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  1. Rotten Tomatoes gives this a 65% Critics score and an 88% Viewer's score. The viewers win.

    I think this is going to be a new trend as fresh, more daring story telling comes out. Critics don't get it, but our generation that grew up watching multiple things outside of western culture do get it. This wasn't some masterpiece to be revered for decades, but it was a hell of a lot of fun. This was like Ghost in The Shell meets Blade Runner, without the label to create a high expectation for. The special effects were superb. The visuals were big budget movie tier minus a few shoddy moments here and there. The twist in the story may have been a bit cliche, but the action, violence, and schemes made up for it.

    its 10 eps worth your time if you're in the mood for some dystopian futuristic type stuff. Its about as close to a well done live action anime we'll get since there isn't an original source to butcher.

  2. They probably should cost more, but they can't. If not enough people are willing to pay $100 for a game, then you cant sell it at that price or you don't have a business. That is where the problem lies. That's why EA is getting out of the liner story gaming business and focusing only on games they can monetize post launch. People can be convinced to pay $100-250 for a game if they get DLC and some art books and statues. Its interesting how that works... but most of the time those types of games need to be established series or have insane hype.

    I could see myself paying $75 for a base game so long as its not bullshit. That's me though. The higher you go in price, mistakes and bombs are going to hurt more, and cost consumer confidence faster. No one is willing to take that chance yet. The same goes for consoles. They're always going to be limited until people are willing to pay $500. We live in a world where people get triggered over every small thing they perceive as getting taken advantage of over. And that sentiment becomes infectious on Reddit. Sometimes its jusitifed, but when its not, the results are terrible. (I watched my favorite game's expac get ruined over shit like this).


    The thing I don't want to see is "early access" become the norm. I think that's a bunch of bullshit.

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  3. 1 hour ago, Sledgstone said:

    I don't agree with the inflation argument. Sure inflation has been happening but wages have not been increasing at the same rate, at least for me it sure hasn't. There's alot of products that haven't gone up in price in over a decade. Milk, bread and eggs still cost the same as in 2006. Yes it's not a fair comparison of eggs to video game development but some things we are used to being a specific price.

    On the other hand the price of a movie ticket has almost doubled since 2006, but ppl will still go to the movies. Once a movie ticket starts hitting the $20 mark I bet ppl will go to a hell of a lot less movies especially since everyone has to watch 30 minutes of trailers and commercials before the movie even starts as it is. But movies have something to offer a video game doesn't when it comes to piracy. If someone buys a movie ticket they buy an experience that won't happen again after a certain point in time. Being able to watch that movie in a theater with amazing sound and a giant screen. But a video game doesn't offer an experience like that to counter piracy. If someone pirates a game they have the same experience as the person that bought the game on release. The fact that going to a movie is something you can't recreate at home is why ppl pay the price of a ticket with current inflation rates. But if video games kept raising their prices then piracy would most like rise right along with it negating any extra profits they might have gotten from those higher prices. Mobile gaming has proved that the real cash cow is to get as many ppl playing the game as possible and then sell the microtransactions. 

    Counter point: Movie going hit a 22 year low in 2017. It has less to do with the pricing and more with the product though. Reboots, remakes, sequels. 

    Games can't go up because of the frequency they need to come out now. Annual titles like COD have bred short attention spans. It's not like a car or a mattress that had a 5-10 year turn around. Plus you gotta pay for the console, and a yearly subscription to play most of the games. There is too much money going everywhere else. If they raised the prices, DLC and lootboxes wouldnt go away at this point so they dug their own grave.

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  4. I finally finished season 2. I feel like the Hero Killer arc was the strongest part of the season. I thought the last arc should have been the first, and the first the second or even last. Overall it was still excellent. This is still the best anime out right now IMO. I never thought I'd say that about a school anime, even though the don't spend much time in the class room besides setting up the next plot. I like the faster pace of the fights, they barely ever last over two episodes, and when they do its normally because a fight started late in the first ep and spills over into the next ep. The sports festival and the final exams were done extremely well. The exams were handled like the festival where 2-3 fights were put into each episode, with very little time put into significant flash backs. I look forward to Season 3.

  5. GW2 HAD horizontal progression. When Heart of Thorns came out it was pretty good IMO. You had to do certain tasks to gain mastery points, and invest those into new abilities. Each category of said ability required more points every tier you leveled it up. It was a pain in some places but overall it was doable solo. GW2's player base on a whole is super casual, HoT required more than just using auto attack to survive encounters. It actually made you use the skill sets they put into the game. It wasn't perfect, but it was refreshing to me. People cried and bitched that they couldn't get everything day one. So when Path of Fire came out, the horizontal progression was a joke, it all revolved around the new mount system, and you basically just had vertical progression for each mount type. On top of that, if you invested the time in HoT, you had enough Hero Points to get your new specializations unlocked day one, because everyone cried about the HP requirement back then, so they lowered it refunding the points for those that did it legit. Within a week I had everything maxed out and my interest in the game died off for the first time in 3 years. It took me a year to get enough mastery points on HoT.

