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  1. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by DeathscytheX in The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series (Season 3) A New Frontier - Trailer   
    I just beat this and it was pretty good. The first game was still my favorite because Lee, Clem, and Kenny were a better trio. As you can tell from the trailer, Clem is an NPC in this game. You're Javier, basically a upstart baseball player that pulled a Pete Rose before he got big. It's not as mysterious and dark as Lee's past. The characters are hit and miss that come along and enter your group. I will say there is more twisted decisions to make in this game. The story does a good job of steering you in feel a certain way, only to make you feel bad that you chose to do a certain thing later on... but at the same time not want to try and take it back. 
    This game follows the 5 chapter format like Season 2 did. I still feel like the base first game felt significantly longer than both. Season 2's decisions still play into the story, and are given to you in a series of well placed flashbacks that bridge the two games together. Although I think these flashbacks also made the game feel shorter, because every chapter featured them. Sometimes they were Clem's, sometimes they were Javier's. So in a six segment chapter, one segment was always a flashback rather than the current events at hand. This made the game feel even shorter than Season 2, and in some parts it was. Some chapters were 1 hour and 15-30 min rather than the full +2 hours Season 2's chapters were. Plus the ending was pretty conclusive, and the finale was kinda anticlimatic. Still I enjoyed the experience. I'll def get the DLC.
    My biggest gripe is they still like to throw in a QTE near middle to almost end that is brand new and no where else before and after in the game just to make sure you die at least once. I mean that has to take extra work to code in a mechanic that only is used once.
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    These are my initial thoughts. I played the first mission through with all 3 classes, and played the strike with the Warlock. I haven't dived into PVP yet as I had completely lost my bearings on how to play Destiny and would get my shit stomped until I run a few more strikes.
    First and foremost, thank the heavens that the stupid ass sprint fatigue is gone. You can sprint, stop and sprint instantly again. That was the absolute worst in D1. Especially in tense situations when you had low health. It def wasn't good for my first PS4 controller's thumb stick, as the covering eventually sheered off of it.
    The difficulty feels like it has been taken up a bit. I died a few times on the story mission as Warlock and Titan, but oddly enough I never died as Hunter... that might have been because it was my 3rd play through, but the class itself and the exotic you get for the Hunter had a lot to do with it as well... more on that in a bit. The story mission was decent. It was lengthy, and you could skip the cut scenes without any loading delays. It gave you enough to use your super at least 2 times... you could probably fit 3 if you just used them as soon as you got them. I've always saved mine for "oh shit" moments or opportune times against yellow bars or massive trash mobs. The AI has improved a bit as well. The longer glide jumps that Warlock and Titan have aren't much of an advantage to throw off the AI's aim. You can get clobbered floating around. The Cabal is more aggressive than in D1.. I guess since this is a special faction of them. Certain ones will whip out a blade and melee you if you get too close, some wield two massive cleavers and will hurt you really bad if you get hit. John Ryan must have given anet's secrets to jumping puzzles and bad environmental clipping when he left. There are some frustrating and needless dips around objects you can hide behind. I found myself getting stuck on these when trying to move from cover. There is a lot of jumping going on in the mission and strike. I don't really mind this in what is offered because most the jumps can all be made by the standard single jump. Anyways, the mission doesn't really have a boss, but does have a section not featured in the E3 demonstration.  They kinda baby you into fighting the few unique yellow bar cabals. Your first encounter they're just a red bar, then a red with a shield, then a yellow with a shield, and then a triple yellow bar with a shield. Psions are back and annoying as ever. They'll still die in 1 uncharged melee hit, but their wave attack will knock you up in the air... it's very annoying, and it goes back to the whole being in the air too long is dangerous deal. I mean you get knocked way up into the air to where it takes a few seconds to fall back down.
    The strike was long... longer than any strike I remember in D1. That's not a bad thing though, It was more fluid and sectioned. I don't think these will be "run past everything and get to the boss" type deals anymore. Each segment of the fight was necessary to activate the device that launched you across the map onto the next segment. It was mostly your standard gun down trash mobs at first, but it got a bit intense in one of the rooms where the cabal animals kept charging in. The boss fight was where the strike shined though. It wasn't easy, and was almost nightfall hard. However my horrible teammates might have had something to do with it. The Titan on my fire team never once put up a barrier. wtf? We died on the last stage of the boss 3 times. His last 20% or so of HP he just goes apeshit and gets ultra aggressive. If you're the last guardian standing, you're going to die. His big ass will chase you down and blast you to pieces while you try to revive someone. I ran behind a pylon once and his ass followed me around it and destroyed me. I will say I didn't care too much for the spinning drill area. It's pretty annoying to fight and keep track of which layer of drill is coming at you. As it stands for the beta, you only get legendary gear for the strike and PvP, Its only weapons at that. I got the same pistol I already had and a scout rifle that no class came with. I also forgot how annoying Hobgoblins were... and the standard Vex enemies will now cover up their weak spot if you initially miss it it felt like. I'll have to pay more attention next time.
