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  1. I was sorta pissed the first episode and a half still dealt with him. I almost wish he didn't die so I wouldn't have had to watch 90 minutes of grieving over him. They ruined his character from the comic, but I get that on a different medium people just can't deal with a more ruthless and darker character. Eh. The way you felt was the way I felt when they got rid of Andrea. I was so happy she died, worst character ever on the show.

  2. I'll still go see this, but the reviews are mixed and its tanking already.  Alicia Vikander is a pretty girl, but honestly I was never sold on her look. Shes just too petite and short for the roll. Her body has limits to how much muscle she could fill out with, and she looks very young. I feel bad because I watched some behind the scenes and she really put in a lot of work out time and grueling stunts to make the movie. While Angelina Jolie was picked because of her sex appeal, she's 3 inches taller and looked older, even though she was four years younger when she did the first movie. Jolie filled the roll of a more sexual Lara Croft and looked the part. Vikander doesn't really look the part of the new Lara Croft to me. Shes wearing the same outfit, but the more board shoulders and toned biceps aren't there.

    Maybe it shouldn't matter, and in any other movie it maybe wouldn't. But for a video game movie, you gotta be believable as the character, or you lose all the fanboys/fangirls. 

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  3. I finished the Universe 6 vs 7 tournament arc. I thought they did a really good job with the fights. None of them really dragged on for more than 2 eps. Its just a real shame that Goku is the only one worth a damn. Thats one thing I don't miss about this series and why I've enjoyed Fairy Tail so much when everyone matters. Vegeta had some good fights and some nostalgic call backs with Final Flash and Galic Gun, but all the important fights were solely on Goku.

    I do love the comedy though. The Universe Anthem was hysterical, and watching the sub vs. the dub on it, I think the dub line was better. XD  I also enjoy the relationship between Beerus and Bulma. Its also really helped Vegeta as a character as his tone is more mellow and they've added more depth to his character rather than just an angry man always trying to be the best. Beerus is a great plot device as he is undoubtedly stronger than Goku and Vegeta by an insane margin.  Along with the multiverse plot, its also given Beerus a reason to be humble enough to put up with the Z squad's goofy antics as he needs their fighters. Overall I'm impressed how they keep raising the bar while still making it somewhat believable.

  4. Getting rid of RNG spread in BF would be welcomed IMO. Its probably why most people gravitate to sniping in BF games because its not reliant on RNG, and more on aiming skills. BF1 didn't have true DMR weapons either since they didn't exist compounding the issue. With BF5 most likely being WWII, and the era being dominated by automatic weapons, I'd expect the likes of the MP40, Thomson, STG-44, FG-42, and other to be more reliable in aiming. They'll probably bump up the recoil and adjust the bullet velocity/range accordingly to stop SMG sniping... at least I hope. The only thing that should have RNG spread is unmounted LMGs.

  5. I think Drift0r did a pretty good history of it.

    90% if not more of our government in both parties are still from an old ass generation that grew up without meaningful technology outside of a car and black and white TV. It will probably be another 20-30 years before video games stop getting blamed. By that time there might be some new technological medium our generation will blame nonsensically. XD

  6. It will probably be free sometime next year. Its won best soundtrack at just about every award event except one I think. I have almost 60 hours into it. I still load it up so I can eventually get to level 99 and fight the secret boss. The music is just down right therapeutic when roaming around the map.

    I couldn't pick a favorite track, the whole damn thing is a masterpiece.

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  7. If you liked "America: The Story of US" or the previous Men Who Built America series. This one should be good. I watched the first episode that dealt with Daniel Boone and enjoyed it a lot. This is one of my favorite parts of American history so I look forward to the rest of the series.

  8. The price to make these 32 bags are outrageous. Inventory space isn't a vanity item. -_-; They really should have more ways to get these runes of holding in the next map. Spreading out the mat farm across multiple LWS4 maps would be a great way to keep them relevant. Having to drop 100g on a gamble to get these is stupid.

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  9. Overall I'm pleased with this release. Its way better than the first episode. The new map is littered with nodes and VM orbs are more abundant than Istan. The events are more isolated and lead to big bosses rather than big metas full of trash mobs. Plus its not a freakin' desert finally. The map has sizable verticality to it, but it's not too bad. And there is a 32 slot box meta achievement which gives me something to work for.

  10. Ratchet & Clank is a ton of fun. It's absurdly easy, but its still a blast. It def one of those you can sit back, relax, and destroy a bunch of stuff with crazy guns.