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  1. Hitsugaya should just die in his battle against Hallibel, I'm seriously getting annoyed at his miraculous survivals! Personally I would choose Renji's Bankai over Hitsugaya because of the potential that it has, it is similar to Byakuya's and it can fire bone cannons! Give him his 10 years and his Bankai should be better than Ichigo's.
  2. Blackbeard stomped the Chief Goaler?!
  3. I know right, the only move Renji has ever busted out he only used once, which was the Baboon bone cannon. Ishida is another one next to Byakuya who I like to see fight. Wow, Espada number 2 is a beast. I wonder of old man Yamma is going to step up and help Soi Fon.
  4. What I don't understand this chapter is why would Blackbeard come to Impel down? Does he still want to capture Luffy or is he gonna help them in order to get closer to white beard and attempt to kill them. And on Impeldown's security, I can see the whole damn place going up in smokes. The chief warden barely beat luffy how does he plan on taking down Luffy, Jimbei, and Crocodile. What I do want to see is the Chief Goaler fighting Blackbeard.
  5. Oh...!!!! LOL, prolly like 2-5 more lol
  6. But the fight with Byakuya, Renji was far more prepared for the battle than Ichigo. It just goes to show that the main character gets a free pass to do anything. LOL, wow I coulda sworn it said Ichigo not Renji! Renji does have a split personality me thinks!
  7. The Part about Kisame and Kabuto are way too funny! LMAO But yeah, I never liked the idea of a "Chosen" like seriously chosen to do what?! LMAO!!! I know right, him and Kubo Tite lured us into the series and turned them into shit. R and M?!
  8. I know but Renji was in his leagues, I mean seriously they both learned Bankai at the same time, yet Ichigo didn't need 10 years of training to be able to match Byakuya. And i'm sure Renji wanted to save Rukia more than Renji.
  9. Hurry you have only a few hours!
  10. He was?! I just thought he was trapped in an enternal genjustsu! NOOO!!!!! Now that would be awesome! And watch that be a clone he stabbed and Naruto comes and punches Sasuke from behind with his sage fist of death.
  11. I know right, it was bullshit what they made him into, Renji was supposed to be a badass Rival to Ichigo... Now that'll never happen. Is it just me or is it the Espada/Writer just keep making shit up just to one up the Shinigami? And Hitsugaya living is also fail, Soul Society is not going to suffer any casualties. You know what was funny this chapter, Halibel challenging Old man yamma. He was going to stomp her with just his Shikai.
  12. Sledge, I doubt that Orochimaru is dead, his physical self is with Kabuto and his mental self is deep in Sasuke IIRC. Orochimaru is going to show up again and terrorize the ninja world! Speaking of which whatever happened to the Sound Village?
  13. You're right... I forgot one eye does both. I still think Sharingan is superior, mental control > physical He forgets about everyone
  14. What did you think of it overall Strider? If you have seen it to the end.
  15. With the first part the thing is that what pain was attempting to do was physically take over Naruto's body. With Sasuke it would be a mental thing, something Naruto has never been shown to be able to overcome. Jiraya did say it was more powerful but from what I can tell it's not at all, it fails for needing a rod in someone so you can control them. And being able to see what all the other peins can see at the same time isn't as impressive as what Sharingan has been shown to do. Also, the Byakugan pretty much does the same thing with greater range. II don't think Naruto would be able to absorb it fast enough, the Mangaka made it a point to state the speed of the attack. And notice Naruto has to take time, I think he might have made this as Sasuke's trump card to Naruto's sage mode. Gen-jutsu is not what makes you go blind IIRC it is the Amatsuretsu that does that. Because Itachi's eyes were always fine when he did genjutsu it always starts to act up when the black fire is emitted, if Sasuke never used the black fire against bumble bee his eye sight wouldve been fine.
  16. I loved 541! Especially the last page, Impel Down is going DOWN!!! lol
  17. Why wouldn't it work? He tried to against Itachi.
  18. The more I think about, the more I want these two to fight. IIRC though, Naruto still can't dispell Genjutsu right? That would give Sasuke an edge. If goes down to element based Jutsu's I'm going to give to Sasuke, hell even in the Taijutsu department I'm going to give to to Sasuke. The only thing that Naruto has that can present a problem to Sasuke is the Sage mode. IIRC Naruto can absorb chakra from any natural source including humans right?
  19. Whoa, I wouldn't go that far. Renji is far more capable than Rukia. When released I thought Zabimaru left him open too, but if you notice, he is able to bend Zabumary at any segment point. It's just that he gets paired with people who are way out of his league and if they are they have studied his every move and even with all that information have to seal of his Bankai. From what I can tell Renji could have beaten all "4" of those elite fighters guarding the pillars, as well as that Espada Rukia killed without far less trouble than Rukia
  20. LOL, you sure called it!!!
  21. This is one Crazy team! Now they have enough power actually make a difference! What sucks is that there is no one piece next week...
  22. when it talks about it being on another level that is beyond what people can normally produce with their own Chakra?
  23. Sasuke used the Fire Dragon jutsu heat as well as the heat of the Amatsuretsu to superheat the area and cause them to form the thunderclouds, and now that he has the amatsuretsu himself he should be able to form thunder clouds when he wants. It was some bull about him rapidly heating the atmosphere to cause cumunulimbus clouds or something. That's what I thought, but Sasuke himself claimed that he was out of Chakra and Itachi as well as that two faced guy both confirmed it. It was chapter 390, all sasuke did himself was just steer the lightning towards Itachi, how he did that with no Chakra I have know idea, but he did.
  24. This could not have come at a better time. With The Blackest Night Crossover on the Horizon it's just what needs to get me propped for it!!!
  25. It is probably because her power was locked up by the seal, that powerful shinigami get placed on them as to not affect the living world, and she did not fight to her fullest ability as she was trying to protect the Kurosaki family.