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  1. It looks fun for a game that's going to be free in 7-8 months for PS+ subs... definitely not for a game that's $60.

  2. This movie was a blast. All the call backs and cameos made this movie what it is for sure, as the story has its generic moments. The premise is solid, the love angle is cheese, but honestly I think it works because it's actually as corny as an 80s-90s movie at times. They did a great job of mixing a metric shit ton of cameos for all generations since the 70's at least. It comes at you so fast that the ones you don't get or miss just meld in with the story. My eyes were frantically searching the screen for any little hints I could find. The KRULL glaive made a super subtle appearance that was so quick, if you didn't know what it was, you wouldn't have gotten it because it wasn't a dramatic whip out and look at it before throwing it... but it was my favorite small cameo. The big one I'll save for the spoiler tag as it was a big moment in the film.


    Mechagodzilla vs Gundam was fucking awesome even if it was super short. The whole theater went ape shit when RX-78-2 popped. The whole Mechagodzilla spawn itself was awesome making short initial work of Iron Giant.

    The end result is you basically have a futuristic action packed version of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory with a villain. Sorrento's avatar was great too, it was never shown in the trailers and I never read the book so I don't know if it's the same thing. The profanity was pretty wild for a PG-13 film though. I guess TWD's Negan has made the constant use of the word "shit" an ok standard because they said it a lot along with the one allowance of the F bomb. XD

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  3. XD No Strider, we'd just get constantly false reported for cheating if they had Ace Combat controls. Our match K/D would almost resemble Boba Fett campers in Battlefront 1. XD

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  4. DICE has never been able to put together decent flight controls, and on top of that they've never been able to have consistent flight controls. BF1 was the only game I've ever been able to be somewhat proficient in flying, but I'm sure trying to fly Zeros, Mustangs, Bf 109s, and Spitfires are going to be totally different in BF5. -_-; 

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    I LOVE this character. I have a feeling shes going to be hard to get a hold of as time goes on. Kudos to Blizzard for making healers like Brigitte and Moria that can fight and disengage... basically healers that don't need to be protected by the team and are fun to play with decent offense. But even more so for Brigitte's ability to be a frontline brawler healer. Shes a beast, with an awesome kit. Her shield bash cancels out all abilities if you land them right, and cancels ults if you're in the right place to perform it. Her only downfall is she has a map meta. Escort is her forte, open maps are definitely her weakness. You need tight corridors to get good positioning on shield bash stuns and because her main attack is a generously ranged melee. Plus your attacks are what heals, so you have to stay active to provide heals to your team. But damn shes super fun to play. The no one playing healers has declined ever since Moira came out, but now I think you'll have two a lot of the times, which currently is a meta team comp. Having 2 healers vs. a team with only 1 is going to favor the team with the most healers, and it will compound if the other team's healer isn't very good at playing healer.

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  6. I'm going to go ahead and start this topic because it seems like this is definitely a real thing and the official announcement will come in the next few weeks.


    Unfortunately it seems the original multiplayer reveal trailer is completely missing from YouTube where they threw out all the stops and showed off the throwing knife at the end. Really weird, its like it never existed. So all we have is the original story trailer.


  7. It looks like you actually have to retrieve the health orbs and they don't flow to you like in previous games. Maybe there is an upgrade that restores this ability, or its by design to let more difficult settings cause far less of them to drop.