. People have been saying to read the manga and ditch the Anime but I think ill continue to watch. I agree theres no "real fighting" theres alwase a powermove lol. Its somewhat like when Naruto fights a really hard boss...he alwase uses the Foxes powers lol. Ya its on WAM in english.
  12. I use to download eps but I stoped once I started finding them on youtube and sites like it lol. I ended up cleaning my 3 40GB HDDs after that . Im not a HUGEEEE FAN...I collect Gundam models and watch anime and draw some things that may be from anime. But If im in the public eye I never have anime clothes on me or anything lol. I also tend to avoid the hard core anime freaks. You know the ones that are like "YO DBZ MAN...IS IT IN YOU!!!!! DO YOU LIKE IT OMG ME TOO SSJ4!!" I guess you could call me a Anime fan in the closet or somthing.
  13. Check out 2 or 3 eps before 93 and you will see why. One of the bounto's summons could posses and use the full power of a person. Rukia got possessed and thats why she was using her soul slayer. Now her soul needs time to heal thats why she was having such a hard time fighting the girl bounto. The next ep looks like its gonna be a good one. I cant wait...I wish they where done faster lol.
  14. if you use GAIM do not update your windows update files. The newest patches cause GAIM to no longer work correctly if you use MSN. Just a warning since I updated my windows computers and GAIM no longer works on them. On there site theres over 100 bug reports about it.
  15. I guess, but I normaly like to program my own features so I tend to avoid closed source things. I also like things that will work with linux without Wine so ya....
  16. Actuly its alot better if you know programming. Its an open source AIM, Yahoo, Jabber, ICQ, MSN, IRC and many other protocols are by default added but its open source so if you know C++ you can go in and add in other protocols or edit the look and feel for your self. Its not as sexy looking as Trillian or Miranda IM but its still nice to use since it can run on windows and any linux/unix distro you want. Miranda IM is another Open source multi protocol chat client. Has a bigger community that puts out add-ons and plug-ins to add tools you may want. Things Such as chat bots, irc tools, spam blockers, ip lookups.... Also theres easy steps to making themes. Theres no tools to make the themes its just a pick the image you want for the background type of deal. Unless you want to modify the buttons and stuff there is a theme add on you can get. Trillian to put it bluntly is for the people that dont care about open source or dont really want to deal with minor crap like downloading bug fixes and such (since Trillian updates if it has an issue and the others dont). Its nice to install all 3 to have a try and see what one you like better...or just keep them all like I do and use the one you want when you want.
  17. hmm mine updated 2 days ago are you sure you just didnt notice it? There was posts about trillian beng semi effected by the windows updates, not on trillian boards but on the GAIM CVS board becuse people where saying trillian wasnt connecting to the msn hotmail protocol box anymore. It was connecting but it wouldnt let them access there mail correctly or somthing. I didnt read into it becuse I didnt notice a think other then an update when I turned trillian on after I did my windows update. Oh and for the people that do use GAIM theres a patch on the cvs that fixed the client.
  18. Trillian had the bug also but it looks like they patched it. Miranda IM is also uneffected now. so GAIM still needs a fix :/
  19. I dont notice Naruto say believe it anymore. I think I blocked that out of my head lol.
  20. So thats why I couldnt find any full eps of 92 . Ya I agree the bounto suck. I hate how when they fight they just sit there and talk. Its so much like zatch bell only diffrence is the bounto dont have books to control there monsters/powers. I really cant wait till they all die and burn in hell lol. I have to admit though I find these fillers so much better then Naruto ones. These at least have a point.
  21. Whats the latest fan sub up to now? Im at 92 at the moment
  22. I just saw it since I couldnt wait for it to show on Adult swim. I have to say thats got to be the best Inuyasha movie so far and from the reviews on the 4th movie it sounds like the 3rd is better then that too . I guess Ill go watch the 4th now to see. It was cool to see InuYasha's Dad and a more visual story of the past. I kinda wish it was a bit longer but o well . There should have been a little more romance between InuYasha and Kagome I mean the movie was off the hook the least they could have done is have Kagome kiss Inu at the end when she puts the neckless on him. "I bet you thought I was gonna do somthing perverted. SIT lol." O well it was a great movie though
  23. havent posted in this part of the forum in a long time so here goes. How many like ill nino? If you havent herd of them before you can listen to some of there music here http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=7398495
  24. you dont like there new CD? aww why I find it as good as the others. Just a bit less agressive.