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    20th Century Fox has set Justin Chatwin (The Invisible, War of the Worlds) to play Goku and James Marsters ("Smallville," "Angel," "Buffy the Vampire Slayer") as the villain Piccolo in Dragon Ball Z.

    In the big screen adaptation, Goku is a powerful warrior who protects the Earth from an endless stream of rogues bent on dominating the universe and controlling the mystical objects from which the film takes its name.

    Actor/writer/director Stephen Chow (Kung Fu Hustle) is producing. Final Destination helmer James Wong will direct from a script he wrote. Ben Ramsey wrote an earlier draft.

    The story is based on Akira Toriyama's popular manga that has spawned graphic novels, a long-running TV series and more than 25 video games. The Jump Comics division of Tokyo-based Shueisha published the "Dragon Ball" manga.

    With shooting scheduled to begin later this month, Fox will bow the sci-fi/adventure worldwide Aug. 15. Chatwin has already begun training with 87Eleven, the stunt performance company behind the action sequences in The Matrix, The Bourne Supremacy,Mr. & Mrs. Smith and 300.

    0_o Chatwin better start beefing up now...

  2. America did not confiscate oil during the wars to make gas cheaper at home. We don't get oil any cheaper because of the wars either. If anything, the prices went up to fix the destruction caused by saboteurs. Oil revenues pay for the reconstruction of these two nations. In my opinion, prices continue to rise due to demand, media frenzy, and emotional stock investors.

    Saboteurs have nothing to do with the rise in oil prices. OPEC is solely responsible for any rise and decline in oil prices. They were raising prices before the war and they have yet to stop since. The are purposely cutting supply to get more money per barrel. All of them should be drug out into the street and shot. Sadly, oil probably doesn't pay a dime to reconstruction, it goes straight into the pockets of the rich. The US is paying for the rebuilding of iraq, not OPEC.

  3. Holy SHIT. I saw it today only on medium. WTF!

    The boss battles weren't as BAD as I thought they would be, but the last one against Lou is a bitch. What the hell is up with that "death drain"? Thats the part that pisses me off when you have it won and he comes back and beats your helpless ass. The concept is certainly interesting, but it could use some tweaking... You're right about having to screw them up more, if you miss more than 2 battle gems, you're pretty much screwed. The lefty one is by far the most annoying.

    The song selection is outstanding indeed.

  4. Ah, the boss battle thing was the major issue my friends were griping about. I see the fears are confirmed. It seemed kinda silly, but that kinda sucks they made it an ass to beat.

    I heard that the song by Dragonforce was suppose to be the hardest song in GH ever. Have you played it yet? X'D I find that unimaginable after Jordon and Misirlou.

  5. Not just hardware compatibility, Sony's not even releasing the sort of software updates Microsoft decided to go with--no PS2 on the PS3 whatsoever. The current systems with the PS2 hardware which received the price drop have sold like crazy and are nearly impossible to find. We just netted one on Ebay for $300, barely. (Though I still hate the PS3 and argued against it vehemently.) Sony doesn't seem to give a damn about their fans anymore, why give a damn about Sony?

    Wal-Mart doesn't care about its customers, so why care about Wal-Mart? .... *runs away very fast* X'D

  6. Liquor is only sold in Package stores, Beer anywhere. Alcohol cannot be purchased on Sundays until noon.

    In New Orleans you can buy liquor anywhere, grocery store, gas station, anywhere that sells beer, at any time. X'D

  7. Rotflmao! I watched an American Gladiators marathon last weekend and was joking a couple weeks ago with a co-worker about how a show like american gladiators would blow away reality shows like survivor. X'D

    This is awesome! I'm definitely going to watch this.. all they need to do now is release new episodes of The A-Team! X'D

    I know! I was talking about the same thing. I was like dude, this is real reality right here! American Gladiators would destroy those other reality series in ratings if they revived it. And what do you know... 2 weeks after I said that, it was announced!

