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  1. Its pretty amazing. I haven't gotten that far yet (damn you job). Create a Class is outstanding though. I'm a bit thrown off currently because my SMG run and gun style doesn't quite work out anymore on these huge maps, so I'm adjusting with assault rifles.

    I do have to say I love how they've fixed the LMG class. Lightweight and Marathon do wonders. Thats the main reason I never used them in CoD4, you were just too damn slow.

  2. All i can say is that this game is fucking amazing. I'm at 10, but I would be a lot further if I didn't get caught up in spec ops... OMG its just so fucking awesome! X'D I've beaten a couple on vet. I have to readjust on mutli. Some matches I completely sucked it up and some I did great. The AC130 is just wicked!

  3. LOL, I dont know when my next day off is, but I have to work tuesday and wednesday, so I'm gonna be playing til at least 8 in the morning and try to get 4-5 hours of sleep in before my shift. I made a pledge to reach level 12 within 24 hours. (AA-12 unlock) :P

  4. tomorrow? I'm ready for TONIGHT!! X'D I'm driving to gamestop in the tropical storm to get my copy at midnight.. technically that's tomorrow, but still! X'D

  5. Kill Streaks, Secondary Weapons, and Perks






    Highrise - best quality picture out of the 3


  6. [ame=]ScrewAttack Video Game, Angry Video Game Nerd: Godzilla | Game Trailers & Videos |[/ame]


  7. LOL. I'm a type 100 type guy. Although I noticed they watered it down substantially since last I played. It took a while to get use to the iron sights, but I rock box clips on all my machine guns.

    I was disappointed with M1, The recoil is ridiculous with the lack of power. It was a monster in beta, but they underpowered it for the final release. I like the Gewehr 43. 0 Recoil and I can pull the trigger mad fast. Its probably the only gun I use with an aperture sight. I agree with the SVT-40. Personally I like the M1A1... once again because of the box clip. X'D

  8. You said it. If there is one thing that pisses me off more than anything, its someone that uses Juggernaut and Last Stand on the same class. As for WAW, I found out that an MP40 with dual mag and double tap puts an end to anyone's juggernaut. X'D Unfortuantly MW doesn't have the luxury of box clips or else I'd do the same for the AK74u.

  9. Call me obsessed, but I just watched the video for the 50th time and I realized when he is running down the steps he walks over an AA-12 to pick up!!! Automatic Shotgun?!?!?! HELL YEAH!! Oh an I also noticed at the end, the firearm has a suppressor AND red dot sight. Looks like they listened to the twitter response for a double attachment perk.

  10. Ah how I hate thee! I'm a run-n-gun type. Corner campers are my worst enemy X'D. I'm sure deep impact will limit the shield to a degree, at least with the LMG and heavier sniper rifles. I bet it's slow to swap back and forth with your weapon. I don't see myself using it for more than the purpose of the XP challenges.

    I also read that the perks will be upgradable from their basic versions to a pro version. I'm kinda skeptical on that because if Juggernaut remains, I can't imagine how many people are going to upgrade it, I'll be the first to upgrade stopping power. On the upside I'd like to see how an upgraded extreme conditioning would work. Anyways, these are the exact reason's for a public beta. People just don't play like they do in the videos. Its not accounting for the jump shooters, the drop shooters (I tend to drop shot a lot on certain maps and situations), and all the other crazy type of styles.

  11. You said it right, They're acting like there might not be a public beta, which is disappointing. I can see their view of it, but they aren't looking for map glitches like the idiots that would get their hands on the public beta.

    Love the MP5K. Curious about the 4 killstreak air drop. The riot shields definitely bring some new tactics to Domination and Search and Destroy. I never thought I'd hate the month of October as much as I do now... its only getting in the way of November! X'D

  12. V4PMRFkx07g

    FINALLY IN-GAME HOST MIGRATION!! No more ending matches because the host left!
  13. What is up neighbor? :glasses:

  14. For real! And thats only 1 out of 15 unlockables! The BETA needs to hurry up and come out.

  15. ZBJcOy6iuUc

    ...nuff said
  16. Yeah it looks real intense. Especially when they were being extracted from that exploding building. I just home IW puts more effort into DLC this time. More than one map pack and some additional SF scenarios down the road would be great.

  17. Did you see the new game informer? It has a nice piece on MW2. I'm pretty excited about the Special Forces mode. Co-Op really didn't work out in WAW. I like the idea of scenario Co-Op while keeping the campaign single player.

  18. go to settings > options > status and it will show you your PIN

    mine is 20D4FE29

  19. I blogged my bourbon marinade. I think I gave it to you last year, but just in case you lost that PM, its there for everyone.

    Oh and that Guinness Marinade works fantastic on bratwurst ;) I've tried it and it was amazing. Just don't forget the sauerkraut!

  20. Yes Labatt is too weak. :P I've tried a Makers Mark on steak, and it turned out pretty good. it was Makers, Brown Sugar, Dijon, Worcester, Garlic Powder, and a few other spices.

  21. I replied to your question about the ribeye, just making sure you saw it since there is no notifications for such things 0-o.

  22. lol. Tomorrow is really the only song I ever liked by them. Its bring back some memories of my days in Virgina.

  23. I suggest the Smith & Wesson 1911 ;)