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  1. I'm liking Soi Fon vs that Fraccion and I like how they made it last more than one episode.
  2. LMAO!!! So true, if I were the one who hacked it, I'd be rolling in a lot of dough! Instead of watching one, One Piece episode LOL!!!
  3. You know what would be epically funny? If Konoha attacked the rain village in retaliation. Kind of like a big Fuck you to Pain, and they ended up killing Konnan. Seriously if they Naruto tells them about it and they accept his sorry, that would be epic fail, well the series is epically fail right now so nvm. On another note, when are the lightening guys coming to the village, and when is the Kage meeting going down? So much plot things opened and the story about to end!
  4. I think he meant for Ace and him to join forces so it could be like the old days when they were both Nakama under WB. Also if Black Beard has to take damage before he can activate his DF, he might be in for some serious beatings. Luffy and Megallagan are probably gonna do battle again, While BB continues on his search for whomever, and the chief goaler is probably trying to set the warden up in the eyes of the WG. Did anyone else notice Oda is now giving us glimpses of what the other Straw hat's are doing? I'm still a strong believer that Luffy's nakama are going to show up in the midst of all this chaos, or at the end. On a side note, does anyone keep up with the Anime? I'm liking the screen time that they are giving the other Super Nova's as they do battle with the Pacifista. Law and Kid seemed to be doing better than Luffy and the lot.
  5. I hope it doesn't end the same way it did in the Comics.
  6. Lady... at this point we're all just watching the train wreck happen! After years don't just abandon ship, even though Kishimoto abandoned us fans.
  7. Didn't Jiraiya have the other half, and he relases it right before he went to fight Pain. That frog that was on top of that long pole looking thing had the other half with him IIRC. Didn't Fly trap say that he trained Tobi? I think Pain royally screwed Akatsuki cause that thing that absorbs tailed beasts looks like that move he used when he was forced to kill Yahiko, and if it is the same thing by him killing himself he ensured Akatsuki can't use it. With Kisame, it's looking like a Kisame vs Gai Sensei round 3! Fight to the death!!!
  8. LMAO!!! I wouldn't be surprised! I just re-read it and it looked like she tied herself down to a building. So I'm guessing it's something that posses a great amount of force.
  9. It would be awesome if it one hit killed people. I don't want Hilibel to die by him.
  10. LOL!!! Team Hawk are just that good? LMAO
  11. I loved the arc after the Dark tournament, Chapter Black. I would love to see that tape and know why it makes us hate our own kind. I also loved the various territory powers that were running about. YYH > dbz in terms of getting to the point and character development.
  12. So now that Naruto fails, the Bleach battles are getting good and Ichigo less. I still think Halibel should have owned his ass. And FINALLY!!! Soi Fon is releasing her Bankai so she had to tie herself down? I wonder if it is 1 hit kill!!!
  13. GG you underestimate Mr. Kishimoto, not only did he say screw this I'm dead he revived everyone he's killed since he came to Konoha. Now Sasuke is heading there and will not know what went down before then. So like I'm done with Naruto! Seriously what a fucking cop out, if you do something like kill the entire village leave it dead dont fucking hit undo and kill off pain. I hate this Manga now
  15. How can they not though? It's Thor after all, and I swear if he speaks like he does in comics and the animated movies!
  16. Triple H looks kinda like Thor though!
  17. Ah I forgot about the avengers movie... Man, DC is so behind. I still dont think the Thor movie will be a success or even a Captain America movie. But an Avengers movie should be awesome, if they have a competent badguy.
  18. Can't believe Marvel is actually making Thor... I don't see how this will work. It's kinda like a Wonder Woman movie, too much mythology to rake in the big bucks
  19. Victory Gundam was pretty good, I never finished the series, but from what I was watching it was good. And like Strider said there is no Zechs or Amuro, heck everyone from that time period should be long dead by the time Victory started. My only problem with Victory is the helicopter mobile suits. Camille was bitch but throughout the show he grew on me, (unlike Fa!) I loved his relationship with Four. I never saw the Original Gundam, cause at the time I decided to watch it to see the back story to Zeta the animation was just not doing it for me at ALL. Why I love Zeta so much is because of how the characters change, as the war started to really take its toll on them. Double Zeta was a joke... what they did to Yazan was unforgivable and I am glad the Zeta movies wrote double Zeta out of existance. Char and his pedo ways would have loved the double Zeta crew! She was egotistical but she had a right to be, I mean she was a newtype like no other. Also when you're a 14 year old girl and a man like Char becomes your lover and then he just leaves you, it kinda makes you very unstable. I guess the only real reason I like is the fact that she had all that power, military wise as well as newtype wise.
  20. LOL!!! True story! Seriously, that was uncalled for, he killed the entire radish crew, and more than 50% of the Argama. Even Emma! Aww, Strider... what was wrong with Haman? She came in all her badassness and took on Scirocco. The AEUG and the Titans both feared her might! I just love a woman in power:nosebleed: Aww... what was wrong with Zeta?
  21. LOL! Wow, I thought I was the only one, I didnt even get to episode 10 before I stopped. "Kira! Kira Yamato?!" "Athrun? Athrun Zala?!" I can only take that so much and the other characters among the Archangel were just so bitchy and whiny. The story was one of the best, even for Gundam. I still think they should make a new Gundam Wing with the characters a little older, and some new spunky pilots. The eradication of weapons and war happened to flawlessly at the end of EW...
  22. If that's true he can kiss BB goodbye, IIRC when BB was fighting Ace he said he can't allow attacks to go through him so he has to take them. If that's true Luffy is the last person he wants to fight, cause a Jet Giant Bazooka to the chest is going to be the end of him. I still have hopes that the Strawhat crew is going to show up and make this more interesting with their new upgrades, and in Zoro's case he finally gets healed back to his peak condition! I just remembered something, I don't think that any of the other supernova's were caught because assuming they were, they would be put in Impel Down's level 5 or or 6 because of their bounties but Luffy has been through all 6 floors and is currently on his way back up and freeing everyone. So it would be safe to assume that none of them were captured right?
  23. *is smacked* Gundam is one of my favorite Gundam series, can't help it. The story is what captivated me! But that was years ago, I need to rewatch the series again to see if it's still as good now as it used to be. G predates Wing Strider, but your right, G,SEED, DESTINY, all failed but I like to watch the battles in Destiny. Zeta Gundam is the ENDALL of Gundam, my first watch through I nearly cried! *curses Yazan to hell* Scirocco was the greatest new type to ever exist. When I first saw Zeta I never knew Gundam could be so dark, that's why I like UC. And it was the first series that introduced me to my love Haman Kahn!!! My only regret is that Double Zeta pailed and I mean PAILED in comparison.
  24. Nothing comes before Gundam Wing! It is the beginning and the end! Gundam Wing IS Gundam! *waits for it...*
  25. I know right, wtf is up with this bullshit! I can't believe that Nagato and Naruto are friends. He just killed thousands of people!