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  1. I'm pretty sure Disney will provide R rated films under the 20th Century Fox banner. Yeah a lot of people will know Disney owns it, but there won't be riots in the street because they make R rated movies. People on the whole really aren't that informed, and its a safe bet a lot of people wont know, and those that do probably wont care. Disney's theme parks even have whole areas themed for adults like Downtown Disney or whatever they are calling it these days. Catering to a more adult crowd is not really new for them. Its probably one of the reasons they acquired the film studio. You don't monopolize the market just to not make R movies. 

    There probably wont be as many, sure... but there aren't many R rated flicks to begin with because as Strider said, you can get away with a lot under the PG-13 banner. The only difference between PG-13 and R is nudity and saying fuck more than once. I imagine Star Wars and Marvel get moved to 20th Century either way. Disney can subtlety throw their branding all over the place in every 20th Century. Or they can pretend not to associate with it, while raking in the millions the product make. Kinda like buying a Dodge, Jeep, or Chrysler thinking you're going American, while in reality the Italian company Fiat gets the money.

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  2. Holy cow was this movie a feels trip. I loved it despite a few minor flaws. It was definitely its own movie unlike the first. Watching Carrie Fisher act for her last time left me a bit emotional. There were a lot of good easter eggs and nostalgic references without making the movie a rehash. Finn's character was a lot better in this movie. Less of the comedian, without completely cutting it out, while giving him more substance. This was probably the most suspenseful Star Wars film in the series. I actually saw it twice today so I was able to pick up on the subtle details I missed the first go around.

    The Good, The Bad, and the Neutral:


    What I loved:

    Yoda's force ghost! He holds my favorite line in the whole film "Read them have you? Page turners they were not." XD

    The space battles were amazing. The opening scene was intense, as well as the closing arc. The fight scene with Rey and Kylo vs the guards was awesome as well.

    Luke's death was as graceful as it could have been without upsetting fans.

    The Hypderdrive suicide ram was spectacular. It's never been done in a Star Wars film so its newness was much appreciated. The visuals were just great for the emotion of this scene.

    Just about every scene had a reason or purpose. Even if it didn't seem like it at first. There are two that really stood out. The first is when Kylo questions how Rey is connecting with him via the force, and concludes she couldn't be doing it herself because the effort would kill her. Luke's last stunt was to the extreme of that and it killed him. The second was the random scene near the end with the extra walking out of the trench causing the red foot prints. The scene seemed like a minor after thought, but after watching it a second time, it was meant to give you a hint that Luke was projecting himself in the first place. The fight between him and Kylo featured several footwork shots, in which Luke shifted his feet and the snow under it never revealed the red salt rock.

    What disappointed me:

    All that build up with Snoke, and we get nothing? He just gets cut in half by a force parlor trick while boasting how he is so great and showing his really strong force skills? I don't mind that he died, but it just seemed so sudden and his character didn't really gain any relevance. Hopefully the last film will give us some kind of answer in passing at least. It feels like an odd decision to make what was suppose to be an Palpatine type villain seem like such a minor plot device.  

    I expected Rey's parents to be more than some bad people that sold her off for booze money. I'm hoping that was a lie, but I couldn't think of any relevant people to be here parents that would make any sense. She's too young to be a Kenobi.

    While Hux became a more relevant character than I thought he had the potential to be, Phasma once again got the shaft.  I'd like to think she didn't die, but c'mon, that was pretty convincing.

    What I didn't mind, but I think people will scrutinize:

    The Force hits the Super Saiyan effect. I didn't mind the Leia scene, it is Star Wars, but it was a bit over the top. It was cool to know she can tap into the force outside of sensing deaths. I personally liked this scene. But the kid with the broom at the end might have been too much. Rey's mastery of the force is pretty crazy without any training. The prequels and sequels make Luke look like such an amateur in learning how to wield his powers. XD

    This whole film is Poe's fault. His reckless behavior got the fleet decimated, and then ruined the escape plan from the cruiser. So many died because of his defiance of orders... yet he remained a hero. XD


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  3. I figured they'd kill him off eventually. He was outgrowing the part being a year older every season. He was probably going to be taller than Rick soon. Plus he's going to college. Now we know what the scene was in the first ep when Rick was so distraught. Its when Carl finally dies/turns, and has to be put down. The dream sequence that accompanied it makes less sense now since Carl was alive in it.

