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  1. I wonder how they stack up to Zapps Crawtators




    Sriracha is definitely not the hottest chip I've ever tried. I just loved its flavor... Doritos Flamas was pretty high up on the scoville scale




    The problem with "spicy" foods today is most of them fail to deliver because most the nation isn't use to it/hasn't grown up on it, so they cant handle it and sales suffer. I know people that are so intolerant toward spicy they can't even handle Hooter's regular hot wings.... which is not spicy at all. lol With my dad's side of the family spending most their life in New Orleans, I grew up on spicy and could eat a jalapeno whole without breaking a sweat. I'll have to keep an eye out for these chips. I love kettle chips, especially for dipping... unlike Lay's, they wont shatter into dust trying to scoop out a heap of french onion. XD

  2. Sriracha sauce is 100X hotter than these chips... but I really like the chips.

    Sriracha fixes all shitty cheap food... but for starters I recommend this method to enjoy it:

    get some celery hearts... pop off some celery sticks... pour your favorite ranch dressing in its crevice, and then squeeze a thin line of Sriracha on top of the ranch filled canyon. 




    This is the most well known brand, and I support it.

  3. XD Wow so true. I laughed pretty hard because of how sadly accurate that video is.  Its amazing how people can act when they are veiled by internet anonymity. Chances are presented with a real world situation these same people would not spew these vulgar sexist and/or hateful comments in fear of getting punched in the face, or not even that, the fact that they'd be looked down upon for their socially unacceptable behavior.

    There is no room for a civil debate or even a practical discussion on youtube, or any article on the gawker network. What little youtube videos I have are game play to share with friends. I turn comments and voting off just because I don't have time for trolls.

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  4. There are plenty of women out there that could out shoot male shooters any day of the week. Glock employees a lot of them on their shooting teams. Of course some of them are held as "sexy oddities" because they are attractive, and they indulge their 'fans' likewise.


    The perception of women shooting guns has shifted over the years... a little slower than it should have. But as far as the retail market goes, Manufacturers like Glock, Ruger, Kimber, Bersa, Smith & Wesson, and Taurus have designed small concealable pistols that can easily fit into purses, concealed body hostlers, or simply in a pocket. They've definitely come a long way from the 2 shot derringer that has terrible accuracy. I know 3 of my female friends that carry. Grandma may not be able to handle a .45 but that .380 or 9mm in hollow point will take any man down, especially with 6-10 shots in the mag.  

    With all the crazies and rapists out there, sometimes mace or tasers just wont cut it. I've seen videos of people hyped up on some bad shit and 3 cops not able to bring him down with tasers. That crazy ex-husband may not care about a restraining order, or that homeless guy desperate for the pills that landed him there may lurk in the corner eyeballing that purse. It shouldn't be socially weird that a women or the elderly carry, they are both viewed as "easy targets" for sick people looking for a victim. Sometimes just pointing a piece at an unsuspecting foe is enough to get them to back off... if they don't? Their demise is a result of their own foolishness.

    I carry because I like to target shoot, and because of dumbshits that can't drive, don't follow the rules of the road, and then act like you are in the wrong when they perceived that you have wronged them. I don't do road rage, and ill drop anyone that thinks they need to get out of their vehicle to assault me because I didn't let them in front of me when they broke the law in trying to do so in the first place.


    A few favorite stories of the week.






    Physically disabled:

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  5. LOL, its like someone kicked you in the sinuses straight. Its best with Ginger Ale. You just have to be careful because it will knock you on your ass so fast. X'D Booker's is the best ever!

    GJ is good straight and mixed. but Soco is the best straight in my opinion. Crown has always been overrated to me... I dunnno :\