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    DeathscytheX reacted to Strider Hiryu in I have to say I've played many MMORPG's over the years from good to bad but I don't t   
    Archer is pretty fun to play, especially once it becomes Bard (it's a blast at 80 from what I hear which is great because Bard is my 4th favorite job to play after Samurai, Ninja, and Scholar (still need to level it to 80 though)). Lucky for you the trial goes until level 35 so you can unlock Bard and try it out (as well as any other class and job that's not locked behind an expansion (Dark, Astro, and Machinist are locked behind Heavensward. Samurai and Red Mage behing Stormblood. Dancer and Gunbreaker behind Shadowbringers)). I'll warn you though the ARR content is a rough grind through (it's fun in the early game but gets tedious as fuck once you clear the main story of ARR) and causes a lot of potential new players to quit due to the sheer content to go through.
    Not going to lie with the tank changes they are so much more fun to play then they ever have been. Sadly you're stuck to Glad/Paladin and Mara/Warrior but both have their fun aspects if you want to try out a tank (I prefer Paladin since I like to solo old content but Warrior is a freaking beast in the right hands).
    Hmm, must be your router settings then. I dl'd all of Shadowbringers in 20 minutes on a 6-12 mb dl (after I had to fuck with my setting because it kept killing itself, didn't stay constant). Then again you were downloading the entirety of ARR which is pretty fucking huge (Shadowbringers was only 7.5 gigs or so).
    I honestly think you'll enjoy it once you start getting further along. Dungeons are a blast to play through and the story is pretty fucking good in ARR (not Shadowbringers good sadly but still good. Sadly a lot of the quests are rather repetitive but what quests aren't in an MMO). Plus the community is awesome and most people are always willing to help you out if you need it (don't know what server you're on but for the most part every server is full of helpful and friendly people).
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    DeathscytheX got a reaction from Strider Hiryu in I have to say I've played many MMORPG's over the years from good to bad but I don't t   
    I ended up starting out with Archer, purely for thigh highs . Nah, in reality I always play tank classes so I decided to go with something different. But I've barely put in any combat, mostly just running errands right now. I will say this game is fucking beautiful. I do like how the movement controls are like GW2. Sweet Christmas its rare to find an MMO that doesn't rely on an action camera or the mouse cursor to turn your character/camera rather than A/S/Q/E. I think Blade and Soul would induce my vertigo because I'd fidget the mouse while in combat making the camera sway back and forth. 
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    DeathscytheX got a reaction from Strider Hiryu in I have to say I've played many MMORPG's over the years from good to bad but I don't t   
    I signed up for a free trial. Ugh, their launcher would only download at 1.25mbps. So it took all night. I dont know what I want to play yet. I was looking at Dark Knight or Bard, but they've both seemed to change quite a bit with the new expac. Honestly I don't know how I'll like it, I can never get over not being able to dodge like in GW2. XD. Well see how it goes and if I'll pick it up for real.
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    DeathscytheX got a reaction from Sledgstone in This skyscale collection for GW2 is crazy huge. This is easily a larger collection th   
    but it's almost completely free if you dont take any short cuts. While it sucks, for what you get it's worth it. World Completion is now a minor inconvenience rather than a large undertaking with this mount.
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    DeathscytheX got a reaction from Sledgstone in Its been two weeks since we started work on leveling a spot for a pool.. removing the   
    Thats gonna be some type of hell on your elbows or ulnar nerves. But I wonder what kind of geological wonders you're tossing to the side with all those rocks.

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    DeathscytheX got a reaction from Sledgstone in Yeah, the redub of Evangelion is uninspired trash. Shinji's voice is even worse, peop   
    These all seem to be brand new VAs... like their first roles. I'm on ep 9 and they seem to have gotten more comfortable in their roles. Asuka and Misato are ok. Gendo is awful.. not intimidating at all. Shinji is just bad, I laughed when he was screaming in one scene because it was so terrible. I'm all for fresh voices, but not all at once where they dont have some vets to follow the lead from. While the anime has been hit or miss with Netflix, the dubs have normally been pretty solid to good... they missed the boat here. 
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    DeathscytheX got a reaction from Sledgstone in FedEx delivered my pool the other day.. *sigh* FedEx hires anybody. I see the guy pul   
    With those wages they gotta take people that basically have no where else to go because they have no references from getting fired and burning bridges. 
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    DeathscytheX got a reaction from Sledgstone in FedEx delivered my pool the other day.. *sigh* FedEx hires anybody. I see the guy pul   
    $13.25 an hour? That's weak for a warehouse position. I know the Walmart distribution center here starts people off at $15 at least.
