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  1. Bandai just needs to give it up and let a REAL game developer make the game, they can have creative controll, but for the love of all that is good, the let Konami, Capcom, or Namco develop the engine and all. Infact i do believe a the PS3 game is going to be developed my Namco's Ace Combat team. so homefully we will see something of higher quality game play.

  2. In my opinion Sesshomaru could have taken them all out with ease. Toukijin is just bad ass. I would have liked to see him be the one to take out Jakotsu. Toukijin vs. Banryuu would have been sweet.

    Jakotsu by far had the most unique weapon, I really enjoyed the originality of it.

    Suikotsu I felt sorry for, he was a great guy with an inner demon, its too bad he couldnt overcome that.

    Renkotsu was well done, he succeeded in being someone you could really be annoyed by, Dub voice was well done IMO. I was kinda hoping for a better show down between him and Bankotsu, I think it should have been a closer fight.

  3. depends. If you save up for the set, you get them all at the same time. If you buy them gradually and use them as you build up, the 1st few you bought could dry out causing you to have to buy even more.

    If it was me, I would buy the set, and replace them as they dried out, that way you replace them as you go insted of a never ending cycle. Plus you get the nice little case or whatever.

    Unless you need them very soon, christmas is only a few months away ;)

  4. It is funny because In Dubbed salior moon one half of the senshi's voices are annoying and the other half are bareable, while in the subbed, the other half is annoying and the half that use to be are the ones that are bareable. X'D Sadly the dub is terribly butcherd, especialy the 1st season, they like even combine 2 episodes together 0_o. But the winner for most annoying dub.. possibly ever is Chibi-usa (Mini-moon) dubbed X_X

  5. I am too lazy to read subtitles. I rather watch whats going on. Dubs are getting better these days.

    GW's was pretty good

    s.CRY.ed is one of the better ones

    I dont see anything wrong with Paranoia Agents

    They probably could have touched up in a lot of places in Inuyasha, even Inuyasha himself but then again I like the grunts and sounds he makes when he gets hurt from SIT X'D

    granted I've never seen the subbed, I really dont care.