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  1. If they would have made a base model that only had the original games and 2 updated joysticks. I would have been sold. Even at $100 I would have bought it because I could share it with my parents. They use to play tanks and asteroids. After Super Mario Bros. 3, it got too complicated for them. XD  With wireless joysticks they could play from their recliners. Seeing as this is a gofundme type deal, big developers aren't going to be porting Battlefield and COD to this. The market has become a stagnate system of Sony and MS delivering the big games and Nintendo doing its own thing with a strong first party IP. If you didn't get in the game after PS2/Xbox, you probably never will, thats when gaming became such a massive media market. Only Google could probably enter the fray with their own system. Or Amazon, but they haven't even made their first big IP yet from their gaming studio... I could see them tying in a prime membership with its online service which would bring people to it.

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  2. In all seriousness though I'm glad we're back to the main storyline. I liked NF, but it didn't have the same feel. And I do hope to see Kenny. I couldn't turn my back on him after all we've been through, he was all that was left of the original group. Hopefully this is the last game period of this storyline. If Clem dies, they don't need a game about AJ. I'd rather see a game about Morgan and what he did between disappearing between Atlanta and Alexandria, or have a whole untold stories anthology set like how Negan became the leader of the Saviors, How the Governor became what he was. With the show at its last breath, I'll miss it and I'd like to see things like this carry on. Hell I'd like a game about what Kenny was doing between falling through the roof until he met back up with Clem.

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  3. This show will be dead soon after. Daryl isn't fit to be the lead without an unbelievably dramatic change of character. I figured Negan would eventually become a leader again with a change of heart on how to do things while still keeping his brutal edge against foes. With Maggie leaving too, it just damages the show too much. There are zero strong female leads left, and Tara is unbearable.. I would have rather had her die off over Sasha. Rosita would have to be developed more. Michonne is bad ass but to me she isn't leader material either. Its a shame that Rick and Maggie will die off but that stupid baby lived all this time. Apparently there is rumors that Glenn had a twin brother and they could bring Steven Yuen back to play him. It would be interesting, but depending on how it was handled it could go terribly wrong.

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  4. I'm enjoying Brigette while I can. She'll eventually get nerfed to uselessness. All the pros and big channels are crying how shes too hard of a counter to Tracer. Tracer finally got nerfed after 2 years, and it was only to the radius of her ult. Brigette is the only real hard counter to her. Shes really not OP if you know how to take her down. Phara and Junkrat both are super hard counters to her, but both of them have their own hard counter and Tracer has never had one. Winston was your best bet, but he only chased her off. Brigette destroys her, and even then thats if you catch her getting too close. The whole reason I hate playing Mercy or Zen when the other team has a damn Tracer is because she just keeps getting behind the lines and killing me with no one else helping or even paying attention. Its why I mained Lucio most of the time because I could boop her away from me and run off to stay alive.

    I don't buy the whole "stale meta" when Tracer was always picked before and now she is not. Its pure hypocrisy seeing as deathball and dive comp has been the meta since triple tank got killed off. But since Tracer is the face of the game, I'm sure eventually Brigette's damage is going to get nerfed and her stuns are going to get toned down to where everyone is back to playing Lucio and Mercy. Luckily Mora is a lot of fun to play, I honestly play her more than Brigette, since she's an off healer like Zen and I get pigeon holed into healer 99% of the time. With the Hanzo rework he is always picked now. 9 times out of 10 when you load in hes the first character locked in within seconds. 

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  5. Overwatch is free to play until Tuesday if you want to try out some of the character reworks and the new, more fun to play healers. Here is some of my latest gameplay with my new fav.


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  6. I think the most important thing is there will be no more one man army'ing it up. I felt way OP in the last few BF games. I was a one man mobile SAM in BF4, and I kept bunkers clear in BF1. Having a 1.7 KD in a BF game is a little insane. The not healing back to 100% means there has to be a medic. Even in BF3 you'd heal to about 70-80% and that last bit to 100% felt like forever to get back without a medic. I also like the ability to move AA around so planes can't dominate by remembering where they are and taking them out immediately. The low ammo count I feel conflicted on. But it should solve the sniping issue somewhat. It definitely means it will be better when you're playing with at least 2 people you know in the squad. Having a medic and support is going to be key otherwise you'll have a squad with no ammo and constantly losing tickets. 

    Fortifications sound nice to guard your back in indoor situations. Hopefully there will be proper notifications when they are destroyed and they aren't ridiculous to destroy. All we need is people bunkering down hard on a flag inside. Of course driving a tank through the wall helps. It's good that full destruction is back. Plus the rocket strikes and other squad abilities have the potential to balance it out. 

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  7. The problem is, they gave all the good info to the YTers and revealed only half of that stuff at the event. Trevor Noah wasn't funny and the talk show format was odd. More people watched that than will watch Westie or Jackfrags. 

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  8. Ok so no behemoths or elite class, squad play can get perks that the squad leader can spend on things like a V2 rocket call in. Sorta like a "killstreak" but the squad has to accumulate points for it.

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