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  1. It is dubbed, but Its def not the best dub I've ever heard. Maybe its just the main character that feels uninspired. Overall its was ok, the last 15 minutes is the best part. Seeing as this is "Part 1" I feel they spent too much time going over the theory of relativity and how much time had past on Earth despite only being gone 20 years. The first hour is spend on humanity bickering about the state of things, the last 30+ minutes is actually doing something about it. The trailer made it seem like this was MONSTER PLANET, but is really just Godzilla and some metal pterodactyls. A lot of tropes and cliche moments, and in the end, I'm ready for Part 2 because it seems like it will be the movie we thought this one was going to be. There is a post credits scene as well.

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  2. I finished this tonight and it was outstanding. The introduction of new recurring character was well done, and kept things fresh. Rebecca and Nix were welcomed additions, while keeping things classic with Zenigata.

    Its 22 Episodes with an OVA that was hysterical. It was a nice mix of failed and successful heists, sentimental endings, the classic Lupin/Zenigata temporary truce eps, and an ep for each Jigen, Goemon, and Fujiko. While each heist was its own individual story, they had a overlaying continuity to it. A villain was introduced near the end but it never really came to fruition. As I've said, the animation is great with how they kept it traditional with a mix of new lighting and shading techniques. The original English VA cast returned and that's always a huge plus. The OST was great too. The original theme is absent (apparently for the dub), but the new music is really good. If you're a Lupin fan, you'll definitely be pleased with what they've done, they didn't miss a beat.


  3. This gadget seems like a must. I doubt everyone will be running around with it because tanks are still the biggest threat to ground troops. At the same time, people never picked the AA tanks, unless it was a map with no aircraft or blimp. XD I'm sure it hasn't changed where people pick the wrong tank type. At least it gives someone the option to do something about the planes when they get fed up with them. It still looks skill based, you have to lead off. They'll probably nerf the projectile speed to make it harder to lead with.

  4. The GW2 model wouldn't have worked because they simply didn't make enough content to make it worth it. Plus I don't think people would accept convenience items in this game for already hot issues like inventory space. GW2's micro-transactions are based on that and cosmetics, but are also made desirable through making gold via ultra rare drops.

    Overwatch's model might have worked better. The thing I don't like about the Eververse armor sets is that they come with set stats, and I'm not giving up my heavily dependent recovery builds that have medium resilience. Then again, they still haven't made enough desirable content IMO to put stuff people would want. They could have done things like random reroll of stats tokens, but we had static builds... which i was in favor of at first, but now I wish we did have random rolls because of the ease of access to loot and how limited the loot is. The best thing for me to get out of my free bright engrams is a sparrow with insta-summon. As the video pointed out, there isn't enough in game content to justify eververse. Micro-transactions are here to stay, but when you have way more payshop content than in game rewards its a problem... and its a bigger problem when both end game rewards and MT rewards are both underwhelming. XD

    The biggest draw back this game for me right now is complete lack of weapon diversity, and its due to balance in PvP. I finally got my hands on Crimson and Jade Rabbit and they're both pretty trash. Crimson is ok, but it runs out of ammo way too fast and it doesn't do a lot of damage. Pretty much every non power exotic is underwhelming in PvE. I will say the Colony is fucking awesome and a ton of fun to use, especially in PvP. (You can buy it from Xur expac or not right now) After that, Merciless is probably the only other Exotic weapon I'd deem worthy. Better Devils, Nameless Midnight, Uriel's Gift, and The Number are probably the only weapons worth using that feel powerful. The Forward Path is decent if you got it to drop from IB, and some of the trials weapons are ok. One of the new energy scout rifles is decent too, but its not as good as the 450rpm ARs. I was using the new vex autorifle for a while until it just felt underpowered when running a few heroic strikes. I'd really like to use something else to mix it up, but when I try, the either feel off, or weak.

