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  1. I know that much, but still she isn't in the same league as Renji. Renji is a captain level fighter while Rukia is the level of a seated officer. I honestly think Renji is the most powerful lieutenant in Soul Society.
  2. The move he used in the fight against Itachi, with the thunder clouds. Instead of using his own chakra he channeled an energy surge from the sky to power his final lighting attack. I call every move in naruto 'tech'. I also think that the fight between Naruto and Sasuke to not be that entertainment. Ever since Shippuuden began the fights haven't been as interesting as the fights from the regular Naruto. Kids who don't really know a lot about being a ninja put up better fights with the little that they know, as opposed to their older counter parts who know how to admit defeat.
  3. I seriously doubt that Rukia will do a better job than Renji, I mean it's inot in the realm of impossibilities however it'll tick me off if she does. Of the 3 Renji is the most competent fighter and the most powerful, he should be able to due a better job than both Chad and Rukia.
  4. If -they- don't beat him, I have already promised to swear off Bleach. I mean it is going to be a 3 on 1 and I don't care what number Yami is, fail is always fail! Yeah in honesty what a fail flaw, and being number 0, he is telling me he couldn't just teleport back to wherever Ishida dropped him from. Heck Ishida fighting Yami in a 1 on 1 battle would be pretty one sided. I really hate the thought of Yami being stronger than what we thought him to be.
  5. Naruto's emotional pain of having no friends is just over played. Throughout various flashbacks it shows Naruto had classmates as friends. The only reason I would think of them to stop hanging out with him is because he is a failure. Naruto's past changes waaaay too much to be taken into any account. Pain is a kid, so I am sure he didn't have any ninja training either, and after the dad died wouldn't his mother's renengan develop? besides, the creators love of Naruto, Sasuke was shown blowing the Kyuubi away from within Naruto IIRC. And having way too much chakra shouldn't be an issue, Sasuke's abilities are more deadly than Naruto's not to mention he has that one super move that requires no Chakra from the user. Yeah, Sasuke has all the tricks of the Mangyeko, not to mention that space time teleportation tech he used to escape deidera's attacl
  6. The way I see it, he can't be that good if he is that huge, he's just a tank. Renji and Chad are going to struggle a bit with him and then kill him. I mean he is the perfect size Zabimaru to fight, as well as Chad's left arm of the devil. Chad and Renji spent all that time training at Urahara's; I'm sure they must have came up with atleast one super powerful unison move. But atleast we're back to the Captains fighting. I hope Hitsugaya dies, so that soul society suffers atleast one loss. I know the Primera isn't going to beat Senshui. Baragan isn't beating Soi Fon.
  7. I agree, heck Iruka Sensei should've developed if, if that were the case.
  8. So Yami is number 0. What a turn of events...
  9. I could care less about Pain's past either. He's a douche, they apologized for killing his parents and yet he still nukes Konoha many years later.
  10. Damn... now we ticked off the somalian pirates. I think that they will live up to their statement.
  11. The Nipple suits were awesome!!! Even Batgirl had nipples on hers! And ditto on the Wonder Woman suit! I will be highly upset if they give her Pants or Wonder Girls outfit!
  12. War of Attrition? What's that?
  13. That explains a lot... I thought they just killed his character off and fired him!
  14. Superman has a reason to! Not sure about the other ones though
  15. Exactly, they are planning on dealing a huge blow the Golden Age of Piracy. I wouldnt be surprised if they bombarded WB and Dragon's crews with Pacifista's before they are engaged by the Admirals, VA's and the Warlords.
  16. Kenpaichi would cut his arm off to fight a fair fight with someone
  17. Wow... I am now gonna drive up in down the entirety of Miami to find me some BAWLS
  18. Mine would have to be Batman and Robin! Mr. Freeze was just classic!
  19. I think the WG has an Ace up their sleeve, no pun intended lol. I mean the supreme admiral or whatever knows that Ace is the son of Dragon as well as the "son" of whitebeard, so why would he do something that is basically suicide. Not to mention the strenghts of the Warlords we have yet to see in real combat such as Don Flamingo as well as Mihawk who is on par with an Emperor of the sea since he's Shank's rival. I have a strong feeling that the WG might win this.
  20. But he's not real, he's an Anime character lol
  21. I doubt it, Naruto still lacks the skill required to be a great ninja, all he has is power which before the past two arcs meant nothing.
  22. This chapter was surprisingly long. Is it just me or Ichigo an idiot? There was no way in hell he would've defeated Ulq in an even fight. Take your victory don't cry about not how you wanted to win. So now that the Ichi fight is over, we might get taken back to Kakura town?
  23. In what Ninja world? What do u mean?
  24. You bring up a great point GG. With the use of Haki it would mean that he is that much closer to being as powerful as the rest of the higher ups in the one piece world. Now where does that leave the rest of his crew? They can't just sit back and expect Luffy to be doing all the work. There is also a part of me that believes Zoro surpassed Luffy in strenght at the end of the Thriller bark arc and going into the Archipelego. With him being able to fight OZ on his own and do much better than anyone else besides shadow Luffy and on top of that he was able to take on all the damage that Luffy took on top of his and stay up until the rest of the Strawhats get up while the damage that luffy endured caused Luffy to pass out. With that said if Luffy gets Haki he will surpass Zoro and be in a league of his own. And as showed by the other pirate crews we know that reside in the new world it's not just the captains strenght that matters but the strenght of the entire crew that allows them to survive!
  25. Kenpaichi can't really sense energy remember. But you are right the other captains should be able to make it there in no time. It's funny how pathetic Ulq is attacking Ichi from the back