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  1. I figure, why not say hello!! and hugs!
  2. I have this habit of sometimes not picking up music of a band I like. Like Portishead for example. I like them alot but I never bothered to pick up a cd or listen to the music unless someone like a friend else plays it. What are some bands you like but you don't really bother/forget to pick up? Who knows, maybe this thread will get you to pick up their music.
  3. Someone give me a hug Hi again.
  4. It sorta is, it's a lot of hardship.. But hey, I'm still my own person, enjoying myself and all. I guess it's manageable!
  5. Hm, let's see. I had a bunch of problems with my parents, just like years before. I finally moved out of my house secretly around late June and now I'm living with my gf in Texas. (Long story how we met but all in all we're a good team). I'm still on my way to finish my business degree, hopefully either at her school or a school like U of T - Austin. I'm now currently looking for a full-time job so I can learn to live on my own.
  6. *tackle glomps back Vinnie* Thanks. Hi back to the new and the old.
  7. I like the face sketch. It must be fun to have a tablet.
  8. I love the creativity you put out for this. It looks a little busy but the fact you did it is great!
  9. Final Fantasy and Gundam Wing.
  10. i dunno if i'll ever get around to naruto..ive read a couple volumes of the manga years ago.. but now it's too damn long to keep up with!
  11. Ah I like Chobits. Definitely a good taste of anime since it's made by Clamp. Haven't read the Manga but I've seen the anime. "Chii........................" *goes panty shopping* X'D
  12. i wanna cosplay as rukia ^.^ she's awesome
  13. the show's script is cool but the animation hurts my eyes... waugh..
  14. i'm reading bleach right now i like the stuff