    I hope to God they keep the original trumpeting theme. X'D

  8. GW became so popular for the same reason DBZ did... We were an anime starved culture, it fed us, and it tasted good, because we were hungry.

    They could have put out any anime that had high-quality animation, whether it was good or sub par and it would have become insanely popular. Thats the short and easy answer... this topic makes my head spin. lol

    Hell, they could have put out the atrocity that is Blue Gender and it would have been hailed as the greatest thing ever to grace TV.

  9. The intensification of forest fires are our fault. Its a natural process in which forests renews itself. But putting it out before its completed process, the trees grow bigger than they normally would, providing larger sources of fuel. Of course we can't just let the fires rage now, because people live in the area. Its basically the same concept as living in a flood zone, hurricane zone, and rivers breaking breaking man made containment. Its gonna happen. Its just going to get worse and worse until one day they wont be able to stop it and the forest will purify itself finally.

  10. Sub-Zero mythologies looked cool, but I never did play it. I've heard 50/50 with good or bad opinions. I did like Shaolin Monks, however, It was pretty fun, especially on co-op. I'd like to see a street fighter game in a similar format.

    I like 2D fighters for nostalgic purposes. I still have my PS1 copy of Street Fighter Alpha 3. But thats just it. Those kinds of things belong in the Xbox Live Arcade or PSN.

    Sadly I doubt we'll ever see an MK vs. anything because of its graphic nature compared to other less brutal fighters. the MK team wouldn't tone down their side of things, and the other side wouldn't allow their characters to be brutalized in such a fashion. lol

    There was a game that stared Jax? O_O wtf... That had to be awful.

  11. X'D MAN! Do you know how many games I've played that were too good for my computer? Sure the graphics won't look too great if you tone it down, but if its a fun game that shouldn't matter eh? 360's are getting pretty cheap now that the new models like the Elite are coming out. It will probably be a year or so before BC comes out, who knows?

  12. A whole forum of people isn't going to sell enough copies of a game. My point is proven by fact, not by fanboyistic opinion. :P Most all die hard SF fan extremists have a ridiculously bias hatred for MK whether its a good game or not. (oh MK has put out some shitty titles, don't get me wrong). Same goes for MK die hards.

    The last true and new street fighter came out in 2000, correct me if I am wrong. Seven years ago. Other fighting titles have released several installments since then. If 2D fighting and the III series is so popular, why hasn't any more 2D SFs come out? Its just an observation.

    I'm not saying 2D would be absolute crap, but I sure as hell wouldn't pay $60 for one.

  13. I think you're making up facts because I have never seen or heard these facts you write of. Further more this & the site you brought up are the only places where I've seen someone complain about SSB being delayed. I haven't seen complaints about this anywhere on Google news or G4. All you seem to be doing is complain about small problems.

    IGN is one if not the largest gaming site on the entire web. I don't make up facts. I'm not in third grade. If this is the first time you've ever seen IGN, you have no basis to argue anything, Gamepro and Nintendo Power don't cut it. You haven't seen it because you can't find it on G4 and Google News. Those two sources are far too young to even have a database of articles, and G4 is absolute garbage. Just because you haven't read it, doesn't mean it must not be true. You're just one person that seems to stick to a limited amount of information that heavily relies on your own personal favoritism.

    You've ran out of things to say, because you cannot credibly dispute what I have had to say. I don't use arguments like "I" or "Me" because my likes and dislikes don't encompass the majority interest of the gaming market. I'm a Playstation person, it isn't number one anymore despite the fact that I like it better than 360 and Nintendo. If you could have seen the past 5 years of this game section of the forum you would have seen a lot more posts by others posting such articles and stating similar things that I have in this topic. I have read a broad variety of sources over the the years... not just 2, in which only one is a half-way gaming media outlet.

    You're not following down a smart path accusing me disrespectfully of making shit up. I'd tame that mouth of yours real fast. Consider this topic over, and refrain from further discussions unless you can do so in a civilized manner.