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  1. It was in the first season. Baltar said he didn't luff her anymore, so she photoshopped some pic to prove he gave her all the defense secrets and showed it to Adama and El Presidente
  2. I don't know, but remember that angel caprica-6 was able to create a physical manifestation that others could see.
  3. However long they can milk it for
  4. Judging from the preview of the next season, it seems that the cylons have come to rule over the humans for what they see as the humans own benefit. Now here's a good question: Why didn't Baltar's angel Caprica-6 know that the hybrid baby was really alive? For that matter, why does Caprica-6 have an angel-Baltar? October is too damn far away.
  5. Oh man, what a huge twist ending There's definatley going to be some intresting stuff going on between Caprica 6 and Baltar come October. Oh, and did anyone else notice that all 49,000 people voted in the election? Does anyone else find that... strange?
  6. Why is it that after the colonial fleet and Pegasus merge, the number of survivors on the president's board doesn't go up? The Pegasus has to have a crew of at least several thousand. Perhaps the military is not included in the count? What do you guys think?
  7. I use media center to burn DVDs, Itunes for CDs, and i just drag and drop files onto the cd icon to burn data CDs
  8. Every character in Gundam Seed Destiny should die
  9. Why would anyone want to use Windows Media Player
  10. Download the that Codec pack and use Media Player Classic; it's your friend
  11. You are SHIKAMARU! Some people call you lazy, but that's simply not true. What you are is pessimistic. Regardless of the situation, you never fail to look on the dark side of things. You complain, bitch and whine constantly. But, you are strong and dependable. A true friend... at least, when it counts. I always indetified with him most X'D
  12. Holy shit, I just started watching this series and it's awsome I'm totally hooked now and have skipped way too much work to watch it >_> I'm already on episode six (I started watching two days ago) I need to stop... BUT IT'S SO GOOD
  13. I really liked it, and yes it has some nudity.
  14. + 1 Extra episode Oh, and read this
  15. Zeta Gundam
  16. Eppy Angry! Eppy Smash!
  17. Did this for art class
  18. Firt season of Ultraman comes out in July
  19. It's a pop-culture cliche Same deal in Mobile Suit Gundam, Zeta Gundam, G Gundam, Spiderman, etc.
  20. I crapped your hot sister because i was high lame
  21. I downloaded the DVD rip and watched it a couple weeks ago. Damn fricking awsome.
  22. If you're looking for it at Barnes and Noble they almost always put it in a seperate section from all the rest of the manga, usually with the young teen novels.
  23. I love Kare Kono, it's just a damn shame gainax killed it half way through. The mangas pretty damn good too.
  24. I've loved Ultraman since i was a wee little fella'; I had the SNES game and everything.