    The weapons haven't changed much. The autorifles available were meh. They jumped around too much. The hand cannons were decent. I chuckled because the kinetic one was called The Devil Better... I guess that's a play on The Devil You Know/Don't. I didn't try the shotgun, the sniper was eh... but SMGs are beastly as hell. You won't hit anything after medium range like you can cheese with a hand cannon, but up close these melt anything really fast. The Titan had a solar SMG and it ripped through the cabal solar shields like no one's business. The grenade launchers were pretty stout too... but those are for trash mobs IMO. The fusion rifle was still the best. I didn't have access to a rocket launcher... The Warlock might have had one, but I was too stuck on the fusion rifle to look. Only having 6 shots is an adjustment though. (but its the perfect PVP nerf) I ran Pulse Rifle and SMG combos when I could. Pulse Rifle was my favorite legendary weapon. The Scout Rifle was terrible. It fired really slow and didn't seem to do much more damage than the pulse. Energy ammo dropped frequently, way more than its special ammo counterpart in D1 did. I never found myself running out of energy ammo.. in fact I ran out of kinetic a few times before coming even close on energy. This was great solely for my favorite exotic in the beta which I never stopped using the whole mission.
    The Warlock... Dawn blade is as OP as I thought it would be. I shredded every yellow almost instantly with it, while the Nova bomb didn't seem to do as much because its not really that precise I guess. Its like a slow moving Hunter scatter nade now. It will home in on enemies. The glide is insane... its longer and higher than the other classes. I guess this is for dawn blade, because all that floating we saw in the videos is from the actual jump.. not the super itself. The healing rift is by far the best utility skill of every class. Screw damage rift.. healing rift can out heal mobs shooting you... it was a lifesaver in the strike when I was last guardian standing and had to revive.  That being said, Warlock got the worst weapon set up for the beta. The exotic they give you to play with is some shitty arc damage AR. It has a small mag and doesn't do much DPS. Plus I saw one arc shield the entire time through the mission and strike.
    The Titan was... well a Titan. I didn't try Fist of Havoc because I already know what its like despite the changes to it. The barrier is interesting. You can't shoot through it nor can you shoot through the bubble from the sentinel ult. This is a pretty big nerf. Using the shield itself was pretty fun. I crushed a single yellow bar instantly with it but struggled on the triple yellow. I couldn't figure out how to throw it because I was too busy spamming the charge-melee with it instead. Overall its not really my favorite. The Titan jump is virtually the same in all 3 choices from the first game. The exotic the Titan had was no joke though. "Sweet Business" is outstanding for PvE, I don't see it being as good in PvP. Its a kinetic minigun that shoots slow for about 1.5 seconds and then shoots like you'd expect a minigun too but its laser accurate at top RPM. The mag is large enough to hold down the trigger and take out 4-5 enemies in succession.
    Before I even go into the Hunter, let me say that it got, hands down, the best exotic to play with. Sunshot must be what Fatebringer felt like. Holy shit this thing is a beast. super low recoil, great range, and exploding enemies? I bet it gets nerfed. It's a solar hand cannon, so it was a joy tearing through solar shields.... which was featured heavily in the mission. This is the weapon I'll be running as my exotic once/if I get it. Paired with the Hunter's faster reload off critical hits, it more than made up for its 8 shot mag. This gun was made for the Hunter. I didn't play any arc strider, I stuck with Gunslinger. I leave it to Strider for a better review when he gets his hands on this class. I never played hunter in the first game so I have nothing to go by. I did like the 6 shot golden gun though. It seemed to perform as well as Dawn Blade on triple yellow bars, but unlike dawn blade, you have to actually have to be precise. I mean for big fat Cabal it wasn't an issue, but faster moving Fallen or Vex it requires more skill. I stuck with the triple jump, and I liked it better than anyone else jump. You get to where you want without being exposed in the air like the other two classes and it offers more mobility without the aid of a super. I found a few jumps to be more tedious to make than with Warlock/Titan, but in a fight It was far better. I'm not sure how I feel about the utility skill Hunter has though. It doesn't benefit the group at all. One is essentially shadow step that instantly recharged your melee... the other is a dodge that instantly reloads your weapon. I used the latter because I was having way too much fun with Sunshot... and furthers my belief that this exotic was made for the Hunter class. The dodge does recharge a lot faster than the barrier or rifts.
