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    DeathscytheX got a reaction from Sledgstone in Eh, we got cheated on this short season of GoT. As cool as the winterfell battle was,   
    It definitely got Fullmetal Alchemist'ed
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    DeathscytheX got a reaction from Sledgstone in Netflix put Code Geass up. Rewatching it reminded me what a badass Cornelia was (ultr   
    I also didn't realize how shit Zero was the first time I watched it. He only won his first and last battle... every other one was a complete failure minus Euphy's massacre. Yet the Black Knights kept following him even though he abandoned them multiple times. Plus he forgot all about Kallen, the second most bad ass female behind Cornelia, after she was captured. She just escaped by chance. There were several times, several people could have revealed his identity and ruined him... I mean the only one that made sense was Euphy since she loved Lelouch and had to reason to hate him. I guess the story isn't all that great, but I still love it.
    I also like the fact that Netflix deemed the series TV-14 even though Villetta's and Kallen's tits flop out multiple times. WTF, I guess it would get through any parental control options.
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    DeathscytheX got a reaction from Sledgstone in I never watched the original Fruit Basket because the description just sounded too si   
    I must say, the dub for FB is phenomenal. Comparing a scene from the original to the new one, you can tell how the cast has improved their craft over the years. Its the same people but they're projecting their emotions in a more natural way. Plus the recording equipment is obviously superior today. The original sounds like they recorded it in a janitor's closet. The animation quality is so beautiful, the original looks so bad to me putting it side by side. Now I think about what other series they could do like this. Yu Yu Hakusho would be amazing along with Inu Yasha.
    Kono Oto Tomare!: Sounds of Life and Senko-San also have really good dubs so far. Funi has stepped up their game on casting this season. I'd say Space Dandy is probably the best dub they've put together before this season. Not that their dubs in the last 5 years have been lacking, but there is always a show here and there that takes it to the next level. I just glad they didn't use one of their squeaker box VAs for Senko as they tend to go overboard with that for little female characters. I can't remember the VA's name, but that's her real life voice. *shutter*
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    DeathscytheX got a reaction from Strider Hiryu in Forgot to post about this earlier in the week but I got around to watching Magical Gi   
    They definitely could have done a lot better with it. You pretty much covered it all. Its entertaining all the way through if you just take it for what it is. I always wonder what popular classics wouldn't have reached their cult status if critics and content creators had as much influence today as back then when they were non existent. Not saying that Asuka would be considered a masterpiece if it was from that time or anything.
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    DeathscytheX reacted to Sledgstone in Hands down, tonight's episode of GoT was their crowning achievement. I can't see the   
    With only a few episodes left I was expecting a large majority of characters to die just so the show wouldn't have to finish up a bunch of plot lines. lol. I figured it was going to be lazy writing with this season only being 5 episodes. I imagine a board room meeting.. Producer: "We have 5 episodes left with about 300 plot lines going on.. whats the best way to resolve this massive story?" Other guy: "Kill 90% of the characters, no plot lines to resolve if they're dead." Other Other guy: "Instead of killing everyone, lets bring in Ghost with no reason as to how he survived or where hes been for the last 4 seasons.. then everyone will focus on that wolf and ignore the other 8 seasons of unresolved plot lines."
    All those NPCs lost in that battle.  I bet she left multiple groups of sully and dothraki guarding different locations along their path. She conquered alot of kingdoms on her way to the north. She'll probably pull those troops in for the final battle against Cersei. If not, then they're pretty screwed. That was a horrible strategy with the dothraki.. don't lead with a dragon breath attack or anything.
    That ultra dark was dumb. When my tv is outputting lines of grey/black like dark lens flares because its so damn dark nothing can be seen it really made the quality look piss poor. Considering GOT budget is massive they could have done that alot better, especially since they had so many epic battles in pure day light in previous episodes.
    Jorah would have given his life for her on so many occasions.. at least he died doing what he swore to do.
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    DeathscytheX got a reaction from Sledgstone in Star Trek Discovery Season 2 was amazing. Significant improvement over season 1. Brin   
    But to me its sad they cant make a series that stands on its own without bringing back TOS or TNG. I would have given it a chance if it wasn't on another streaming service. I have plans to get Disney+ for the Mandalorian which I'm cringing at because that makes 4 different sub services I'll be tied to. I hold on to Netflix for its original anime, and Funi I use more than anything of the others. YT Red was for Cobra Kai but now I'm too spoiled with its commercial free stuff and I use it for my commute to work since I can stream with the phone locked. I use it for podcasts and playlists.
    For me Star Trek has never been the same little bit after Gene Roddenberry died. Shatner and Frakes did some good work directing a few movies, but after that it's never had the same feel for me. I never could get into DS9, Voyager, or Enterprise. Despite all the bitching, I did enjoy the JJ Abram's movies... but again TOS AU.
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    DeathscytheX reacted to Sledgstone in I need to buy a lawn tractor soon.. maybe this weekend. The last lawn tractor I owned   
    I bought my new lawn tractor yesterday. Had to finance it like a mini car payment. I thought about getting a used one but I didn't want to get nickel and dimed to death by random constant repairs over the years.