    They would have been better off doing procedurally generated weapons like Borderlands of making content was too hard. Of course that would be impossible to balance PvP with, but I think everyone has come to terms that Destiny PvP is more fun when everyone and everything is OP. I remember getting my ass handed to me in D1, when I didn't have any OP stuff, but when I got my hands on Fellwinter's Lie and The Messenger everything changed and it was a blast when I was on the same level as everyone else. With how accessible the game is, it wouldn't be hard for everyone to have some type of god roll weapon.

    I still believe every gear tier should be available to everyone in some sort of fashion. For Instance, The Division is having a global event at the end of this month. GE's are the best way to get classified gear sets apparently. Right now I only have 2 mismatch pieces because I mainly only farm the PvE named bosses and West Side Piers. I can't solo my way to wave 10 on Resistance. So I'll be grinding the shit out of the GE to get some gear sets I've been wanting. The Faction Rally could have been used for this rather than the underwhelming rewards they give out now. 

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  5. The problem with D2's transactions is that its full of shit no one even wants. I bet they aren't making hardly any money off of it and decided to save face today by outlining how they are going to put stuff in the game to play for. My clan is pretty much dead and I only play on resets until i get to max. As limited as the first expac was, the best part of it was crafting the 11 weapons. They should have focused more on this type of content, because it gave a reason to do strikes, crucible, and public events. At least 6v6 is coming back like I figured it would. 4v4 is horseshit and so is the overbalance of PvP. Everyone uses the same 3-4 weapons because tbh they are the only good weapons across both modes. When they had Mayhem up for the Dawning it was actually really fun since you got your super 10-15 times a match.

    I'm actually glad this happened though, hopefully other developers take notice, especially EA with Anthem. More so after the Battlefront II fiasco.

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  6. This was really bizarre with an ending environment ripped off of Neon Genesis Evangelion Death + Rebirth. Its basically inspired by the biblical book of Revelation. The animation was pretty poor in what seemed to be a mix between Rick and Morty and what ADHD puts out on their YT channel. But the plot doesn't make any sense until the last 3-4 eps. The first half is spent on weird ass sex scenes and tit flopping. 70s and 80s anime had better art work than this.. all the characters are simple outlines with eyes and a nose drawn on them. Then they try to get psychedelic during high pace or action scenes to cover their short comings. Eh, this is probably the worse one Netflix has put out. The voice acting was the only thing I could rate as good.

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  7. This was on HBO Go finally, so I watched it.

    What was good:

    The music was outstanding since it's set at the end of Vietnam. The action is decent, especially the finale rumble. The cast was good, and overall the acting was great with what they had to work with. The female lead wasn't the damsel in distress being carried by Kong the entire flick, although they managed a tasteful call back at some point in the film. 

    What was bad:

    For a PG-13 film, they really didn't push the boundaries. Not that they should have, but there are a few adult themed settings that are watered down to PG levels. It just felt bizarre and awkward. The story was  super cliche to where you want to roll your eyes at some parts. "Lets go find this former military badass wilderness tracker in a shady Asian brothel/club where he beats down two guys with a pool stick right when we walk in, and then demands 5x the money offered for a job he knows nothing about". The CG was extremely dated... I'm talking about the first Jurassic Park film kind of dated. I feel a part of that is that the movie was made for 3D first with a bunch of cliche cheap screen pops to make the audience jump, and the obligatory throw something at the screen in slow motion. After looking it up, I understand why the other creatures looked the way they did. They were inspired by Miyazaki films. Most of it was cool, but the main opposition looks like something I've seen before that I can't recall, mixed with the smiling creatures that are in the shitty 1997 Evangelion movie.

    Final Conclusion:

    It wasn't terrible, it could have been better with modern CG not tailored for 3D. It sure as hell didn't convince me that King Kong was on Godzilla's level. The MUTOs were way more imposing, and Godzilla was way more menacing. In a head to head match Godzilla would win by sneezing. If they swapped places, Godzilla would have easily destroyed the creatures of Skull Island, I'm not too sure King Kong could have defeated even a single MUTO... much less be of any help vs. King Ghidorah in the future.  In the squad of Godzilla, Mothra, and Rodan, King Kong is like Bruce Wayne without money. XD Big G might need to call up Jet Jaguar for this one.