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    DeathscytheX got a reaction from Sledgstone in Please Sony don't do what MS did and have a lame ass montage of a bunch of generic pe   
    The more I've thought about this, the more I'm convinced both consoles will be digitally backwards compatible. They both want to be all digital and streaming one day, but mostly for PS+ and Games with Gold. Remember how shitty the free games were, until basically the end of the consoles life cycle? When the consoles launch they'll have a strong last gen line up to give out for free monthly rather than random indy shovelware for the first years. It's too perfect not too do.
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    DeathscytheX got a reaction from Sledgstone in FedEx delivered my pool the other day.. *sigh* FedEx hires anybody. I see the guy pul   
    He clearly didn't understand the physics behind the dolly.   I guess he thought it would be just as hard and heavy as carrying it solo. I bet he used that dolly for everything for the rest of the day, even the tiniest of boxes. This explains how my TV was damaged. It probably jumped face down all around the back of the truck with shit colliding into it.
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    DeathscytheX got a reaction from Strider Hiryu in Funimation put up Your Name. I remember all the hype behind this film and how it it b   
    OMG, I thought Your Name was gonna end like that. If they wouldn't have turned around and acknowledged each other for the payoff, I would have been so pissed.
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    DeathscytheX reacted to Strider Hiryu in Funimation put up Your Name. I remember all the hype behind this film and how it it b   
    I should smack you for this blasphemy but I'll let it slide. Your Name is a fucking masterpiece and by far Shinkai's best work (I still favor The Promised Place in our Early Days and Voices of a Distant Star (which has not aged well but it's still amazing)) in years. To each their own though, as much as I love Spirited Away it fails to beat out Your Name (and My Neighbor Totoro (my all time favorite Ghibli movie followed by Nausicaa and Mononoke-hime). Shinkai's works are kind of hit or miss for most people (I guess I'm just a die hard fan) and while I find it to be a masterpiece it is kinda over-hyped.
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    DeathscytheX got a reaction from Sledgstone in The French Open... freakin' Tennis out of all things is going to cause a 2 week delay   
    Well at least its delayed for the whole world. I think FB is so far, one of the only shows to be able to keep up the true simulcast. Space Dandy season 1 is the only show that didn't fall behind out of everything I've ever watched. Its a pretty common occurrence since they rely on the Japanese studios to send them the materials so they can dub and release along side the Japanese airing.  Most shows start out 2-3 weeks behind or fall behind because it wasn't delivered in time, or whats going on with a few shows currently where they had power outages from storms and couldn't work on dubs. Its no big deal for me, but god, people in the comments section REEEE so hard about it to the point they look like idiots "I'm going to pirate the dub since you can't put it up on time!"... you can't genius because it hasn't been dubbed yet. 🙄
    Funimation has a lot of issues, but for $5.99 a month or $60 a year, you're really not paying much to stay up to date on seasonal shows dubbed. They should be called out on things they don't do well, but because a dub premiers 15 min late, you're going to throw a tantrum in the episode's comments section.. lets grow up a little bit.
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    DeathscytheX got a reaction from Sledgstone in I've never had a reaction to poison ivy before until this week. My right arm is wreck   
    I did most my growing up in Virginia, and I remember how I was told hundreds of times about poison ivy, It was made out to be as dangerous as a snake basically even though I knew I couldn't die.. I guess it was more like getting skunked. There was some nursery rhyme about its 3 leaf appearance... something like 123 don't touch me!. They also made it out like as soon as you touched it, you instantly broke out in disgusting hives like something out of a horror movie. I mean it was overly dramatic but hey, it worked.
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    DeathscytheX got a reaction from Sledgstone in I've never had a reaction to poison ivy before until this week. My right arm is wreck   
    Why does this make me imagine that you've frolicked through poison ivy your whole life without a care in the world until this day.
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    DeathscytheX got a reaction from Sledgstone in Eh, we got cheated on this short season of GoT. As cool as the winterfell battle was,   
    It definitely got Fullmetal Alchemist'ed
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    DeathscytheX got a reaction from Sledgstone in Netflix put Code Geass up. Rewatching it reminded me what a badass Cornelia was (ultr   
    I also didn't realize how shit Zero was the first time I watched it. He only won his first and last battle... every other one was a complete failure minus Euphy's massacre. Yet the Black Knights kept following him even though he abandoned them multiple times. Plus he forgot all about Kallen, the second most bad ass female behind Cornelia, after she was captured. She just escaped by chance. There were several times, several people could have revealed his identity and ruined him... I mean the only one that made sense was Euphy since she loved Lelouch and had to reason to hate him. I guess the story isn't all that great, but I still love it.