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    DeathscytheX got a reaction from Sledgstone in I never watched the original Fruit Basket because the description just sounded too si   
    It really is one of the best written stories... like EVER. You have to be inhuman not to get that dull pain welling up in your tear ducts when watching this series. Shit my eyes start swelling just seeing a pic of the parasol on the lake scene. Dammit Sledge watch it now!!!
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    DeathscytheX reacted to Strider Hiryu in I never watched the original Fruit Basket because the description just sounded too si   
    I've seen maybe half of the original series (back at my first college when I was a part of the anime club) and it was enjoyable. I completely forgot the new one started airing last week so I never got around to watching it so I'll have to do it Saturday night when I watch all the other shit I was going to watch this season.
    You want all about the feels Sledge you need to watch Violet Evergarden, that will hit you so hard in the feels that everything else will pale in comparison. I say this having seen a lot of shows along the lines of Fruits Basket (we're talking so many you'd almost think I was a girl (yea, I'm into Shoujo shit and I'm not afraid to admit it)) and Violet Evergarden blows them all out of the water for it's pure portrayal of emotions (I always thought nothing would ever beat Clannad for pure emotional portrayal but VE did so). While I'll never rank any anime over Aria (I'm sorry but nothing will ever dethrone this show (for reference this dethroned Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam for my all time favorite anime) due to the pure enjoyment I get from the series (and yes I watch it once a year that's how much I love it)) Violet Evergarden comes extremely close  (god I still need to see the movie, come on Netflix get on it damnit).
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    DeathscytheX got a reaction from Strider Hiryu in I never watched the original Fruit Basket because the description just sounded too si   
    Violet Evergarden needs a word with you. 😛
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    DeathscytheX got a reaction from Sledgstone in Anthem isn't perfect. It probably should have been delayed another 6-8 months, but it   
    No not really. It would be like watching The Division. The story is actually pretty forgettable, but even if it wasn't, I can't see it being much fun watching people shoot, fly and take cover constantly. And then walking around fort Tarsis talking to random NPCs. I'd say cut scenes make up 2% of the whole experience. There might have been 5 in the whole 30+ hours it took to beat. Each individual mission was fun to play and I got geared up enough to jump into Grandmaster 1 difficulty just from doing the story.
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    DeathscytheX got a reaction from Sledgstone in I've been sick as hell for the last 5 days now. Damn sinus infection has wrecked me.   
    Maybe being away from all those sick coughing people at your old office has made your immune system weak? j/k j/k. Everyone is so sick around here. Now that I've returned to a management type roll I'm back to telling people they aren't coming in with the sickness or sending them home. It's always baffled me how someone can't come in because they have a headache, but they say they can't afford to miss any work when they got full blown H1N1 wtf.
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    DeathscytheX got a reaction from Sledgstone in I finally passed the anime in the AoT manga. This next half of season 3 is probably g   
    Yeah, they finally get to Eren's father's basement and everything about the world is revealed through his fathers records. And through that they pretty much spoil who the beast titan is, although I suspect they did that on purpose since they make a big what to do about it before they get there.
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    DeathscytheX reacted to Strider Hiryu in Totally hyped for the new expansion for FFXIV, Shadowbringers, after this mornings an   
    My only worry is the story. I get it not everyone played The Division for the story but I actually enjoyed it and they never continued the main story from vanilla The Division which always rubbed me the wrong way (yea I know there's audio files and what not down in the Underground that kinda give you some semblance of where Keener went but the 3 dlc's never continued that story). I was kinda hoping they'd continue that story with the 2nd game (back before we knew we were getting one) and it looks like it won't due to the setting and what little we can glean from the trailers. I actually really liked the gameplay for the original, it's probably one of the better looter shooters our there even if the drop RNG sucked balls originally (I really like what they did with the game by adding it loot caches for leveling up and adding that new pier area, it really added more to do). My only real problem is the fact that while you can, technically, play the game solo it's obvious the game is structured to be played with friends and The Division 2 even more so (while that's not difficult for most people to accomplish it's hard for me when I have no other friends buying it besides you, all my other friends hated the original and have no interest in this one) and that really sucked the fun out of it for me which is why I quit playing The Division. I honestly hope its a good game but I won't be buying it unless it gets stellar reviews (much like my thoughts on Anthem).
    Heh, 2B would break SSBU like she did Soul Caliber so maybe it's a good thing she's not in it (though I would not be against it and it's not like there aren't plenty of other characters that break the game).
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    DeathscytheX got a reaction from Sledgstone in Looks like my weekend will be nothing but shoveling. 10-20 inches minimum Saturday ni   
    Your luck with free time is the absolute worst ever. I've never seen anything like it.