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  8. Spoiler

    You have to remember that the guy that did Ackbar died in 2016. It might have been someone else voicing the small part, or some reused lines. So they killed him off instead of having him with a noticeably different voice.

    I think Kylo is lying and Rey is going to have some significant parent(s). If she truly has "always" known, then it wouldn't have been a big deal in the first film where she wasn't really willing to stay away from her home world. If Snoke isn't dead, then he could be clouding her thoughts on that issue.

    I don't like "Here is the force for everyone". Its so anime cliche at this point. That's the only flaw I dislike about this arc. Rey is all of the sudden an adept force wielder with zero training and no blood line to make sense of it. And I bet they'll never explain why or how. Its poor story telling. When we come across Obi-Wan he was already skilled in the force, Anakin progressed, and Luke was scratching the surface, with Anakin saving him from Palpatine. Rey's saber skills make since because of her combat experience with a staff. With Luke's saber destroyed, it would be cool to see her wield a double sided saber like Darth Maul and Bastila Shan.

    I think the majority of the gripes are how Luke is portrayed and Mark Hamill didn't help with his comments. People wanted to see Luke do the things that the prequel Jedi did. But what we got is what is realistic by this point. All these actors are too old and they waited too long to make these movies. Carrie's passing is the reality of why none of the original cast could be the main characters. With their ages there was no guarantee they'd last through a 6-8 year cycle of filming.  If Lucas didn't spend years redoing the original trilogy a three to four different times, and sold it off to Disney a decade ago, people might have gotten the movies they envisioned.


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  9. Its definitely no Vikings. The first episode was dull and pointless until the last 30 min. Ep 2 and 3 were pretty good, but 4 was slow to develop. There are serious pacing issues. The characters are interesting, but the development of the story is taking longer than it should.

  10. XD Oh yeah, I was totally lost at first, getting back into the grove doesn't take too long. I had some niche build on from an incursion last time I played. So I had to fiddle around with it. But all your gear is pretty much trash from the last time you played. Right now is actually a good time to load it up because they have double XP double rewards going right now. I went from 190 Gear Score to 249 in a few hours. Just max level "ranking up" gives you pretty sweet gear, and you get 2 rolls per filling the XP bar right now. If you weren't like me and found every phone and intel on the map after beating the story, just doing that gives a crazy amount of XP. They put new phones in the pier area and it fills up like 1/5th of the XP bar per call. It makes me wish I wasn't such a completionist back then. XD I am at the mercy of gear score right now though. I was running a shotgun and a highly unstable LMG at one point because it was the best stuff I had. I finally got a nice AR along with a stable LMG that is making life a lot easier. I think I'm pretty close to getting enough gear score to unlock T5 PvE.

    It would be nice to have some help though. As much as I like this new West Pier area, it is frustrating at the same time. Random Objectives pop up as you roam the area (I'm looking for phones for XP). So far I've come across 3 activities.

    Kill Lieutenants which is pretty straight forward, you gotta kill 3 yellow bars roaming around in various areas. The 3rd one always seems super armored. Purple bar adds constantly respawn if you don't kill them fast enough.

    Destroy the Jammer, in which you have to destroy a jamming device that when close to it, it disables all your special abilities. You have to rely on medkits and normal nades, while you deal with a swarm of enemies. the jammer is never in a clear line of sight to take out. There was one that was so petty that an unbreakable vase blocked me from shooting it through a door way.

    Then there is one where you have to stay in a small area while a shit ton of enemies attack you... I pretty much feel this is impossible solo. If I stay in the designated area, I die pretty fast, but if I leave it, it fails and goes away.