    There is absolutely no excuse not to have LFG, both consoles have a virtual keyboard built in to type out a description. Raids don't necessarily need the best rewards, they need unique rewards that aren't utter trash and are indeed among the best gear in the game. They should also have extra stats bonuses for the raid and future raids. This is one request I see a lot of on the Destiny Reddit. The problem I had with Destiny 1's first year was the only way to get any decent gear at all was the raid, even the standard legendary gear that dropped in the raid was better. After seeing what they did by Y3, and some of the awesome strikes they made, that had strike specific loot it baffles me why all this was left out of D2. I guess they thought they could get away with slowly readding it as "new" content and got called out on their BS. I was against random rolls at first because I thought getting legendary weapons were going to be as much as a grueling grind as it was in D1, but thats not the case so rolls would actually have been good for D2. Like Strider pointed out, they went from one extreme to the other instead of just dialing it down a little bit.

    Anthem needs to follow The Division's lead on loot... and by that I don't just mean how it drops, but adding loot for free in patch updates. When I came back to the game there was a shit ton of new exotic weapons, and they had added 3-4 more in 1.8. Loot is why people play these games, and when you have everything, or at least everything worth having, thats when it gets stale. Borderlands is a semi-linear game, but I remember spending hours repeating bosses just to sort through the explosion of loot and pick up new guns.


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  6. I started watching this since the first 2-3 arcs are dubbed. The first two arcs are just the movies recapped. I didn't see Battle of The Gods so the first was new to me, but now I'm in the Freiza arc. I'd probably skip it, but then I'd run out of dubbed episodes faster. 

    It's your typical DB series with extended fights though episodes and goofy fillers. All of the English cast has returned but man, I miss the old dub background music. Say what you want, but it added more to scenes for me than the 1970s style muffled trumpet music they used in the original DBZ and still use now.

    My main reason for this post was the animation quality. I remember it getting a lot of flak for poor animation quality. While it does happen, it's not as bad as it was made out to be. A lot of those pics that came out are millsecond frames that you'd never notice. I'm not saying there isn't noticeable lapses in quality at times, but overall it doesn't ruin my enjoyment so far.

  7. The thing about Destiny Raids though, is they only take 30-40 min once the mechanics are known. Bungie did a piss poor job with their guided games. You have to wait upwards of an hour at times, and people use them hoping to pick up fellow dudebros rather than someone that needs help. I've seen stories on Reddit where the person joining looking for help just gets teabagged until they leave if they die at any time.

    The Division's current system is the best. The harder the content, the more likely you'll get a drop, but you can still get them at a much much lower rate in the open world. They also hold bi-monthly events where you replay story missions for special credits to buy these rare drop gear sets. I think that suits everyone best. But an LFG is necessary so people can decide what to post where it's looking for EXP only or willing to sherpa. 

  8. This was on HBO GO so I gave it a shot. Fimmel was just Ragnar with more hair. XD He uses the same accent or at least lets it slip often. The CGI doesn't hold up well on the small screen, it looks like a Triple A game. The RTS style camera angles for some of the battle scenes was a subtle tribute. I'm not a lore nut, so I can't comment on how accurate or inaccurate the story held up to the original game. Overall it was enjoyable, but not enjoyable enough to have paid to see at the theater IMO.

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  9. Eh, thats what happens when every few years you lose the #2 burger chain spot to a company with a lot fewer stores, but better food and better customer service (Wendy's)... you gotta get behind every trending political statement to try to lure people that agree with it to try your subpar microwaved hamburger. XD There are few places of business I despise more consistently than BK. In the 17 years I've earned my own income to eat where I've wanted too, I've known BK to have the same terrible service and food in every state I've lived in, and every city I've worked in. I swear if I ever walked into a place and they punched my burger (their bully campaign), I would have walked out and flipped off the camera guy. Either all of these ad campaigns are staged even though it says actual guests, or people had to wait even longer than the normal long time it takes to have your order taken. You're not going to teach me anything, you're just going to lose my business. I came to eat not be preached too. Post a statement on the internet, or in the paper about it.


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  10. It's been delayed until 2019 like we all knew it would be. Even if a raid is endgame content. I believe there will be match making on this one. They have too much at stake here. After playing D1's VoG and Crota, and half of D2's raid. They aren't that hard TBH... the issue is having the time to get 6 people together for a 2-3 hour venture. That's the real reason Destiny's raids have ever been hard. D2 did a better job of making all 6 players needing some type of competence. These games need an GW2 LFG system.

  11. This season has been amazing. Its actually one of the best. I didn't think they'd beable to stay so strong without Ragnar, but they managed to do it. Ivar is a really strong character. Everyone despises him, and they all say he is tearing Rangar's legacy apart, but they don't know Rangar encouraged him to be like this.

    Its looking bad for Lagertha. Shes lost Astrid now, and I don't trust Heahmund. I'm starting to think his capture was a calculated risk. The preview for the second half of the season makes it seem that she's going to die, but it may be for shock value because we don't really see her. I can see Rollo still holding that grudge that she never loved him instead of Ragnar. With the mid-season finale roster purge, it looks like there will still be more culling of the cast.