    I'll run Strikes with Titan and Hunter and try some PvP tomorrow. I'll report back on what else sticks out to me.
  5. Myk JL liked a post in a topic by DeathscytheX in Atari jumping back into the Console War?   
    Nah, Nvidia Shield is more of an android streaming box that can play PC games. It doesn't get Triple A titles developed for it, even though it does get multiplatform ones. Then again maybe Atari will do the same thing minus the android selection, and offer a $8 streaming service. I doubt that would be very successful though. Its one thing to download a game with shit internet speeds, and another to try to play it via streaming with a slow connection. Although they don't pop out Triple As themselves they do have their own development studio that mostly makes DBZ fighting games.
  6. DeathscytheX liked a post in a topic by Sledgstone in Atari jumping back into the Console War?   

    It sounds like Atari has no idea what they're actually making. I'm assuming it's going to be a retro console with more games available via an online marketplace.
  7. DeathscytheX liked a post in a topic by Strider Hiryu in Ghost in the Shell   
    Ok so I finally watched this and I'll give my thoughts on it (because I know everyone wants to hear them (yea I know you don't)) but be forewarned I have some major issues with this movie. I will point out that I did not hate this movie, as an action/sci-fi movie it's pretty damn good and the visuals are fucking amazing (some of the best cg I've seen in a long time, damn did they do a good job on it). The soundtrack is also pretty damn amazing, has hints of music from the original animated movie in their. Now anyways lets get on with what I thought (from now on things will be in spoilers, read if you wish too but I'm doing this for those who don't want anything ruined).
    The Bad:
    The Good:
    Again I didn't hate this movie but as a self-respecting GitS fan I cannot call it a welcome addition to the franchise. It's a good action/sci-fi flick and I recommend giving it a watch if you're not a huge fan of the franchise (and by that I mean like me, if you have a passing interest in the series give it a watch but you'll be sorely disappointed in it if you're a die hard fan). The only thing I fear though is what this means for a Gunm/Battle Angel Alita adaptation (it's in the works but considering how much they butchered the source material for this movie I fear what they'll do with BAA).
  8. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by DeathscytheX in Knife Sharpeners?
    You could always give it a shot. Post the people that complain about it are using D2 steel and higher. But for kitchen knives it might work. The KME is def the most highly praised. I always watch those metal working shows where they build swords and knives and they sharpen everything on those sand belts. Who knows how much those cost, plus the workshop space you'd need to have one.
  9. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by DeathscytheX in Knife Sharpeners?   
    That is ok. I have a few of them like that. If you ever get new set of knives, invest in a KME or Edge Pro rod and stone system. The problem with the one you have is it totally relies on steady hands and consistent strokes. If you don't have the blade perfectly vertical you'll grind up your edge. A guided rod system ensures a perfect swipe of the blade edge no matter what. I've been thinking about getting a KME myself, because it seems the most simplistic that gets the job done the best. I'm a huge knife nut. 
    You'll also want to consider paying attention to the steels of your knives. If they're just listed as "stainless" you're probably just getting old school 420HC blades which don't hold and edge very long... this is the type of steel that's been used on knives for decades. VG-10, S30V, and S35VN are newer steels with superior edge retention.. not sure if there are any kitchen sets that use these though. Just don't get anything in M4, M390, S90V, or S110V. These steels will hold an edge better than any knife... but sharpening them back up are a nightmare because of it. They were built to be insanely wear resistant. I was thinking about buying a knife with M390, and then I watched a video of a guy doing a sped up time lapse of him sharpening it on the KME. He said it was 40 minutes... for just one side! Screw that! I can get my S30V knives sharpened up in about 5 minutes. I think that's the perfect balance.
    Here are charts and descriptions of steels.
