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  1. thus we move back to my previous post saying that him and Sasuke have no place in this ninja world anymore .
  2. haha don't put those kinds of thoughts into my head.
  3. Sledg is talking about an ear pick http://images.jbox.com/f3/earcleaner_a64.jpg I normally just turn my head sideways in the shower and let hot watter rush in my ears for a few mins. So far that's been helping me out a lot. I'll try peroxide if my ears ever feel like their packed up or hurting bad. I wouldn't doubt that this is all tied to my ears and nose. I've had ear infections since I was young and I haven't been able to fully breath from my nose for at least 8 years now. This still doesn't explain why my voice got deeper though. Did any of you go through a second puberty when you hit 23? That's the only thing I can think of right now.
  4. Exactly, Godgrave always saves the day . There's also that fact that everyone who's faced Pain up till now has died. All of which have been skilled ninja or Anbu. Naruto has shown that he's not only powerful but also smart as well. Who would have thought that he would stab pain's chakra rod into himself to find Pains location? Who would have thought that he would use clones, as well as he has? Face it, Naruto has come a long way since a few months/years ago. He's no longer blindly running into a fight. He actuly plans shit out now and uses his clones as ginny pigs. Regardless of Skill both Naruto and Sasuke are not fit for the ninja world now. They both can esily overwelm almost everyone except for maybe bumblebee.
  5. exactly! Their level of power is far beyond what we see as normal ninja or anbu...in fact in the current chapters Naruto seems to be far beyond Hokage level as well. I can only imagen what would happen if Sasuke and Naruto joined forces. They could esily take on the whole ninja world at this point .
  6. Sledg, ya last year I had a huge cut down my throat that lasted for a few months. I posted about it here because I wasn't sure what it was or why it was there. The throat swelled up as a result of it. It's been better ever since though. As for the mucus, theres actually no visible mucus at all. I can feel it at the bottom of my throat but I cant cough anything up. It's almost like when you have to much soda and you feal that layer of mucus build up in your throat. I can only clear the passageway long enough to talk a bit before it gets clogged again. I have no problems breating...it's just talking in general. I have a long history of ear/nose issues which might be the problem lol. I get my ears cleaned every few months by the doctor since I have small ear cannals that get built up in wax esily. I've slept on my nose a lot ever since I was little so it grew a little sideways. I actuly cant breath from my right nostral at all now. I do have plans to go to the doctors and have them fix this soon though. I really doubt it's cancer or a tumor. I cant feel any lumps other then my adams apple (which happens to be located right where the problems are). I still have my tonselses but dont have any pains or scrachy feelings so I doubt it's related to them. My friend mentioned that it might just be a second growth spert. If this is the case I wish my voice didnt change so much . I'll probably be setting up a doctors appointment this week or next to see what's going on. PS. Does hydrogen peroxide actuly work? I never tried it in my ears since it alwase seemed dumb considering hydrogen peroxide only fizzes when it hits blood or metalic objects. If it works then I guess I'll try it. @[ame=http://forums.ancientclan.com/member.php?u=195]Ancient Clan Forums - View Profile: slippers@@AMEPARAM@@View Profile: slippers</title>@@AMEPARAM@@slippers[/ame] sounds like me when I was younger. I had a hevily packed wall of wax built up inside my ear haha. After 20 mins of blasting high pressure water and swabbing in my ear they finaly cleaned them out. Apparently all those years of using q-tips the wrong way was the cause of it....well that and my small ear cannals *shakes fist at mom*. My dad also had a problem similar to what your describing after we went on an air plane over to the swiss alps. For some reason his ears wouldnt "pop" for the whole week we where over there. Then when we got on the air plane to come back, they suddenly poped lol. Maybe your ears are in a similar situation. Pressure built up but doesnt want to release. Anyway, thanks guys for your help and suggestions. I'll keep you informed once I find out what the real problem is.
  7. wow that was an amazing season finally even though they've messed up the time line more. Of course they end with Cameron or was that Sarah, being teleported right after john meets his dad. I wonder how this little meeting will fuck up the future anymore then it already is lol. Would be funny if John finds a way to save Derek from being killed in his time period...or better yet saves his dad.
