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  1. These were terrible trailers TBH. I was actually pretty impressed by this one. I liked it better than the first Jurassic World. It had two well fleshed out arcs. I honestly think they need to put the whole thing to an end with JW3. There really isn't much more they can do, and making another dinosaur would just be dumb at this point.

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  2. It definitely shifts the advantage back to amazon for the one stop shop. I've bought something elsewhere before to skip out on the tax. I don't know how it is for you, but on some times I still don't get charged tax on amazon. I never really pay attention as to why, but I'll assume its because its a 3rd party seller. Its never anything big, it happens on $10-30 purchases for the most part.

  3. WP said it was from some roller beetle racing from GW1 Nightfall. But in the original the beetle ate you and you rolled around to get power ups like speed boosts... it wouldn't make since to get eaten and regurgitated every time, so I guess the seat is the power boost. XD

  4. I don't think there will be. That new ability with an overheat meter should make some situations easier, and it enhances special weapons too. I bet they'll have different modes of difficulty. People can complain, but after the brutality of MM9 and MM10, I think they've moved to making things more easy for people that want it. Like the rewind system for the collections they came out with. At least the voice acting has come a long way from Mega Man 8. XDXDXD


  5. From the jarring janky walking animation, I'd say it requires some skill to parry and strike. It looks like there is some sort of stance system similar to For Honor, but not quite as complex as needing to be in the right guard to defend. Seeing as this is a product from the inFAMOUS devs, I expect to be an OP character that is vulnerable to getting hit. That was the interesting thing about inFAMOUS in how the protagonist was so powerful and could kill people with ease, but if you got hit, you'd die pretty fast from very little damage compared to other games of the genre. The hud was hidden for this demo, so it will be interesting to see how that multiple take down system works when he drops into the shrine.  Since you don't have super powers, it will be interesting to see what the upgrade system will consist of, whether it be move sets, armor, or other abilities and enhancements to those like the multi-takedown. Will we get a bow like the NPC, or are these NPCs with us all the time like a Mass Effect party system where we can upgrade them? I'm looking forward to seeing more.

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  6. I just ordered a certain gamecube controller off eBay before they get ridiculous. I have a standard one, but I use to use a micro controller for this game because it felt good in the hands. They're already going for over $100-120 on amazon new. I can't buy a used controller that's nearing two decades old. I got it for probably $20 more than what they were retail back in the day but its better than paying $60-300 when the game comes out.

  7. Even though they remade RE1 for GameCube, I wish they would remake it again with this engine. I never played RE2, so I don't know if the original voice acting is being used in this, but man it sure sounds like it at times. XD Its definitely a downgrade from Leon's VA in RE4. Typical IGN with terrible aim and just being bad at games.


    Disagree about the snow. If its dynamic weather, it needs to stay. Sucks for PC players where people can just turn down the graphics, but for console everyone is on equal standing as far as visual impairment. I agree with that medal animation. wtf, It takes up the whole screen.

  9. I guess the best thing about this presentation was actually seeing real gameplay and not a rendered souped up graphical showcase that isn't a real representation of the game. This comes out one month after Anthem. I'll have to decide which game I'll want to take a week off to grind out.

  10. Every character ever to appear in Smash will be in this game, roster will start out as the original N64 game, and you will unlock the rest via play. Every level is returning, and fighters have been given new abilities. GameCube controllers will be compatible. Its a long video, but it has a lot of content to cover.

  11. So wierd XD

    EDIT: I just realized it was Bionic Woman Lindsay Wagner at the end. Wow where did they find her to do this game? I'm nerding out!