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  1. It's hard to say really. I'd like to think he's full blown Hollow right now but from the looks of it Ichigo may actually be half and half at the moment. It would help if we could tell the color of his hair or sword (white = hollow) haha. Logic tells me he is full hollow since he just had a fist shoved through his heart and he obviously couldn't save himself from that.......but with Orahima shouting out his name she may have unintentionally "rejected" the thought of him ever dieing. By doing this it might have actually screwed things up for the inner hollow's confrontation with Ichigo in his mind and the take over of his body. So essentially Ichigo and the inner hollow may have merged and became one with each other in order to keep Ichigo alive. This would give Ichigo a power boost but may also alter his attitude and personality drastically (aka. DBZ Fusion haha). His hair kind of resembles his swords as well.. I think at this point it would be best to do something messed up like that or turn him into his full blown hollow form to get the story rolling again. If anything they could always have Urahara work his magic to make him somewhat normal again...or just have Orahime reject his personality and make him go back to the way he was. That's all speculation though. With our luck it's probably just an upgrade and Ichigo will still be in control of his body like before. The only difference would be that his face now looks like his inner hollow and his sword changed color lol.
  2. pretty ugly imo ;p ah I totally overlooked that part haha. I still want to see him stand before Pain with all 8 tails sticking out. As for the 9th...I don't think it will show till the final inner seal is broken. Since Naruto's dad stopped him from pealing the seal the Kyuubi is limited to only 8 tails. As for Naruto's dad showing up...I have to agree that it's a part of his soul. I'm gonna take a guess and say while the 4th's soul was being sucked in by the deathgod a part of it was purposely attached to Naruto's seal while he passed through baby naruto. I think the 4th will give Naruto the power he requires to control the 9tails to some extent. Probably not full control but enough to regain control over his body and revert back to human if need be.
  3. that was pretty interesting but very anti-climactic. I think it had a lot to do with the pacing...shit just happened all at once and didn't seem that impressive for some reason. Can't wait to see what Naruto looks like now that he has 8 tails coming out of his ass lol.
  4. Technically I called the Ichigo hollow upgrade . In any case this chapter was yet again short as hell.
  5. Explosion or not Gundam Wing and Gundam Seed where horrible in terms of Gundam series. Not only did they make the main characters and their Gundams stupidly strong (immortal), they also had the worst storylines. Anyway back on topic. I thought that battle was great! I was a bit shocked at how close Gundam 0 looked to the original Gundam . In the flashbacks Setsuna had, I had thought Gundam 0 was diffrent colors but it appears they kept the traditional blue, white, Red ...should have know they would haha. As for who's going to pilot it...def not new lock-on. He excels at sniping so it would be pointless to switch. As for his brother who died, well he's dead and gone. He's not comming back so just leave it be. Soma (ie. Marie) might have a chance but somehow I doubt it since she already has a mobile suit. Mr. Bushido is a mixed bag. He could join CB and pilot it but then again he wouldnt be able to fight Setsuna to the death. If the OP tells us anything Mr. Bushido is going to stick to being Setsuna's rival to the bitter end. So it's a mistery who's going to pilot Gundam 0 . Gundam 0 itself was a test suit with no major battle capabilitys or powerful weapons. Unless they added on some crazy shit I have a feeling Gundam 0 is going to play a diffrent role in the story other then going out and killing people. If anything I think they will use it's GN particle spreading wings to help amplify Gundam 00's quantam abilitys and range. Just my 2 cents.
  6. Action scenes were just about ok, with the exception of the first sequence. Thank god there wasn't much of the lame slow motion stuff, but wherever it was used, it didn't go well. The movie didn't feel too long, just rushed towards the end. ya the choice of music was horrible for the most part.
  7. That's why theres an option in most IM clients that allows you to block everyone except the people on your buddy list. As for the article, the web is becoming a cesspool of private information. Teens upload photos and post private info like their phone number and address like it's nothing. Myspace and Facebook are prime examples of how kids have a false sense of security and post private things without thinking. Take a look at http://www.pipl.com/ and http://www.yoname.com/ . There both sites that make it easy to find private info on a person that they themselves have made public. I think if Teens and young adults payed a little more mind to what they make public they wouldn't run into things like stalkers.
  8. About time
  9. haha you know that would be the biggest kick in the balls for Ulquorria ever.
  10. That's mostly because the ending was changed. Personally I never liked the squid ending in the novel so I was pretty happy with the change they made in the movie.
  11. haha I doubt Ichigo will get a Banki 2 in the shape that he's in right now. It looked like he was punched through the chest in the latest chapter so if anything I think he'd turn more so into a hollow. I'm thinking the next chapter or the chapter after will be another "Inner Ichigo" moment where he will face his inner hollow and go though another one of those "who will control the body" things. Then Ichigo will gain some new power or be controled by the inner hollow. It's either that or Orahime will release some new power that heals Ichigo and makes him super strong .
