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  1. Fable...
  2. at least it's not on fox or WB :/
  3. heresy! burn the witch!
  4. I dont think anyone would
  5. Bible Bla-, er Samurai Champloo has great animation a swell story
  6. You don't own a single 10 dollar manga?
  7. erm, about 200 x_x
  8. Wow, other people have played secret of evermore? I thought I was the only one X'D
  9. Mobile Suit Gundam: Encounters in Space so much wasted potential
  10. i was going to say naruto, but kids shouldn't count for this topic :/
  11. Last two are from His and Her Circumstances (kare kono) and MSG: the 08th MS Teamedit: I can't believe i forgot Gara! D:
  12. ED! Asuka! Yukino Miyazawa! Karen Joshua! and thats just for starters X'D
  13. well, if you count AFK macroing in games im well over 1000 in SWG X'D
  14. hundreds of hours in Star Wars Galaxies, hundreds in Battlefield 1942, thousands in half life D: