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  1. Code Geass has some serious pacing issues, but I still love it. After some seemingly lame downtime, Death Note is about to turn awesome, which I am very excited about.
  2. 300

    I just got back from it... Super awesome! The new Spider-Man 3 trailer was the icing on the cake
  3. College too, where do you go? Oh, and how's your sister?
  4. Its name is actually Beelzenef is a reference to Beelzebub, another name for Satan. So what are you up to these days Akane?
  5. barter... frog?
  6. I saw it in theaters last year and thought it was very good as far as horror movies go. The DVD version has an extended ending that was cut from the US theatrical version. Did you guys watch the US ending or the European one?
  7. I'm so glad they retooled the spider symbol on his chest. No long legs stretching across entire chest = not venom
  8. You have to remember that today is the Super Bowl. The only station airing new episodes of anything today is CBS.
  9. uh oh D:
  10. I use GIMP too. It's a little wonky, but the price is right.
  11. Yeah, my school's anime club watches it every week during intermission. It really is super funny.
  12. Did you guys see the preview of next week? It looks like Baltar dies and wakes up in a Baseship. Hmmmm
  13. I too have Double Zeta Gundam downloaded. I watched the first two episodes and it was just so bad I couldn't continue. Turn A and Gundam X are both really good though.
  14. Overall, I think the series was pretty powerful, but I'm still confused as to what the overall motives were of the three main forces. The Titans were looking for complete control over everything?.. The Axis wanted the Zabi family to regain power and re-establish the Zeon republic and then nuke earth? and the AUEG wanted to stop the Titan's brutal control? and then Char at one point gave a speech about how humanity is polluting earth? so did the AUEG want people to move into space colonies and admire earth from the distance? You're pretty much right about the motivation for the Titans, Axis, and AEUG. The thing with Char is he is much more extreme in his views than the rest of his organization. This is what leads him to break off from AEUG and start another group (neo-zeon). Char believes earth is humanity's cradle and must be left so the human race can fully evolve (become newtypes). Oh, and Kamille isn't dead, just really messed up.
  15. yeah, I quit more than a year ago. It got really tedious and they revamped the whole class system.
  16. WoW, Sven, and some other half life mods. Whats your steam name DX?
  17. I'm not going to judge it until I see it in the movie.
  18. I'm not a big fan of the new timeslot. BSG on friday always felt like my rewards for a week of work. Oh well.
  19. It closed.
  21. Good trailer, they showed it before Apocolypto
  22. Rumiko Takahashi runs out of ideas so she cannibalizes her old ones. Nothing too unusual there. Look at the recent seasons of the Simpsons, they're redoing tons of their old jokes and plot ideas.
  23. It really is more of a flash game than the other one. I got to 769 seconds before he smashed my cursor
  24. They're going to hook back up, but its really assholish of them