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  1. Fucking terrible. :( I don't think it will effect Anthem's launch. I'm pretty sure the story is already done and the game's framework is complete. It's terrible for the future of this franchise though, the future of BioWare, and it's a big loss for gamers in general.


    Sony Pictures just bought them. I hope this doesn't cause a price increase in the service or have them bundle with with some bullshit Sony streaming to justify a price increase. They just lowered the price this year which I thought was pretty awesome, even if it was already cheap to begin with. Sony already owns Aniplex which Funi has dubbed a lot of material from. So maybe it will be a good thing, maybe not.

    I'm sure Kissanime has it. XD I'm not sure about its legality but I watched all of Paranoia Agent on it, dubbed, with out issue. They do make you turn off your adblocker though, to let one pop up happen per ep. And yes the big blonde muscular hero is voiced by Christopher Sabat in a very Armstrong-Esque manner. XD

  3. They still do have Xur articles every Friday. XD I think he sold Monte Carlo last week. If I was the Dev, I'd ad 2 more turbines to each level and speed them up by 50%. XDXDXD

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  4. I don't understand how its too hard. -_-; Even if you die, you probably respawn right at the start of the room again, like any other room you die in. The jump platforms in the strike presented more of a challenge.


    Holy shit, are people this fucking stupid? How hard was it to jump down, and then jump out to run the same direction the turbines were spinning. People in the comments on facebook are complaining about how certain classes couldn't jump over them. There was no point in jumping over them. That's like trying to pull open the door that says push, and then demanding the construction company change the door because its too hard to get inside. -_-;

  6. Wow a trailer for just an arc. XD Well this season already has more episodes than AoT S2. The first part focused on the Sports Festival Tournament. I really like how this series paced it. All the fights were pretty short and to the point. Two or three minor character matches fit into one episode. No lengthy conversations or life story flashbacks just to extend the scene. There were some flashbacks, but they were short and to the point and often occurred at the end of a match when someone was getting knocked out, rather than mid fight causing a spectacular second wind. (There is no power of friendship here! XD) This series has a great balance of Action/Comedy/Feels. Even though its a "school anime" its not really a school since they are constantly training and all the teachers are professional super heroes. To me, it deserves all the hype and accolades its getting. The quality of animation its extremely good along with the music.

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  7. Its funny they are talking about it for jumps. 1 Concussion mind can kill Tracer and Mercy in one hit, and kill every other 200HP hero that's been lightly damaged. 2 will make him super strong at area denial.. I almost feel like this is OP and they'll nerf his concussion mine damage to compensate while upping the trap damage so its still a instakill combo. Double mine traps would severely damage tanks, which are already being crushed by the new Reaper. With the new Roadhog buff incoming he's probably the only one that could survive it if he's quick enough on the heal button. I rather have the HP buff to the tire than speed. Too often 76, Hanzo, McCree, or any hitscan hero takes it out if the map doesn't provide a good spot to surprise people with. Making it faster really wont help too much.

  8. Sometimes people are better at TV than Movies. If he keeps the spirit of it, it should be pretty good. The last one I saw of his was the one with the Alien and Mel Gibson. I laughed really hard when he cut the alien's figers off with the knife and it screamed. XD Everyone thought I was weird. Signs.. that was the name of it.

  9. I feel like the season finale fell really flat. None of the issues have been resolved and there really wasn't a shocking revelation at the end that put that wow factor going into the expac like when it was revealed that the Sylvari were dragonspawn.


    Rytlock is still missing, Braham is still a cry baby, Kaz ran away, Jory is injured, Canach left, Rox has been a non player.... so your whole guild has fallen apart. It just ends with "I'm going to the Crystal Desert!". eh... ok

    The Livia and the Scepter of Orr thing is cool for GW1 players, but it meant nothing to me... the fight was neat with the real Lazarus, but not as epic as the last episode which probably could have been the finale if they weren't going to resolve anything. The new map is kinda meh as well... Its just Orr with a few more plants. I would have liked to seen Trehearne's efforts show more fruition, but instead we got King Reza telling us that it still needs to be reclaimed. 

    The Shining Blade trial was underwhelming as well... the guilt part needed more than Rytlock, Cathie, and Eir complaining about stuff you've done. They could have thrown Tybalt, Trehearne, Braham, and even Marjory blaming you for her sister's death in there. Overall this was my least favorite of the season.

    I'm still hyped for the expac, but damn the last ep was disappointing overall.

    On the flip side, the new fractal is spectacular. But I bet everyone will avoid it after a while. Its longer than Cliffside, and you can't just run through it because it consists mostly of 3 somewhat lengthy boss fights. There is a cool low gravity area with some jumps and some neat puzzles that introduce you to some of the new mechanics before you need to use them, I can see people raging in higher tiers when people get lost in these areas. XD

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  10. I wonder how much they had to pay for some of these cameo references. I see Iron Giant, Freddy Krueger, Back to the Future, Akira, and probably a few I missed along with what ever I may be ignorant of.

  11. XD I know there was two freaking holiday breaks so they stretched out 12 eps over 14 weeks. I hate how Toonami effects this, they should run them separate. I pay for the service, and I should get access to the weekly episodes regardless of what Toonami does, it should be a bonus perk of having the streaming service. They probably do it to prevent spoilers and all that for CN viewers, but it sucks.

  12. Within the first year there will be 6v6. I see people complaining about it. You can't play with your friends without leaving people out. This was a pretty stupid idea. If a raid team is 6, then you can't PvP together with your raiding buddies... Sometimes I have 5 people playing Overwatch with me, If we played Destiny, someone wouldn't be able to play. Not everyone that plays Crucible enjoys Trials. After I made it to the lighthouse that one time, that was enough for me ever again. I doubt I'll spend much time in the Crucible for this game.

  13. Out of all the avengers that have multiple films, the Thor movies bring in the least amount of money. Only the first Captain America film and The Incredible Hulk did worse than the Thor films. Cap 2 and 3, All the Iron Man films, Guardians, 2 generations of Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Multiple X-Men films both good and bad ones, Deadpool, and even Big Hero 6 did better at the box office. X_X Ant-Man finished with $200k less, and outside of that Cap and Hulk movie, the rest of the Marvel films below Thor are some of their absolute worst (Ghost Rider, Daredevil/Electra, and all the Fantastic Four films).

    I guess they are trying to spruce it up with comedy.... hopefully they don't go too far. I'm not a firm believer in the wisdom that comedic relief makes a movie better.

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  14. So after watching season 2, it was enjoyable, but you can tell they are stalling without complete filler eps. It all build's up to a big revelation at the end including an odd cliff hanger. The next season will happen in 2018. I guess this will be like a normal US TV show with a yearly release format similar to Vikings.


    So Eren can control unself-aware titans via his emotions, and so can the beast titan... who is possibly Eren's father? wtf? We still don't know the secret of the walls either. Reiner and Bertholdt knew Eren had this power they call "The Compass" and it seems like they want to figure out how to take it or use him to control it. They came from some community of self aware titans. So how does an entire demi-nation within walls over generations become so ignorant about titans, while another knows of their orgins?

    Further more, I assume the beast titan can awaking people's titan forms against their will making them those unself-aware types. Reiner and Bertholdt are not aware of the beast titan either.