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    DeathscytheX got a reaction from Strider Hiryu in So after counting the cash and gift cards I got for my birthday in Oct and for Christ   
    Smash is amazing. I beat World of Light two days ago. It took me around 34 hours. Quite impressive for a "campaign". It wasn't perfect, and there were a lot of things they could have improved on it to make it truly in depth and interesting. But for what it is, it's a blast for sure. If Kirby, Mario, Marth or Shiek isn't one of your best, you might be waiting a long time to unlock someone you love though. There is a cheese method, but I went with the legit route. At least the larger, heavier characters are worth plaything. They're quite nimble while keeping their power. Bowser was super clutch for me at times when I needed more damage per hit, and I've never liked playing as him. By the end of it I was flipping between my main Ness, Lucina, and Fox, with a sprinkle of Captain Falcon, Belmont, and Bowser.
    Super Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild are fantastic games as well. I have a lot of smaller games like Mega Man 11 and the Blaster Master remastered. I typically save those for when I'm sitting at the repair shop waiting on maintenance. It may not be my most played console, but its def the most clutch console for boring situations.
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    DeathscytheX got a reaction from Sledgstone in I remember when I use to be a huge fighting game fan. I always like to read about the   
    The last one I played was the one with Vader and Starkiller. A friend bought it and I remember how frustrating fighting Starkiller was to unlock him. We basically took turns trying to cheese him with Vader by throwing him over the ledge for a double ring out. Eventually it worked.
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    DeathscytheX got a reaction from Sledgstone in I got my new fridge hooked up over the weekend. Built in water and ice maker is amazi   
    Holy cow, mad conveniences. Although diswasher can be hit or miss. Ive had some where you could just rinse stuff off and toss it in. I have had others that you had to make sure you got every spec off each plate or else it would get dried to the bottom of all the cups on the top rack after the water jets blasted it off the plates into the cups.
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    DeathscytheX reacted to Strider Hiryu in The two best anime this season so far are Goblin Slayer and SSSS.Gridman. Goblin Slay   
    Gridman is a joy, I adore everything about it and it's been a hell of a ride so far (not sure where Simuldub is but damn did we get a huge cliffhanger at the end of ep 10). Goblin Slayer is ok, I like it and I like it's dark tone but it's kinda just dragging now for me (then again I am 10 episodes in). The rape scene wasn't all that bad (and by what I've been told it's a hell of a lot more graphic in the manga) so I don't know why it got all that coverage. Yea it happened, yea it was dark, and yea it was cringy but honestly it wasn't that bad.
    Honestly my top three for this season are That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime (I'm enjoying the show way to much, every episode has be a joy to watch), Zombieland Saga (another joy of a show. I hate idol based stuff but this show is just to fucking perfect), and Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai (I adore this how only because of Sakuta, his deadpan humor and approach to life is just hilarious. As a whole though the show has an interesting premise and the story is pretty damn good).
    Another good show (but sadly not a simuldub) is Skull-face Bookseller Honda-san. Its such a charming show that I'm sure you'd get a kick out of since you work retail. I'm honestly surprised by the amount of good shows this season. It's kind of nice to actually look forward to watching a new episode every week instead of just binging old shows I haven't watched yet on Crunchy/Funi (like Shikabane Hime (which I finished last week) and KonoSuba (finished S1, will start S2 on Sunday)).
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    DeathscytheX got a reaction from Sledgstone in Black friday sales started early so I bought a 4k HDR 50 inch samsung tv. I'm pleased   
    I do think both the PS5 and Xbox will both hit 60fps at 4k. Thats the knock on the pro and S versions of the consoles now. While they are more powerful, they don't do this. The next generation on consoles will probably not have much of a polygon count increase like previous generations one uping the next. I think it will be more about dynamic lighting and shadows and how much can happen on the screen at once. We've reached a certain apex in graphics that will be pretty difficult to pass significantly. 
    We've gotten to a point though where graphics aren't everything anymore. God of War was spectacularly beautiful and is my favorite game of the PS4 era, but I had almost just as much fun playing Ys VIII which had PS3 graphics with current gen aspect ratio. I think there will still be a lot of games that don't hit the benchmark, but there will be Triple A games that do because they are expected too. With the whole shaky ground big studios are on right now though with microtransactions and pissing off their bases with flat out arrogance, I can see smaller studios getting even more love in the future. I want more Ys and Nier Automata and less annual titles. As long as its in HD and looks nice on my big ass TV screen, thats all I need.
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    DeathscytheX got a reaction from Strider Hiryu in With the summer simuldub season coming to a close, it played out like I predicted mor   
    This is why I stream. I don't miss the old days of swapping out discs every few eps. I still buy movies, but screw buying series anymore. I remember buying Fullmetal Alchemist for $100 from Moviestop the days when internet retail was in its infancy. I still remember the 20ft shelf at Suncoast Video that held the entire DBZ series on VHS. I haven't bought a series in over 16-17 years, but I remember thinking what a load of crap that 4 eps a disc was. Especially after a friend bought me a bootleg rip of Samurai Champloo from Half.com and it was all on a single DVD. Man those were the days when half.com was not regulated and you could get all kinds of burned DVDs for a fraction of the cost. DVD RW was a new technology, and anyone that could afford to upgrade was making a serious profit for minimal effort. The only series I'd consider buying is Violet Evergarden if it ever gets a US physical release. Every now and then I feel like dropping netflix, one day I might.
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