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    DeathscytheX got a reaction from Sledgstone in Finished watching Saga of Tanya the Evil (Youjo Senki) last night and what a fucking   
    The last school anime I enjoyed beside Hagani, was Netoge no Yome wa Onna no Ko Janai to Omotta? (And You Thought There Is Never a Girl Online?). Because it wallowed in MMO/Online gaming tropes (girl gamers, RMT, P2W, etc) which I found extremely enjoyable. It also had my mouse in anime form . Its a gaming anime, that's actually about the characters playing an MMO without being stuck inside of it. It's four people that play in a party often, and they end up finding out they all go to the same school, and actually know each other... being in different social echelons, they normally wouldn't hang out with each other, so they form an after school club to play on campus. Its pretty light-hearted, but has some great moments. 
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    DeathscytheX got a reaction from Sledgstone in Overall I like the collection for the new back piece this LWS3 ep, but I hope they do   
    Thankfully the Hidden Garden one is just a orchard to the side, and none of the JP is required. I'm so tired of doing that damn thing. BTW when you start planting seeds, don't leave immediately. Fire Orchard nodes pop for you to mine after you plant them.
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    DeathscytheX got a reaction from Sledgstone in That feeling soloing the boss with corpses cheering you on, because everyone else fel   
    You can stagger the cooling rod shields off CD. With 4 people having a rod, If you do it right, you should make it to the end no problem. Actual only 2 are needed because the cd finishes by the time 1 shield completes. I had a pretty good group. The boss for thauma was their only screw up. We cleared uncatagorized with ease, and we cleared Choas bonfires on the first try after me and the party leader explained it to the other 3 that didn't know what to do... Oh and we melted subject 6 in seconds. What is funny about the thauma boss is you actually have a special action key now that stops 1 platform from dissappearing. It has a heafty CD, but you should be able to use it once per each time someone gets targeted. 
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    DeathscytheX reacted to Strider Hiryu in Finished Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans Season 2 last night. Gotta say it w   
    Finished Grimgar tonight and I really enjoyed the ride. Great characters, good story, awesome soundtrack, and so many damn feels (god damn Mary's backstory is freaking tragic). I'd really like to see a 2nd season of this as I know there's more to the story (so much more from what I've gathered but I won't ruin it for everyone), so please give me one. Solid 9/10 for me and I can't recommend it enough (I think I liked this better then Seasons 1, 3 and 4 of SAO and both seasons of Log Horizon (I might be stretching a bit there, Log Horizon is a damn good show in its own right)). I just noticed last night that Funimation is releasing this in May on DVD/BD so I think I'll have to pick up the BD when it releases (definitely plan on re-watching this one, nice relaxing show that really hits you in the feels when you don't expect it).
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    DeathscytheX got a reaction from Sledgstone in Finally ended up breaking down and paying for a Crunchyroll membership on Sunday (can   
    ROTFLMAO I forgot about the 4Kids Smoker, he always looked so weird with his mouth gaped. It was a big difference. I watched up to a little past chopper and it was a lot different. Whats funny to me is that Colleen Clinkenbeard does Luffy for Funi. She actually sounds pretty much the same as Bella Hudson who did it for 4kids. Its funny because Clinkenbeard pretty much uses the same sexy Erza Scarlet voice for every role she does, so Luffy was out of left field. She said she can only do about 4 hours of recording a day in that voice though. They probably should have just went with a different voice altogether. Like how the DBZ Ocean dub and Funi dub have different Vegeta voices.
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    DeathscytheX got a reaction from Sledgstone in GANTZ:O is on Netflix. I wasn't aware of its existence. Its pretty good, but you'd ap   
    It's very bloody and violent. It's about people that died that have to play a strange game of death to win their lives back. 
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    DeathscytheX got a reaction from Sledgstone in I used 56 Machetes on DS and still didn't get the charged horn and focus part. I can   
    Try looking at Lfg around 30 min into it. I caught a group at the blighting tree rooms before the mouth. Got a nice short DS. 
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    DeathscytheX reacted to Sledgstone in I finally managed to flip something for a massive profit on GW2. Apparently I bought   
    Good flip! When you collect those profits, smile like this...

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    DeathscytheX got a reaction from Sledgstone in Trying to get better with Thief. The personal DPS is amazing, but damn you can't take   
    That's why I bring mine to TT now. Massive DPS with little work on the fingers. plus TT's tells are so slow and massive it's easy not to get hit and downed. 
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    DeathscytheX reacted to Strider Hiryu in Looks like I get to play the For Honor beta this weekend, just got my code today. Can   
    This is my initial impressions based on Dominion with A.I. controlled enemies and A.I. or Human controlled allies (yes you can fight against the A.I., a positive for this game):
    1. You can play as any hero no matter what faction you decide to support for the Faction Wars. This is awesome since it allows you to try every hero out and choose the ones you prefer while still earning points for your chosen faction (Samurai for me but who didn't see that one coming). There's a whole War Assets thing that goes along with the Faction War but they really don't go into much in the beta about it. This is just a nice thing I wanted to point out that has nothing to do with Dominion.
    2. Combat is hard, don't let any of the videos fool you otherwise. It's extremely hard to land attacks with heroes that use slower but harder hitting weaponry as the enemy has more then enough time to block or otherwise counter your attack (if they're on a hero that can counterattack). I favor the heavy attack on the Vanguard which is why I noticed this so fast and (at least with A.I. enemy) you can see what direction their attacking from giving you time to block if they're using a slower swinging enemy. However, combat is extremely fun and intuitive. Once you get used to how it works it flows extremely well from attack to attack, trading blows or going from a block into a brutal attack. Before I got off tonight I was on an eight player (A.I. controlled) killing spree going from one enemy hero to the next. While watching Matimi0 play the other night I noticed the assassin classes are extremely squishy but attack fast and often but do a lot less damage then their heavy attacker allies. They make up for this with the ability to counterattack but I'm not entirely sure how that works.