    The frustration comes in when you die trying to do anything. All the non objective mobs respawn really fast. And getting into this area is pretty much limited to choke points with mobs waiting at them. So you have to fight your way back to the objective to try again each time. You can't run pass the mobs, they'll kill you really fast with a huge barrage of bullets that will crush your HP in seconds. Not only are they at the entrances to the piers, but they are on pretty much every street corner. And just about every encounter objective or not, one or two come out of no where to flank you from behind. The only saving grace to this is they regularly drop yellow and green stuff.

  11. After finally getting off my butt and hooking up my External HD, I redownloaded this game to see what the 1.8 patch was about. I honestly don't know what came when, whats part of the free updates, and what is extra outside of the main topics of the DLCs... but damn I feel like every shared world game launches as an early release, half finished mess now. This is the game that should have been there at launch.

    I was so lost at first but now that I've settled back in and I'm gather higher gear score, I'll be toying around with these between D2 resets. They've either added or retooled an area of the map and made it feel like an PvE Dark Zone. Enemies constantly respawn, and the area is populated with purple and yellow bars that will wreck your shit if you aren't careful. I've gotten High-End drops in the open world that improved my gear score, which is really nice and all I ever wanted. Each safe house's situation board now has search and destroy missions where you go clear out 3 areas and get a high end drop as a reward. The PvE world now has difficulty tiers 1-5 you can toggle between, in which XP and loot increase the higher you go. Overall it seems like this game is actually worth getting now, especially if its on the cheap. I haven't played any of the new free resistance horde modes yet, I want to get geared up before i try. None of my friends have touched this game in almost 2 years now like me, so I'll be doing stuff solo. There is open world matchmaking upon request which is nice.

    The Dark Zone has changed apparently, you have to toggle your rogue status on and off manually. I guess that helps with the accidental friendly fire. But from what I've read people are still trolls. The DZ is the best place to farm Div Tech for optimizing gear, and people just try to kill people and stop them from extracting it, just to do it. So I guess now trolls troll the trollers by just running around calling in extractions and running off. The DZ is just a failed experiment. Trolls troll for their own entertainment when there are hardly any consequences for doing so. When the ultra harsh penalties were in place at launch, rogues were rare, and trolls bitched that there was no reward for going rogue. There actually was, but it wasn't emotionally rewarding to be a troll for those that get off on it.

    Either way, the game seems to be nicely populated still. I see plenty of people in the safe houses. If you get it on the cheap, its worth getting. I bet it will be free on PS Plus eventually. If you already have it, its worth checking out patch 1.8.

  12. Ok, so apparently there is a lot of hate on this movie by critics. I watched it just now and it was enjoyable. It's not some smash hit, but it doesn't deserve the trashing its getting. I'd say it's an 80s style action flick, with an 80s style sci-fi ridiculous story. Don't go in taking it seriously and you'll leave satisfied.

  13. I'm pretty sure Disney will provide R rated films under the 20th Century Fox banner. Yeah a lot of people will know Disney owns it, but there won't be riots in the street because they make R rated movies. People on the whole really aren't that informed, and its a safe bet a lot of people wont know, and those that do probably wont care. Disney's theme parks even have whole areas themed for adults like Downtown Disney or whatever they are calling it these days. Catering to a more adult crowd is not really new for them. Its probably one of the reasons they acquired the film studio. You don't monopolize the market just to not make R movies. 

    There probably wont be as many, sure... but there aren't many R rated flicks to begin with because as Strider said, you can get away with a lot under the PG-13 banner. The only difference between PG-13 and R is nudity and saying fuck more than once. I imagine Star Wars and Marvel get moved to 20th Century either way. Disney can subtlety throw their branding all over the place in every 20th Century. Or they can pretend not to associate with it, while raking in the millions the product make. Kinda like buying a Dodge, Jeep, or Chrysler thinking you're going American, while in reality the Italian company Fiat gets the money.

