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  1. I wonder how much they had to pay for some of these cameo references. I see Iron Giant, Freddy Krueger, Back to the Future, Akira, and probably a few I missed along with what ever I may be ignorant of.

  2. XD I know there was two freaking holiday breaks so they stretched out 12 eps over 14 weeks. I hate how Toonami effects this, they should run them separate. I pay for the service, and I should get access to the weekly episodes regardless of what Toonami does, it should be a bonus perk of having the streaming service. They probably do it to prevent spoilers and all that for CN viewers, but it sucks.

  3. Within the first year there will be 6v6. I see people complaining about it. You can't play with your friends without leaving people out. This was a pretty stupid idea. If a raid team is 6, then you can't PvP together with your raiding buddies... Sometimes I have 5 people playing Overwatch with me, If we played Destiny, someone wouldn't be able to play. Not everyone that plays Crucible enjoys Trials. After I made it to the lighthouse that one time, that was enough for me ever again. I doubt I'll spend much time in the Crucible for this game.

  4. Out of all the avengers that have multiple films, the Thor movies bring in the least amount of money. Only the first Captain America film and The Incredible Hulk did worse than the Thor films. Cap 2 and 3, All the Iron Man films, Guardians, 2 generations of Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Multiple X-Men films both good and bad ones, Deadpool, and even Big Hero 6 did better at the box office. X_X Ant-Man finished with $200k less, and outside of that Cap and Hulk movie, the rest of the Marvel films below Thor are some of their absolute worst (Ghost Rider, Daredevil/Electra, and all the Fantastic Four films).

    I guess they are trying to spruce it up with comedy.... hopefully they don't go too far. I'm not a firm believer in the wisdom that comedic relief makes a movie better.

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  5. So after watching season 2, it was enjoyable, but you can tell they are stalling without complete filler eps. It all build's up to a big revelation at the end including an odd cliff hanger. The next season will happen in 2018. I guess this will be like a normal US TV show with a yearly release format similar to Vikings.


    So Eren can control unself-aware titans via his emotions, and so can the beast titan... who is possibly Eren's father? wtf? We still don't know the secret of the walls either. Reiner and Bertholdt knew Eren had this power they call "The Compass" and it seems like they want to figure out how to take it or use him to control it. They came from some community of self aware titans. So how does an entire demi-nation within walls over generations become so ignorant about titans, while another knows of their orgins?

    Further more, I assume the beast titan can awaking people's titan forms against their will making them those unself-aware types. Reiner and Bertholdt are not aware of the beast titan either.


  6. I paid for the base game. It's really just something to do until GW2's Expac comes out and carries me into Anthem. They can talk about solo play all they want, but this game is still built to be played with friends. Once I get my hands on the open world I'll let you know how different it actually is if it is at all. Like I said before, a strike and PvP wasn't enough to show anyone anything. Plus I already noticed you can just run through the drill section without fighting. I guess they still haven't learned... I like how they contained it some, but I still think they should have made you defeat the Cabal enemies before some of the launcher control panels can be accessed. Its cool that its more "open" but at the same time, it makes it easier to run pass everything.

    Sledge is right, the cool downs are abysmally slow... It makes sense for PVP, they need to split the CDs. Warlock's rifts can be nerfed 30% and the CD can be shorter to level it out. I think slotting Snipers into heavy was kinda silly as well. I think this was all a lazy move in case they make OP heavies, it wont matter when you hardly ever have ammo. Rocket launchers only get 1 rocket. They've basically made a poor choice to avoid another Gjally situation. I guarantee Ice Breaker will be back though, and unless they make it have shit damage it will be the new Gjally. They recharge rate will probably be way slower. But it will wreck PvP balance. 

  7. Because its the trailer and they don't want to give it away I guess... Sometimes that irritates me... because you want to see it, but people that never watched Death Note, which will be a good portion of the audience, need the surprise. This same thing is going to irritate me about the new Godzilla movie trailers. They wont show Ghidorah outside of maybe a wing or his feet, even though we all know he's a 3 headed monster.

    I rather have an ugly as hell actor that does it right, than someone that looks the part and sucks. XD My main concern is L. He's way too emotional in the trailer... I mean its silly his face is covered the whole time, so instead of looking like a crazy genius when he sits in a chair on his feet, he just looks like a wannabe ninja. I get that its to portray to the audience hes keeping his identity a secret from light... but still. I don't like how they are doing it. It's one of those things where the producers think westerners are too stupid to understand.

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  8. Shes going to die unfortunate. I follow Katheryn Winnick on facebook. Her career has been catapulted by Vikings and shes most likely looking to move on. Shes in the Dark Tower and voicing a part in COD:WWII. I can see season 5 ending with the civil war battle. They still have to develop Bjorn's Mediterranean campaign, and Ivar's conquest in Britain. I think that will be the focal point of this season, and the civil war is being over hyped... they brought in that Templar character to be a major rival for Ivar and I see that taking up a good part of the season. Season 6 will probably be the final season with Winnick dying somewhere in it, and then History will focus more on Knightfall.

  9. If it's a time skip they won't recast carl. He's already old enough to play the timeskip part.. he hit puberty and should only be maybe a year or two older from when the show started, when he's 8 years older. XD They may change his hair though. 

    This last season did a lot of foreshadowing for comic readers, and every time they throw us a bone, like the end of this trailer, it gets blown out of proportion with dumb fan theories by those that just follow the show. The whole dream thing gets brought up in every show these days... I remember when everyone thought Jack was dreaming the whole series of LOST. 

    You can come back to this post and see how similar it is to the comic when the season is over with.


    In the end of the comic arc, The 3 communities make a final stand and defeat Negan. Dwight takes over as leader of the Savoirs and becomes the 4th community in a trade deal... but with the show having the garbage people which are not in the comics, it could be 5 communities. Rick and Negan have their finale 1v1 where Negan breaks Rick's leg leaving him crippled for the foreseeable future.... I haven't gotten much past the next villain yet in the comic. Even then, Rick spares Negan and keeps him locked up in a cell.


  10. Even if you wanted to try crucible, I'd tell you not too. There is a bug discovered that gives voidwaker warlocks infinite nades. I bet everyone is doing it. 

  11. The boss is a HP sponge, but its a 3 stage fight. the first is straight forward like a standard strike, you drop to another level and he's stationary, but makes the floor burn at times, double jumps are sufficient to survive, but there are pylons you can get too before the tell finishes and the floor damages you, and the last he ranges you while vex pour into the platform until he is almost dead and then he gets close and personal to try and kick your teeth in while self-detonating vex try to kamikaze you.

    The months old excuse is what everyone uses these days. I thing even GW2 used it for the HoT beta. My only guess is that it was a time they knew they had the least amount of bugs possible. I mostly thing its just a cover... then again they could have purposely undertune everything, because the D1 alpha and beta were way overtuned and were definitely not a representation of the final game.