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  1. Just picked up KOTOR off steam for $10. Waiting for it to finish downloading

    1. DeathscytheX


      I've never played through playing at max settings. My old computer couldn't handle it. It looks a lot better.

    2. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      O.o good choice. I was thinking of picking it up myself since my xbox copy is packed away and I've been wanting to give it a play through again
    3. Sledgstone
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  2. Just picked up KOTOR off steam for $10. Waiting for it to finish downloading

  3. Beyoncé's halftime show was pretty sexy, but Michael Jackson's 1993 performance is still the best IMO.

    1. Sledgstone


      I missed it. I was watching old episodes of Star Trek TNG. lmao. ^_^;

  4. Waiting for this Black Ops DLC to finish. Almost 2 gigs in content, and its taking forever.

    1. Sledgstone


      Only once? Damn. I was hoping it would be in random intervals to add some excitement to it. Oh well. :P

    2. DeathscytheX


      Im sure a domination flag is down there if you play that mode. :P

    3. Sledgstone


      Thats cool. I could see it wiping out an entire team. ^_^

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  5. Sipping on some E&J Brandy wondering why everyone called it an early night! Central Time FTW!

    1. Sledgstone


      Haha. I pass out almost every night by 11pm EDT. Its only 9:30 and I feel like passing out already. ^_^;

    2. DeathscytheX


      LOL, they days of posting til 3-4am are over. We're old. XD

    3. Sledgstone


      hell, I was so busy with random crap I just now got on my laptop for the first time today and I'm about to pass out. *feels old*

  6. vB can go beat rocks together like cavemen. ipb 4-life!

    1. Sledgstone


      IPB is a huge improvement over vb. :nod:

  7. LOL. Nah I havent been able to play much. I still have chump change tasks left on the CQ assignments like grenade kills and c4 kills. I love Assault Conquest, especially on double XP weekends... you can amass so much XP off kills and flag caps per match than any other mode.

  8. My next task is getting in the top 5 on Gun Master... It was ripped off a game mode in COD Black Ops 1.... I hated that game, but I was able to finish in the top 5, because it was only 1 kill per weapon... and the revolver in BF3 is complete garbage against anyone that has a SMG or Assault Rifle. lol

  9. THANK GOD! I finally got my EOD bot kill.. worst handling ever... some unfortunate sniper crouched right in front of me as I mashed the torch button and rolled through him.

  10. I was wondering wtf was going on... ill have to take advantage of that before its fixed for the underslung part of an assignment. I finished the 1st tier support assignment today.

  11. I unlocked the AUG on my first run on Ziba. :P I like the CQ maps. Very fast pace!

  12. lNSAa5_HwmI

    X'D ahh had to do it... nostalgia got to me.
  13. [ame]

    [/ame] Without the music! LMAO
  14. I need to be rich so I don't have to work! :P

  15. 30891_1428261099467_1020991804_1239996_1185871_n.jpg

    I found this on facebook and thought you might enjoy it X'D

  16. Wow is all I can. X'D


  17. Oh yeah, and even if you make it inside, half the time you still die. The Sentry gun on demolish is just nasty. X'D I also have a new found love for the Glock 18. WAY over powered, its like a mini uzi with the power of the AK-74U with stopping power and double tap. @_@.

    I get a lot of Steath Bombers based off how many air drops people do. I personally love them myself. I've learned to always have tactical insertion on me tough, which is a new favorite of mine.

  18. I love scavenger, especially since I use the rocket launcher as my secondary. I love shooting down everyone's UAV X'D. I've shot down a chopper, pavelow, and harrier so far. I just need to shoot down an AC130 and Stealth bomber to complete my list of aerial destruction.

  19. Ah I see. X'D I was wondering, because I been smacking longshots across the map with the M4. I think the increase rate of fire is what threw me off at first, but I adjusted and now its my weapon of choice... until I get the M16, which I have picked up a few times. I miss my old friend.

  20. Really? I like the M4. The SCAR-H does kinda blow. The RPD is definitely not as good as it was in COD4, but the M240 is a beast, especially with the grip (full meter of accuracy). Sleight of Hand, Lightweight, and Scrambler is a mixture of death and destruction.

  21. Its pretty amazing. I haven't gotten that far yet (damn you job). Create a Class is outstanding though. I'm a bit thrown off currently because my SMG run and gun style doesn't quite work out anymore on these huge maps, so I'm adjusting with assault rifles.

    I do have to say I love how they've fixed the LMG class. Lightweight and Marathon do wonders. Thats the main reason I never used them in CoD4, you were just too damn slow.

  22. All i can say is that this game is fucking amazing. I'm at 10, but I would be a lot further if I didn't get caught up in spec ops... OMG its just so fucking awesome! X'D I've beaten a couple on vet. I have to readjust on mutli. Some matches I completely sucked it up and some I did great. The AC130 is just wicked!

  23. LOL, I dont know when my next day off is, but I have to work tuesday and wednesday, so I'm gonna be playing til at least 8 in the morning and try to get 4-5 hours of sleep in before my shift. I made a pledge to reach level 12 within 24 hours. (AA-12 unlock) :P

  24. tomorrow? I'm ready for TONIGHT!! X'D I'm driving to gamestop in the tropical storm to get my copy at midnight.. technically that's tomorrow, but still! X'D