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  1. Hot Damn! I was really skepitcal about the whole jump agead a year thing, but it really works! A great episode followed by an amazing sneak peak at the rest of the season. Baltar, a cylon?! It also showed Rosolin alive, so she didn't get gunned down at the end of the episode. I bet it was all a test to see if the human cops would be loyal to the cylons. What did you guys think? P.S. Run Cally Run
  2. What 21 birthday would be complete without a night of debauchery and excess? Thank you all!
  3. It really is a great game. I'm really looking forward to the DLC coming out too.
  4. Not only does that link not work but the very premise that McCain is ineligible to hold the presidency is utter crap. He was born in the American controlled Panama Canal Zone in a time when the US had full sovereignty of the area. It's the same as being born in a territory like Puerto Rico or Hawaii or Alaska before they became states.
  5. Nothing brings people together like politics <3
  6. That's okay, it just makes your opinion worthless and mine that much more valuable.
  7. aww, thanks everybody. Nothing special planned for today besides going to class and trying to not get washed away in the rain However it does feel quite nice to no longer be a teenager.
  8. the plot armor is too thick. no way anything stands up to 12 hours of missile and artillery barrages.
  9. In 4 short hours i shall finally witness the awesomeness that is Spider Man 3. So who's going to the midnight showings tonight besides me? Expect a review tomorrow
  10. I remember you as well. Welcome back.
  11. I bought one the day after they lowered the price. I've mainly been using it as a Blu-Ray player though. All the good games on PS3 right now are also on 360 with Live support... \ It'll all be worth it when MGS4 comes out though
  12. Its a way under rated movie. Not bad at all.
  13. There is only one Solid Snake He already has the voice, all he needs is a little make up and instant awesome.
  14. Pirates of the Burning Sea is going to be totally awesome
  15. They just announced they're going to make 28 months later. \
  16. I'm saddened that my favorite TV show is ending, but I'm quite glad they're not giving up the integrity of the plot for the sake of milking the show for as long as they can
  17. if you watch dubs, yes.
  18. Light years are a measure of distance, not time
  19. Jungle Wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu
  20. No they haven't. Sony has committed to making at least three more.
  21. They're condensing half the manga into 15 episodes \
  22. Doc Connors still has that piece of the symbiot suit. I demand lizard-carnage.
  23. godamnit Vyper, get out of my head. You took the words right out of my mouth. I think the movie was quite good, but suffered from some pacing issues. It's not quite as good as Spider Man 2, but better than the original Spider Man The emo scenes were hilarious though. The entire audience couldn't control its laughter.
  24. ^ | He knows his shit.