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  1. I hear ya sledge, I'm in no rush to get one so I can wait too.
  2. Finally get to see Mihawk in action!
  3. This weeks chapter was awesome. The rookie 9 finally had enough of this sasuke bull as well. I hope they do off the bastard
  4. Hmmm... Or that the WG kill WB and rule the seas with an Iron fist. That would been when Dragon decides to set his plans into motion since now there is even more need for a revolutionary army. I really don't know about Hancock though, this chapter she took notice that Ace isn't Luffy's brother. She may not really care for saving him anymore since he has no relations to Luffy. Now that WB's here things get interesting, Idk which side can really win though, neither seems afraid of the other.
  5. DC is awesome right now because of Blackest Night. Green Lantern has been awesome the last 2 years. Bruce wayan might come back some time soon though since the Black Lanterns are zombies of the heroes who died.
  6. I just want to see how it ends, I was too lazy to read the manga!
  7. More like her beating down on Vega the fight was one-sided and lame. LMAO!!! Kite you're the best HAHAHA!
  8. I don't think that Hancock is going to put her position on the line for Ace or even Luffy. She has the weight of her entire island and civilization on her shoulders, if she were to turn her back on them and ace gets away. I could see a Buster Call being called on her island. The WG is ready for war... I'm starting to doubt WB can take these guys down. Look at Raleigh he is WB level or damn near close to it so two admirals would keep him busy, the shikibukai could handle Luffy's ship that still leaves an Admiral on the lose picking off WB's second in command. Not to mention the Vice Admiral's like garp and such. The more I think about the more I see Ace dying.
  9. I assume Aizen got powerful in the time it took from when he "killed" shinji til now. Aizen couldn't take Shinji or the others on. It's prolly an illusion that Shinji is attacking but I do believe Shinji is one of the more powerful characters on the show. Might be stronger than the twin blade guys.
  10. My phone loads AC fine, every thread and everything. I'm actually on it now so Idk...
  11. LOL these were great!
  12. If DC loses Superman... their comic sales would go down drastically. Batman can't carry the weight of their comics alone. Especially since Bruce wayne is dead wtf... I would never read another DC comic again!
  13. It's how Kubo tite does it. Big pictures, little dialogue
  14. Which brings the question, are Rogers and the Monkey's related in anyway. Why would he ask this of Garp
  15. OMG! This was worth the wait of a week! ONE PIECE MANGA IS EPIC!
  16. LOL, this is hilarious.
  17. Idk Kite... I see him as Hal. He has the physique and not to mention the witty retorts that Hal does.
  18. I KNOW RIGHT! One Piece and Claymore are the only Manga I look forward to reading!
  19. Kite! I cosign everything except for the WW part. WW was great for a WW feature film. Her stuff usually fails but they actually managed to do something good with her that doesn't involve the JLA
  20. lol this made me spit out my water! How do I thank ur post?
  21. I don't get the creators homosexuality for Sharingan. Seriously for anyone to be a credible threat they have to have Sharingan or want it!
  22. We're not on your side! We're just against Aizen! *Goes off to kill gillians, while the Espada and Aizen watch*
  23. If that happens, Sasuke and Naruto are going to come together find the tailed beast by defeating the remainder of Akatsuki. and release all their chakra and revive everyone.
  24. I know right, the most wtf part is Wonder Weiss hitting Ukitake without any of the captains noticing his movement.
  25. Choosing Naruto and Sasuke would be the smart choice to show that he respects the village savior and the Hokage Runner up.