    I was sad to see Halfdan die, especially in such a lame way. I really liked his character especially after his journey with Bjorn to the Mediterranean. Astrid's death was sad too. They really screwed her character over. She knew that the kid was probably from when she got gang raped. She rather would have died by Lagertha's blade than Harald's wrath. 

    And going back to Heahmund, I really like his character. He brings a lot to this season. He's clearly a corrupt christian that indulges in sin. Only using his religious position to his advantage.

    Aethelwulf dying like Macaulay Culkin in My Girl was so lame too. XD C'mon. Then we get a gratuitous shot of Judith's Mic Foley ear for no reason. They could have not spent the money on the CGI and kept her hair over it like they have. Clearly Athelred despises Alfred for being king at his mothers request. It will be interesting to see how all of this plays out because at this point History has pretty much gone from slight deviations from History, to completely throwing it off track. 

    Floki's camp is a disaster too. I don't get his character anymore. After he killed Aethelstan he's been incredibly inconsistent. He's always been ultra loyal to the gods, but then gets miffed by the Muslims, and then after he loses everything and almost dies from an hand cut infection, he's all about the gods again and tries to make a camp where this dude is trying to be an ass, and they swap son deaths with the other guy after Floki offers him the position of Lawgiver under the condition of no revenge killings. Then he offer's himself as a sacrifice. I don't think he'll die, but at this point I don't really care about his character anymore. He was one of my favorites, but this whole side story doesn't really interest me. I wish he would have just had that whole family killed and be done with them. 

    Ivar, Bjorn, Lagertha, and Heahmund are my favorite characters still around. Ubbe seems important, but I feel they've established Ivar as the dominant brother. Now that Bjorn's love interest is dead, and Ubbe has seduced Torvi. I expect some awkwardness between the two... but also a common interest since Ubbe loves Torvi, he must protect Bjorn's children from crazy ass Margrethe. I hope Torvi puts a hatchet through her head.

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  12. It really is. I think I only experienced one of those catastrophic bugs. But the game play wasn't the problem IMO. I actually enjoyed the combat a lot... more so than the previous 3 games. The fact they got that working right in such a short time is amazing, and maybe they shouldn't have been dissolved into other studios looking back on it now that I've had time to cool down from the utter disappointment. They were just told to make magic happen after fumbling around on a lost cause for 90% of the allotted time. You'll most likely enjoy the play through now that you know not to expect very much out of the game. It has the potential there, it just never comes to fruition. You never really bond with the characters like you can with Wrex, Tali, and Liara, and you never really hate any of them either. God I despised Kaidan just because hes voiced by Carth Onassi, just add two floppy bangs to his head and its the same character. XD

    Just about every choice you made in the first three games had consequences, even the smallest things. In Andromeda its like all your choices were pretty pointless, and the two major ones were pretty unoriginal and predictable. The Renegade/Paragon system missing also was a mistake. I liked how tilting too far one way, gave you even more dialogue options for that personality if you invested skill points in charisma. Like he said, the dialog is terrible and the story wasn't very good. It was a game that mechanically was great but story was was awful, which made it worse having a predecessor that set the bar really high. Romancing was totally watered down. You really had to talk to an NPC a lot in the first games and pick the right dialogue options to get in their pants, but in Andromeda, you just pick all the dialog options that have a heart icon on them and have a connection as awkward as Padme and Anakin. XD I guess that was the mystique of BioWare's early games. I remember playing KOTOR through many times, every time I discovered something new by doing a different dialogue sequence. I don't think I ever seduced Bastila until the 3rd or 4th play through and was blown away that I could do that, or when I made Zaalbar kill Mission, or when I got banned from Manaan for the rest of the playthrough. XD Stuff like that made it worth playing through multiple times.... with Andromeda, you feel like you've seen it all in 1 go.

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  13. Obviously the game won't be perfect. I fully expect cosmetic microtransations, the potential for Javelin skins are too good to pass up. I could see skins, booster effects, lighting packages, weapon camo, etc. 

    They're going to have to have a solid loot pool implemented with good variety, and specific ways to get some. They're also going to need to have way better communication with the playerbase than Bungie has done. Right now D2's community is just a wave of rage and Bungie is just adding more to the landslide dropping into the ocean. Its amazing how they can't implement mass deletion of shaders until later this year (even though you can do this with important items), but can delay Faction Rally for a month just to nerf token acquisitions. Basically don't make the classic mistake of prioritizing reward nerfs over serious issues with the game. Especially if the rewards are lackluster in the first place. XD

    From that last video it seems Bioware has been paying attention to Destiny 2 and The Division and taking notes on what and what not do. They have a lot riding on this game. People can give Andromeda a pass since it was a B team studio, but if this gets fucked up, their rep is going to take some irreversible damage. At a time where there aren't many developers left that are still viewed highly by gamers, we definitely don't need that to happen.

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