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  1. I despise religion entirely to begin with, but I hate that shit almost as much as I hate Mormonism. So fucking stupid.
  2. rofl! Random mandatory jumping jacks! X'D
  3. BAM! Wtg Cammy. lol BTW, Hi! *waves*
  4. uhmmm... tmi? lol
  5. Hoooooooly shit. I can't wait!!!
  6. I couldn't finish that, I'm sorry. lol His life is Fooooooked. gogo diet pants!
  7. Dahahahaha! That was awesome! Guerrilla tactics, but I approve. X'D
  8. Because Naruto is terrrrrrribaddddd. lol
  9. I don't use bar soap. =P And poofs either hurt when you scrub too hard or do nothing at all when you're gentle. Stupid poofs.
  10. I really don't like Joss Whedon or his "Whedon-verse". lol It's just too cheesy for my taste. Let's hope he puts that aside and focuses on the content.
  11. I don't know about you, but I'm a little put off about rubbing Han Solo all over my nekkid body in the shower. ;;; Pretty damn cool though.
  12. Are they really hurting this bad for ideas?
  13. This show has kicked so much ass. It got a lot better after the 2nd or 3rd episode.
  14. Red Sonja wasn't exactly a "deep" character to begin with, but they definitely could've found someone better.
  15. Heya Hell_Cat, I just came back recently too. Long time, no see.
  16. There is always lots to do, even in a 2-3 hour period. Disregard all the crap we were talking about. lol
  17. Done.
  18. I feel ya. Full time job + full time student + 2 kids and a wife = No effin' time for raiding anymore. =\ I pulled it off in the Army, but at a great expense of family time. Was great in Korea. =P
  19. I was being blatantly sarcastic and making a funny. =) I know damn well how difficult it can get. Warlocks had one of the hardest times during Phase 3 Yogg before the nerfs. Before everyone discovered how much easier it was to have them all be Affliction for that phase alone, Destro was pulling aggro from the spawns like crazy and either the locks or the tanks would get instagibbed when healers moved to make up for that. It was a mess. But Arena is 10x harder than raiding, imo. Yeah, it comes down to macros, but you have to make them first. Know which ones to make. Make sure they are implemented correctly. Get used to their locations and know when to use them. It really is harder than it souns. I could never do it but with a few mandatory macros. DPS'ing in arena is a lot more than just spamming Sinister Strike or Mutilate. As a rogue, we had one of the most complex requirements to actually be "good" at arena. As Mut spec, you had to conserve your energy for just the right time. You had to watch for particular procs to happen and listen to your team mate to know when to unload. Juggling interrupts was also necessary. Gouge, Kick, Kidney Shot, Blind, etc. All sharing cool downs with either your own abilities or with your partners. These had to be called out and managed properly or you are gonna miss or waste a mandatory interrupt and get PoM Pyro'ed, or the like. It's fucking crazy complicated. It gets even worse when you are responsible for keeping interrupts on more than one target. Like being Subtlety specced and putting pressure on one target (Like a DPS/CC caster) and watching their healer pop in and out of LoS, Shadowstep to that healer, kick or gouge them, use Premeditation and Shadowstep right back to the DPS/CC caster and interrupt whatever big ass attack they had winding up, hoping you were too busy with the healer to notice. Then call out to your partner to CC that healer one or two more times while you finish off the DPS caster. Good stuff. But it takes a tremendous amount of skill to do all of that and a whole more, especially in the higher brackets, on a consistent basis without choking or having a stroke. My adrenaline would get so high sometimes my hands would shake too hard for me to do my job. Its nuts. So, to say that WoW PVP is a joke is really kind of unfair and a bit ignorant, if you haven't actually been in the mix. That's just my 2 cents and fervent defense of my hobby/obsession of 5 years. lol
  20. Nah, just roll a Warlock and smash your face across the keyboard deliberately or with random fervor, depending on whether you plan on being hard core or a casual. Either way gets the job done. =)
  21. I don't think they fucked up the lore at all. They simply adapted some things, not a big deal. As for Arena, healing is about the most basic, straight forward thing you can do in arena, but in higher rated matches, even that requires a lot more than just spam healing. False casting is required to avoid interrupt lockouts, LoS'ing (Line of Sight) your partners as well as the enemy and balancing that is absolutely mandatory. Knowing when and how to utilize cool downs and shields is complicated when you have to know what every single class in the game can and will do in any situation. Having 40 thousand macros all bound around your WASD or ESDF is a must as well, because you have to know what to use and be able to hit it with half a split second. Healing can be hard too, believe it or not. And that's not considering any of the other roles, that get 3 times as complicated. Need I say more? I could write you a ten page report. But yeah, BGs have always been a joke. Hopefully, Cataclysm will fix that.
  22. Then you haven't arena'ed over a 2000 rating, otherwise you'd realize how complicated it can get and how much synergy is required between you and your team mates. I was one of the best PvE raid Rogues and Death Knights on the server, but I could still never play higher than 2K. There is no spamming in arena.
  23. Dahahaha! That was awesome!
  24. It really is. After 5 years, I've finally stopped playing it for now. I may get back into it at a later date, when I have a bit more time.
  25. Well, i understand them switching everything up each time, because it takes so many years to out a game out that if you adopted the same system as the last time, there's a huge chance that a large theoretical fraction of your possible player base did not like that system and knew you were using it again, they might not buy it. With all of that considered, it could also make a game stale without a change in sight for 5 3-5 more years. It's such a huge risk regardless of what they do, so they opt to switch it up everytime to keep things interesting. Personally, I think a mix of VII, IX and X would be perfect.