    I also like the fact that Netflix deemed the series TV-14 even though Villetta's and Kallen's tits flop out multiple times. WTF, I guess it would get through any parental control options.
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    DeathscytheX got a reaction from Sledgstone in I never watched the original Fruit Basket because the description just sounded too si   
    I must say, the dub for FB is phenomenal. Comparing a scene from the original to the new one, you can tell how the cast has improved their craft over the years. Its the same people but they're projecting their emotions in a more natural way. Plus the recording equipment is obviously superior today. The original sounds like they recorded it in a janitor's closet. The animation quality is so beautiful, the original looks so bad to me putting it side by side. Now I think about what other series they could do like this. Yu Yu Hakusho would be amazing along with Inu Yasha.
    Kono Oto Tomare!: Sounds of Life and Senko-San also have really good dubs so far. Funi has stepped up their game on casting this season. I'd say Space Dandy is probably the best dub they've put together before this season. Not that their dubs in the last 5 years have been lacking, but there is always a show here and there that takes it to the next level. I just glad they didn't use one of their squeaker box VAs for Senko as they tend to go overboard with that for little female characters. I can't remember the VA's name, but that's her real life voice. *shutter*
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    DeathscytheX got a reaction from Strider Hiryu in Forgot to post about this earlier in the week but I got around to watching Magical Gi   
    They definitely could have done a lot better with it. You pretty much covered it all. Its entertaining all the way through if you just take it for what it is. I always wonder what popular classics wouldn't have reached their cult status if critics and content creators had as much influence today as back then when they were non existent. Not saying that Asuka would be considered a masterpiece if it was from that time or anything.
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    DeathscytheX reacted to Sledgstone in Hands down, tonight's episode of GoT was their crowning achievement. I can't see the   
    With only a few episodes left I was expecting a large majority of characters to die just so the show wouldn't have to finish up a bunch of plot lines. lol. I figured it was going to be lazy writing with this season only being 5 episodes. I imagine a board room meeting.. Producer: "We have 5 episodes left with about 300 plot lines going on.. whats the best way to resolve this massive story?" Other guy: "Kill 90% of the characters, no plot lines to resolve if they're dead." Other Other guy: "Instead of killing everyone, lets bring in Ghost with no reason as to how he survived or where hes been for the last 4 seasons.. then everyone will focus on that wolf and ignore the other 8 seasons of unresolved plot lines."
    All those NPCs lost in that battle.  I bet she left multiple groups of sully and dothraki guarding different locations along their path. She conquered alot of kingdoms on her way to the north. She'll probably pull those troops in for the final battle against Cersei. If not, then they're pretty screwed. That was a horrible strategy with the dothraki.. don't lead with a dragon breath attack or anything.
    That ultra dark was dumb. When my tv is outputting lines of grey/black like dark lens flares because its so damn dark nothing can be seen it really made the quality look piss poor. Considering GOT budget is massive they could have done that alot better, especially since they had so many epic battles in pure day light in previous episodes.
    Jorah would have given his life for her on so many occasions.. at least he died doing what he swore to do.
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    DeathscytheX got a reaction from Sledgstone in Star Trek Discovery Season 2 was amazing. Significant improvement over season 1. Brin   
    But to me its sad they cant make a series that stands on its own without bringing back TOS or TNG. I would have given it a chance if it wasn't on another streaming service. I have plans to get Disney+ for the Mandalorian which I'm cringing at because that makes 4 different sub services I'll be tied to. I hold on to Netflix for its original anime, and Funi I use more than anything of the others. YT Red was for Cobra Kai but now I'm too spoiled with its commercial free stuff and I use it for my commute to work since I can stream with the phone locked. I use it for podcasts and playlists.
    For me Star Trek has never been the same little bit after Gene Roddenberry died. Shatner and Frakes did some good work directing a few movies, but after that it's never had the same feel for me. I never could get into DS9, Voyager, or Enterprise. Despite all the bitching, I did enjoy the JJ Abram's movies... but again TOS AU.
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    DeathscytheX reacted to Sledgstone in I need to buy a lawn tractor soon.. maybe this weekend. The last lawn tractor I owned   
    I bought my new lawn tractor yesterday. Had to finance it like a mini car payment. I thought about getting a used one but I didn't want to get nickel and dimed to death by random constant repairs over the years.

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