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  14. Holy cow was this movie a feels trip. I loved it despite a few minor flaws. It was definitely its own movie unlike the first. Watching Carrie Fisher act for her last time left me a bit emotional. There were a lot of good easter eggs and nostalgic references without making the movie a rehash. Finn's character was a lot better in this movie. Less of the comedian, without completely cutting it out, while giving him more substance. This was probably the most suspenseful Star Wars film in the series. I actually saw it twice today so I was able to pick up on the subtle details I missed the first go around.

    The Good, The Bad, and the Neutral:


    What I loved:

    Yoda's force ghost! He holds my favorite line in the whole film "Read them have you? Page turners they were not." XD

    The space battles were amazing. The opening scene was intense, as well as the closing arc. The fight scene with Rey and Kylo vs the guards was awesome as well.

    Luke's death was as graceful as it could have been without upsetting fans.

    The Hypderdrive suicide ram was spectacular. It's never been done in a Star Wars film so its newness was much appreciated. The visuals were just great for the emotion of this scene.

    Just about every scene had a reason or purpose. Even if it didn't seem like it at first. There are two that really stood out. The first is when Kylo questions how Rey is connecting with him via the force, and concludes she couldn't be doing it herself because the effort would kill her. Luke's last stunt was to the extreme of that and it killed him. The second was the random scene near the end with the extra walking out of the trench causing the red foot prints. The scene seemed like a minor after thought, but after watching it a second time, it was meant to give you a hint that Luke was projecting himself in the first place. The fight between him and Kylo featured several footwork shots, in which Luke shifted his feet and the snow under it never revealed the red salt rock.

    What disappointed me:

    All that build up with Snoke, and we get nothing? He just gets cut in half by a force parlor trick while boasting how he is so great and showing his really strong force skills? I don't mind that he died, but it just seemed so sudden and his character didn't really gain any relevance. Hopefully the last film will give us some kind of answer in passing at least. It feels like an odd decision to make what was suppose to be an Palpatine type villain seem like such a minor plot device.  

    I expected Rey's parents to be more than some bad people that sold her off for booze money. I'm hoping that was a lie, but I couldn't think of any relevant people to be here parents that would make any sense. She's too young to be a Kenobi.

    While Hux became a more relevant character than I thought he had the potential to be, Phasma once again got the shaft.  I'd like to think she didn't die, but c'mon, that was pretty convincing.

    What I didn't mind, but I think people will scrutinize:

    The Force hits the Super Saiyan effect. I didn't mind the Leia scene, it is Star Wars, but it was a bit over the top. It was cool to know she can tap into the force outside of sensing deaths. I personally liked this scene. But the kid with the broom at the end might have been too much. Rey's mastery of the force is pretty crazy without any training. The prequels and sequels make Luke look like such an amateur in learning how to wield his powers. XD

    This whole film is Poe's fault. His reckless behavior got the fleet decimated, and then ruined the escape plan from the cruiser. So many died because of his defiance of orders... yet he remained a hero. XD


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  15. I figured they'd kill him off eventually. He was outgrowing the part being a year older every season. He was probably going to be taller than Rick soon. Plus he's going to college. Now we know what the scene was in the first ep when Rick was so distraught. Its when Carl finally dies/turns, and has to be put down. The dream sequence that accompanied it makes less sense now since Carl was alive in it.

    Now the question is will there be another time jump after All Out War in which Judith is Carl's age at the beginning of the series? Michonne and Judith are pretty safe at this point for a long while. You can't keep piling on the trauma to one character. I think Jerry or Ezekiel dies by season end along with another major character. Rick, Carol, Morgan, and Daryl are the last of the original cast remaining.

    From the preview of the second half of the season, It looked like Dwight went back to the sanctuary. I think he goes back and pins Regina as the traitor by playing off his gunshot wound as if she left him for dead after killing everyone. Eugene will keep his mouth shut because he is terrified of Dwight, doesn't really get along with Regina, and has done his own traitorous act in letting the Doc and Gabrielle go.  Regina is killed off, and Dwight keeps the info flowing. They've done a lot of departure from the comic at this point now that Carl is dead. It will be interesting to see how things play out.