    3. Learning to use you're heroes abilities is a must as they can turn the tide of a loosing battle greatly into your favor. Take the Vanguard for instance (the female knight you see in a lot of game play footage). Her base abilities are actually pretty powerful when used the correct way like her ability to strengthen troop morale (which can really help when trying to take a point), her ability to heal herself (up to 4 times), or her ability to call in a catapult strike (which is hilarious when used against large groups of soldiers). I only use her as an example as she's the only hero I've actually played (I plan on unlocking Orochi (the Samurai's assassin class) tomorrow when I get on it again).
    4. While you might think the A.I. would be easy to fight against you'd be dead wrong which is why I'm glad this game has the option to fight bots. They play to the hero's strengths quite well (like ambushing you as an Assassin hero or defending allies with the shield heroes). Quite honestly I feel the A.I. might be a little to good as certain heroes in an A.I.'s hands feels wrong (those shield heroes are hard to kill while being controlled by an A.I.).
    5. The maps are small but rather intricate with areas where you can easily push opponents off the side of the map to kill them. I like this as it allows the fights to get more intimate with little to no running around except between capture points. Plus the amount of detail put into the maps is extraordinary.
    Honestly, as I said, these are just initial impressions. I plan on putting more time into it tomorrow between leveling my Consular in TOR and farming light for my Relic weapons in FFXIV (so close to it's final form I can taste it, plus my Guild Master wants to do some raid runs for extra light). I also plan on actually trying out Duel and Brawl (2 vs 2) as well as doing Dominion againt Human controlled heroes. I'm actually thinking of dropping the money to get this next month as it'd be a nice time waster until ME: Andromeda releases and it's a hell of a lot more fun then BF1 (and that hurts so damn much to say). I honestly didn't think I'd enjoy it as much as I am but it's not as competitive as I thought it would be which is nice (I mean I can see this becoming an extremely competitive game, maybe e-sports level, but it's nice it has options for gamers like myself to play against A.I.).
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    DeathscytheX reacted to Sledgstone in I'm more hyped than ever for Breath of the Wild after Amazon UK leaked the details th   
    Those 4 hearts that are tied behind multiplayer will be a pain in the ass to get.
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    DeathscytheX got a reaction from Sledgstone in Started Kuromukuro on Netflix. So far its Encino Man meets Linebarrels of Iron with a   
    I just finished this and It was probably my favorite Netflix Original. They slowly moved away from the comedy and kept it to a minimum as the story got serious. It worked well as keeping the type of comedy they used would have gotten bland with heavy usage.
    I assume Netflix Original means they merely did the dub work. Between Seven Deadly Sins, Ajin, and Kuromukuro, I'd say they did a great job so far. Although they use a lot of the same talent that Funi uses. The female lead also voices Sailor Venus/Lucy Heartfilia and the male lead also voiced Vash the Stampede. I also found some familiars in the supporting cast like Milly Ashford, Inspector Zenigata, and Lelouch Lamperouge. A lot of the supporting cast hasn't done much in Funi's circle so it's nice to hear different voices every once in a while. Not everyone is as talented as Christopher Sabat. 
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    DeathscytheX reacted to Strider Hiryu in Grimgar Fantasy and Ash, the only anime I've ever watched that punched you in the fee   
    Never even heard of it (another one that slipped by me), just got done reading a summary of it on Wikipedia. It actually sounds a lot like Log Horizon just in a different world and different circumstances (sounds like the main character is trapped in the world by himself with all the NPCs). I'll have to see if I can find fansubs for it as well, definitely sounds like a show I'd like.
    The memory thing is actually a major part of the story later on in Season 2 when the players actually start realizing they're loosing their memories every time they die. At first its nothing major (insignificant stuff like names of places they used to visit and what not) but as they continue to die more and more memories disappear and they start turning into mindless Thralls (which is covered in the season 2 during one of the story arcs) who can think of nothing more then dieing in combat to get back home.
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    DeathscytheX got a reaction from Sledgstone in The Black Friday noobs are out in full force. On BF1 everyone keeps unlocking and ope   
    I should have recorded my 10 kill streak in the breakthrough tank. The driver pulled. Me up to the door at our favorite A flag on Monte Grappa. There were like 5 medics that kept reviving each other and I kept mowing them down with the side cannon.
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    DeathscytheX got a reaction from Sledgstone in I logged into BF1 today for the first time in 3 days and I had a Superior and Regular   
    I take it back,  it is premium. I just saw it on Facebook. Lol
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    DeathscytheX got a reaction from Sledgstone in This link sums up my BF1 experience with granades of all types. https://m.reddit.com/   
    This too https://m.reddit.com/r/Battlefield/comments/5ei82c/squad_spawns_working_as_intended/
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    DeathscytheX got a reaction from Sledgstone in I'm about half way through Code Geass. I see where Aldnoah.Zero borrowed a lot of ins   
    Yeah Funi doesn't divide them up by season. It was just a Playlist of 50+ eps. The only thing I didn't like was they never explained CC and VV's origins. The whole be the villian to secretly be the hero was awesome. The most gut wrenching part was Euphemia's death. 
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    DeathscytheX got a reaction from Sledgstone in I'm about half way through Code Geass. I see where Aldnoah.Zero borrowed a lot of ins   
    It was absolutely brilliant. I loved the ending.