    EDIT: Lansky makes a guided rod system too, but I hear way too many people complain about it in the knife groups I'm in. Its way cheaper than the KME, Edge Pro, and Wicked Edge systems... I was going to get one but too many people have issues with it not sharpening knives correctly. Right now I used the Work Sharp, field sharpener... but I just don't have good muscle memory to not make an asymmetrical grind on my blades.
  10. DeathscytheX liked a post in a topic by animequeen in Favorite Game OST   
    Though shall not forget about Street Fighter, now I want to visit Japan and eat some sushi. 
    I also like this one, Final Fantasy never fails to create an interesting OST for all their series. 
  11. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by DeathscytheX in Banana in a Pizza   
    Soups are always across from veggies here... its mostly holiday oriented because the broths go near the veggies for all the casseroles.
    Tomatoes are veggies, and fuck the metric system. 'Murica.
  12. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by DeathscytheX in Favorite Game OST   
    Talk about a feels trip. I can't say many games if any other made me shed a tear... but this game did. Holy shit was the ending sad. The ending theme was comforting after what transpired.
    Probably my favorite sonic track ever. I've heard the updated one for Sonic Mania and I cant wait to play this zone again. I remember first getting my Genesis. Sonic 2 was my first game and this zone blew me away.
    I was so pissed when they brought this game "back" as some BS multiplayer only game. This game was so fucking good for PS1. The OST was so good too. A flight game where you could hover too... it was so innovative. Ace Combat was amazing, but this was so different because you could slow down to a stand still and fly through tight corridors and vertical shafts.
    Oh man. Ridge Racer was THE first racing game I played on PS1. Before Need for Speed which was a 3DO port. I fell in love immediately. Every time a new one came out a friend would get it and I'd come over and we'd tackle it. The most frustrating thing about Ridge Racer over NFS and other racing franchises was that hitting the wall was devastating. It damn near brought you to 0mph if you did it. I probably couldn't deal with that type of game today... the whole game relied on track memory. Even after you got the black and white car from beating the space invaders mini game, it was still a challenge... just less forgiving. When this one came out it has a real lyrical soundtrack which was pretty much unheard of before this time. It was truly original too. This wasn't like a Rob Zombie/Twisted Metal type deal. This was in house talent... It was daring, and it worked so well. This track plays in my head to this day when I think of racing games.
    Speaking of racing games... before Twisted Metal, there was this... Talk about frustrating but hysterical. Road Rash was amazing. Motorcycle racing where you could beat the shit out of your opponents? Unheard of! Crowbars, Cattle Prods, Chains, Bats... this was madness... you could whack your opponents off their bikes.. but they could too.. and along the way there would be obstacles like cars, animals... and even cow shit. The game's electric guitar rock was crazy good for the time.  This game also had a title screen cheat code where you could get the "phantom bike" which had a shit ton of turbos and instant top speed acceleration. If you wrecked on it, you'd fly for a good minute before hitting the ground, running back to the bike was a nightmare... but you'd still have enough speed to possibly win if you didn't hit anything else. I remember different racers would insult you at the end if you won or not like Lucky Luc and Belladonna.   The ending was some rival racer insulting you too... This game was suppose to get a reboot on PS3/360, with Skid Row doing most the soundtrack, but it got cancelled for some reason.. too bad. The PS1 games were ok, but didn't hold the same magic. They had paid for sound tracks by Johnny Cash, Soundgarden, and even Kid Rock before he got big.
  13. Myk JL liked a post in a topic by DeathscytheX in Banana in a Pizza   
    LOL. Well I guess you learn something every day. I prefer olives, and not fruits that are sweet on my pizza. Especially as toppings. I like meats and also fungi known as mushrooms.
    Edit: Sledge wtf. People down here in the south like banana and mayo sandwiches. The most vile creation I've ever heard of.
  14. Myk JL liked a post in a topic by DeathscytheX in Banana in a Pizza   
    LOL. Well I guess you learn something every day. I prefer olives, and not fruits that are sweet on my pizza. Especially as toppings. I like meats and also fungi known as mushrooms.
    Edit: Sledge wtf. People down here in the south like banana and mayo sandwiches. The most vile creation I've ever heard of.
  15. animequeen liked a post in a topic by DeathscytheX in Banana in a Pizza   
    Looks pretty gross. Plantains would work better, but I wouldn't even like that. I'm more of a all meat toppings type of guy. I'll do exotic cheeses, but no fruit on my pizza. 