    Now the question is will there be another time jump after All Out War in which Judith is Carl's age at the beginning of the series? Michonne and Judith are pretty safe at this point for a long while. You can't keep piling on the trauma to one character. I think Jerry or Ezekiel dies by season end along with another major character. Rick, Carol, Morgan, and Daryl are the last of the original cast remaining.

    From the preview of the second half of the season, It looked like Dwight went back to the sanctuary. I think he goes back and pins Regina as the traitor by playing off his gunshot wound as if she left him for dead after killing everyone. Eugene will keep his mouth shut because he is terrified of Dwight, doesn't really get along with Regina, and has done his own traitorous act in letting the Doc and Gabrielle go.  Regina is killed off, and Dwight keeps the info flowing. They've done a lot of departure from the comic at this point now that Carl is dead. It will be interesting to see how things play out.

  4. I wasn't too Impressed with the first one, it was basically a rehash of the original with a bunch of nostalgic easter eggs. This looks pretty fun so I'll give it a shot... although Chris Pratt in reality would have died getting caught in that plume because in reality the ash cloud is hundreds of degrees. XD

  5. It could be just a poor last minute translation. The Middle Ages revolved around a loss of knowledge because at the time the Library of Alexandria was the central hub of all that was known for that region of the world. The collapse of the Roman Empire along with the destruction of the Library caused a major societal setback. It's a bit more complex than that, but those are the two pivotal moments that set off a chain reaction of misfortune.

    Feudal Japan would be the more proper term for the movie.

  6. I watched this and just about all the action happens in the trailer.... through all 13 eps. Pete Castiglione is the worst cover name ever, and Frank Castle's constant scream grunts were a bit obnoxious. Everything was OOOOWWWRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was kinda silly how consistent it was. Overall it wasn't bad. But I expected more.

    The CGI zipline scene was pretty bad. XD

  7. I'm still using the condi druid build with Soulbeast swapped out for Druid, seems to work just find. I didn't know dagger was a condi weapon, It didn't seem like it in the beta. I guess I'll have to check it out.

    I have no interest in trying Deadeye. DD is just an OP class and will always remain the best spec, not only for its raw damage output, but its sustain. I could never play base thief because of how squishy it was, but that healing signet is a difference maker.

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  8. I love unfogging all the maps super fast. I found my favorite points to start from on each map and send a alt there to swoop the whole thing in a few minutes.

    I went ahead and collected all the new Ranger pets tonight. Out of all the new specs, I think Soulbest is my favorite because it offers the most improvement to Ranger's fighting ability. Base Ranger's utilities were never that great for offense, and I really like some of these stances you get. Beast mode adds a nice touch offering new and useful F1-3 abilities the class never has had since the pet occupied that area. The Jacaranda is great for beast mode because it gives ranger a second heal much like Guardian's F2. Outside of beastmode tho, the little tree monster is a bit too aggressive. Holy cow, it chases things down way far off putting me into combat undesirably. XD I don't know if its a bug just for it, but it seems to want to just fight non stop.

    There is no reason not to be DD still. I took my thief into Crystal Oasis and ROTFLstomped every forged raiding party I found in seconds, and then melted some Vet Hydras like jokes. Sometimes those Forged Assemblers can do some damage with those spinning blade attacks, but my DD never even gave them a chance to perform it. The Hydra barely could get off one meteor strike attempt before its heads went flying off. With no pocket raptors to mow me down when I'm not paying attention, PoF enemies can't touch me on this character. I may have gone down once, but instantly rallied because everything was almost dead already when it happened.  I mean Staff DD does more damage spamming 1, while spamming 5 off initiative regen, than 2 DH traps, and the GS4-2 combo. So much DPS.

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