  12. Yay Naruto's seal broke! It's about damn time. I suspect Pains gonna get fucked up pretty bad in the next ep. I think it's a little past the point of Yamato sealing Naruto now. Naruto's necklace was broke as well as the seal on his stomic (I'm guessing). Yamato had a hard enough time trying to crontrol a 4 tailed Naruto even when he had the seal on, so I highly doubt he's gonna be able to do anything unless he somehow learned a new sealing techneak. Kabuto poping back up was a bit of a surprise for me. I was thinking they wouldnt mention him for a long time but it looks even more like the Mangaka is trying to wrap all the loose ends up within this ark . Also I doubt Oro is "alive". Kabuto just has Oro's cells in him it doesnt mean he's going to be controled by Oro's past self. Oro is dead and gone. Itachi killed him in Sasuke. If anything Kabuto will simply be a crazy killing monster since Oro's cells where still cursed when they where transfered into Kabuto. I'm happy Hinata is not dead. I wish they would confirm what Kakashi's status is. I hate how they leave these things open ended and make it so we have to assume he's dead.
  13. LOVED IT! They added so many of the little details form the novel into the movie. If you've read the novel pay attention to the posters and signs that show up throughout the movie . The way they used the slow motions was perfect in the movie. The fight at the beginning was AMAZING! The only shitty part was that all the other fights could not compare to that starting fight . The movie did feel a little rushed but I can understand why. I don't think people would have the attention span to last more then 3 hours watching informational content and no action lol and a second movie would be pointless. @Kuwabara ya Rorsarch's batman voice got hard to understand at times. I thought it was decent but they could have lightened it up a bit. Dr. M's penis was the highlight of the movie for most women in my theater. As soon as his thong thing came off girls in the back where letting out cheers of joy haha. My friend didn't even notice till I said "aww baby weena" haha. Silk's boobs where a surprise. With clothes on they looked big but as soon as they came off they where noticeably smaller. Not that I'm complaining though, she's still hot and I'd most likely do her if I was Nite Owl . Overall I give the movie an 8/10
  14. I bet both Mangaka are lovers and plan to end the two manga's the same way . They should do a cross over or something. Aizen opens the kings gate only to find the ninja world waiting for him hahaha. Then our pops Mandara to give him a high five.
  15. Mass Shadow Clones of the 9 tail's hahaha! Now that would be amazingly funny. Sasuke and Naruto's final battle (if they have one) would be nuts.
  16. You'll like it but also find it a bit funny....at least I did. Heres why I found it funny. The end of episode 20 shows the 2 innovators and Louise flea while Gundam 00 stops and watches them leave. However in episode 21 they re-wrote the ending of Episode 20 to have Setsuna rape everyone hahaha. I think enough people bitched about the end of episode 20 that the writers changed some stuff.
  17. Actually that would be pretty sweet if the inner hollow won and took over Ichigo's body for a while. He's one crazy SOB .
  18. Na it's still there. He's on the verge of losing it completely though. Every time he uses the power the seal fades a little more. I think this chapter it's probably broke completely now or close to it.
  19. I can see this turning out like his little brother's Managa (666 Satan). That ending was horrible.
  20. I'm not gonna bite at your first comment since we'll end up going in an endless circle but I do agree with your UC comment. I miss the beginning too but that doesn't mean I hate the second half. I think it's still entertaining...just not as entertianing as the first half and the start of the second. Like I already said before the creators have been trying to make this show as appealing to every type of Gundam fan as possible (UC fans, Fan girls, Wing and Seed fans...etc. Thats why some things may not make sense to you (IE. Louise and Saji).
  21. I just want to see him go full Hollow like he did at the very beginning.
  22. The side characters that we never got to see but wanted to see are used as sacrifices in the end? That's homosexual of the mangaka. He needs to be brought out back and beaten.
  23. haha true. I think he's gay for Setsuna .
  24. You want more Graham but less Mr. Bushido lol...isn't that contradictory? But ya needs more fighting and less talking. They seem to have tossed a lot of the side story's to the side for some reason and have been focusing more so on the innovator noobs, GN particles, and the Louise and Saji relationship. I hope they don't try and wrap everything up in the last episode. That would be horrible.
  25. Ya we where talking about this a while ago when I mentioned his seal is probably gonna brake at some point when he's fighting Pain. As for this chapter as a whole....I'm getting kinda pissed how the mangaka is rushing to tie all the loose ends together. There's so much that needs to be answered and he's doing it one chapter at a time in super rushed style. At this pace I would not be surprised if this all ended in a month or two in the village. The manga's had so much potential but now it feels like the Mangaka is just pissing it away so he can start something new. If Hinata is dead this manga is officialy shit to me. PS. what a horrible way to have Hinata confess to Naruto. I was expecting something better then that.