  16. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by DeathscytheX in Favorite Old TV shows   
    Some other ones
  17. animequeen liked a post in a topic by DeathscytheX in Castlevania - Netflix   
    There will be 8 more... maybe more you never know. But it will all be season 2. This seems to be a new trend in television making. TWD and Into the Badlands first seasons were very short. I want to say Falling Skies was the same. New shows are expensive to make with the anticipation that there is money to be made off its success. But over the past few years so many shows have tanked hard after 1 season, these studios were just eating massive losses. I guess everyone is being a bit more conservative with things that aren't cop and doctor shows. It's still ok to lose money on those, but new fresh ideas? Nah 4-6 eps to test the waters.
  18. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by DeathscytheX in Lupin The Third   
    Funi put up the first 2 episodes of this and now I'm irritated that they've only got 2 eps up. Most likely to sell DVDs because they did the same thing with Outlaw Star recently. I like what I saw. They got all the original dub cast back. The traditional style of animation along with modern lighting and shading techniques really look good on the series.
  19. animequeen liked a post in a topic by DeathscytheX in Lupin The Third   

    Yes Please... I really loved the dark take on A Woman Called Fujiko Mine. This one looks to go back to the light hearted comedic style. I have no problem with that. Lupin has always been one of my favorite series. I love the old animation style mixed with new effects.
  20. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by DeathscytheX in The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series (Season 3) A New Frontier - Trailer   
    I played ep 1 of A New Frontier and you can definitely tell they made it a lot more console friendly. Which in turn makes it easier on PC as well. Bashing/stabbing walker heads is now just an action button press. Its Q and E on PC so I'll assume it was Square and X on PS4 where you mashed one and pressed the other when you filled the meter... but for melee prompts they swap it up between the two, and sometimes the left/right/up/down will be melee... but when that happens its during intense scenes as if you would have dodged anyways. So they don't mix it up too much. I even had a shooting sequence that was in classic form but much easier.... basically the super wobbly head motion paired with the shaky cursor is gone... that was pretty annoying even with a mouse.
    The game looks a lot sharper than the first. The dialog was much improved when searching too.. it feels a bit more natural when you interact with items that you can't use. I mean that wasn't really a knock on the first game, and it didn't really need an improvement. But its interesting how they made it feel more realistic rather than a normal sigh or headshake and a "busted" or "we wont be able to use that" line.
    The choices you made in season two seem to affect flashbacks rather than this story. You can use your save data Mass Effect style, Start fresh, or even use your save data and change choices you made. I assume you can pick and choose, but I went ahead and stuck with my decisions... I don't like to take back, even if I regret my choices... that's what I love about continuity games.
  21. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by DeathscytheX in Castlevania - Netflix   
    I just watched this and it was actually really good. I saw on facebook this has been approved for an 8 ep 2nd season as well. This season is basically a movie cut up in to 4 eps... they honestly could have just played it through.
    Pros: Great animation... finally a western animation that isn't cartoony bullshit with realistically drawn humans. The sounds are great, music is limited to necessary moments. Very little time is spent on world building without completely leaving those new to Castlevania lore in the dark. No origins story here, There is a premise and you're thrown straight into it after that. No lengthy intro sequence you'll just skip after the first time you watch it. The gore is spectacular. Limited subtle humor that fits with what is going on when its injected.
    Cons: The voice acting isn't terrible, but there is a lot of whisper-y characters. No one is straining their vocals for these roles that's for sure. It's only 4 episodes with a Legend of Legendary Heroes type finale... If you didn't know a second season was approved, you'd be pretty upset.
  22. DeathscytheX liked a post in a topic by Strider Hiryu in Favorite Old TV shows   
    Sledge you won't be disappointed, HIMYM is an amazing show. I was heartbroken when they ended it as it's probably one of my favorite shows ever (great humor, great cast (NPH does an amazing job portraying Barney), and some of the best jokes I've heard in years).
    Sadly I can't really say I have many favorite old TV shows as growing up I never really had control of the TV (my father controlled it and we spent a lot of time watching Wrestling and random stupid shit I couldn't get into) and when I did I spent most of that time watching cartoons. The only real shows I got into were Star Trek Voyager (the one show both my father and I liked watching), Star Trek: TNG, X-Files (I was a huge X-Files junky up until Mulder disappeared, could never get into it after that), the good shows on MTV (like Daria), and a few other shows here and there (yea the 90's kid in me shows, I was also a huge Power Rangers fan (the one show I watched religiously)).