  8. Theres also the two manga series. One that happens before 00 and the other that happens in the far off future.
  9. Your describing DRM. One of the many things people hate the most on the Internet. personally I wouldn't watch a movie online if I thought it was worthy of seeing in the theaters. Take the new X-men movie for example. The leak came out but I have no plans of downloading or watching it since it would ruin the whole theater expireance for me. I'm sure some people wouldnt care but theres still a large majority of us that like to go into a theater every once and a while. Your idea isnt new, we've all been saying this for the past few years now...Infact I think the general media understands that offering up media online is the next step inorder to regain profits. Sites like Joost and Hulu are a perfect example of this. Not to mention all the TV network sites that offer up full length episodes of their tv shows now either. There's also netflix that has their online video database of movies you can watch if you have a paid subscription or Crunchyroll now offering 720p anime episodes as they come out dubbed or subbed for paid users to download and watch whenever they want. Japan obviously knows that this needs to happen in order for their anime companys to survive. Give it some time and I think you'll start seeing some intresting things happen.
  10. I think their building Naruto's character up so they can get ready to kill him off at the end. Then a few months later (time skip) they will show his face added to the Hokage mountain as the next Hokage. People like Naruto and Sasuke have no place in that ninja world. Either they go into hiding as wonderers or they simply die protecting something special.
  11. I agree but I think Ishida was trying to convince himself that there was nothing wrong with Ichigo. The past few chapters he's done nothing but say is that really you kurasaki? Which leads me to the above conclusion. Needless to say Ishida is a dumbass. You never touch a person in the middle of a fight, be it a friend, foe, or relative. PS. looks like I was right about Orahime's scream being the cause of Ichigo getting all fucked up lol.
  12. Negima Bloopers Eng-Version [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5uFLoI9iQQ]YouTube - Negima Bloopers Eng-Version[/ame] Gokusen Bloopers [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0cWV8hk-5Zs]YouTube - Gokusen Bloopers[/ame] rurouni kenshin bloopers [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5SvlKkvhWR8]YouTube - rurouni kenshin bloopers[/ame] flcl bloopers [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHd-Uf4e2oQ]YouTube - flcl bloopers[/ame] Samurai Deeper Kyo Outtakes 1 [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7zhZZ0y-10]YouTube - Samurai Deeper Kyo Outtakes 1[/ame] Yu Yu Hakusho Outtakes (Part 1) [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ef5zw8BfVHM]YouTube - Yu Yu Hakusho Outtakes (Part 1)[/ame] I cant hear any fish! [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EzcnbNwjgrs]YouTube - Kenshin: I don't hear any fish![/ame]
  13. Would be funny to see Naruto fight bumblebee in a rap battle .
  14. That was a pretty good chapter. Naruto used his head!?! That must mean the series is coming to an end lol.
  15. lol wow that was stupid. At this rate Ichigo could kill just about everyone now. There has to be a draw back to him becoming a hollow though....it would be stupid if there wasnt.
  16. In the past episodes 00's GN particles messed with the Innovators so it only made sense that when Setsuna did his burst that it would mess up all the innovators just like before. Sure it amplifies quantum brain waves but the Innovators are not humans so it affects them differently. I was a bit confused with how Tiera and Regen merged their conscience into Veda as well. I can only hope that it will be explained in the next episode when Tiera talks about the master plan. PS. Did anyone else get major Gundam X flash backs from this episode? This whole episode was almost exactly like the last ep of Gundam X lol.
  17. Sledg, that was said now. This whole time they never confirmed nor denied that J was dead. They just gave us a vague answer before this chapter. That's why I was asking, when did they ever make it clear that J died? They didnt! Same with Kakashi. They give you vague hints but they don't confirm that he's dead or alive which sucks.
  18. Where was it clearly stated that J died rofl? All we saw was a frog with letters and numbers written on his back show up to the village while J was slowly sinking to the bottom of a pond while thinking to himself (just like how Kakashi was thinking about his dad). None of the "good guys" deaths have been clear from the start. I hate how the mangaka does that. I'm still hoping Kakashi is alive but chances are the mangaka will slam us with his death on the last few chapters of the series just so the fans are forced to stick with it till the end to find out. This chapter was ok. I was expecting a bit more but whatever. So now it's confirmed that "Mandara" is the one that controled the 9 tails and had it attack the village 16 years ago.
  19. I actually liked this chapter even though it only took 1 second to read. They really need to start making the chapters longer for god sakes.
  20. so it's like Youtube but for Gundam and without the user content :/.....It would be better if they allowed users to upload AMV's using the clips they downloaded. A database of Gundam AMVs .
  21. and that will be the new Ichigo! haha sick pic.
  22. ah totally forgot about the frog scroll. The funny thing is now it's going to show up in front of Naruto.
  23. I'm almost wondering if their trying to kill the tv series by moving it to fridays lol. That was the stupidest move they could have made. I don't know anyone that watches it now. I DVR the eps and watch them whenever I have time now but I barly have free time on fridays.
  24. Thats news to me lol. What chapter was that in?
  25. haha thanks guys.