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  1. whoa thinks for the news i never figured sesshomaru would go with her and hate her so who seen the episode where sesshomaru agree's helps kagura get her heart back from naraku
  2. but koga and kagome deserve each other and Kagura and sesshoamru will make a powerful couple
  3. Wel thats enough of that in the third movie sesshomaru is awesome he takes the tetsaiga and blasts inuyasha and so'unga(the sword) with the windscar and his hands burns and it shows his deep side when he thinks about protecting Jakken and Rin and its funny when he's back to back with inu, inu tries to show off and windscared the demons and sesshmaru runs and leaves him and the zombies come back and sorround inu and he calls sesshomaru who is long gone
  4. And the part when sesshomaru grabbed tetsaiga eventhough it burned his hand and blasted inu and so'unga away
  5. i just saw it it is beautiful and funny especially the part when sesshomaru is back to back with inu-yasha and inu tries to show off and balsted those zombies and sesshy runs and jumps over their bodies and leav inu to fight the zombies as they get up
  6. whats up Yumiko Koga and Kagome is better cause Koga will kill inuyasha just to have her
  7. thus making them a cuter couple
  8. Koga and Kogome they both have Kog
  9. Koga will whup inuyasha for Kagome and sesshomoru will be with Karuga
  10. Koga will whup inuyasha again for Kagome i think thats sweet
  11. Koga and Kagome Miroku and sango Inu-yasha and kykyo Sesshomoru and that cat demon chick