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  1. If I had to guess without looking it up, this is made by the Soul Eater team... I have this one pegged for my #1 for Summer season. Dr. Stone is probably second.
  2. Fair point. I just can't stand people that just disregard dubs and use 20 year old copypasta statements from anime forums back in the day. Yet we're gonna get butt hurt that Netflix redubbed Evangelion... a dub that was utter fucking trash. Most these people call "enough emotion" the constant overreaction and yelling to anything. TBH I'm good with out it. No one in the west reacts like that, I guess we're all emotionless tools. When it comes to variations in translated words, people don't understand that there simply aren't singular words for things in Japanese as there are in English, and sentence structure is different as well... we're mostly backwards from the rest of the world, I learned this in what little of Spanish I dabbled in. Talking in a direct translation is just not natural. Yeah they go too far some times, but meh. I digress. I can generally point out many dub voices from different series. To me its no different from a Hollywood actor playing different roles. Most of the time they use their normal voice but sometimes they'll have an accent or something. Christopher Sabat is probably the most talented VA, even though he does variations of his Vegeta and Major Armstrong voices for random anime strongmen, he does have a range of performances you'd never know was him without looking it up. Colleen Clinkenbeard does mostly big busty best girls and doesn't stray too far off from her Erza Scarlett voice because its sexy, but she does Luffy in One Piece which is wild. Steve Blum uses Spike voice for everything. But damn its a good voice. Monica Rial is insufferable with mostly squeaker boxes. I've also read the reason we get the same 50 voices is becasue companies are too lazy to try to find new VAs and just prefer to skip auditioning and stick with what they know... which is kinda sad that its hard for newcomers to get an opportunity.
  3. This will probably be taken down eventually if not soon. Its a really small channel with only 3 views currently but Funimation is a hawk on YT. I must say for all the hate dubs get for its "LaCk Of EmOtIoN" this moment is a crowning achievement. The dub is better than the sub in this scene. The emotions are more raw and powerful. Big respect to J Michael Tatum for a simply outstanding performance as Erwin Smith. I don't even care for the character, but in this scene he made me care. I shouldn't be too surprised since he did Okabe in Steins Gate. This however is his best work. Spoilers of course if you aren't current and you care.
  4. If Black Clover took seasonal breaks like MHA, it would have had the potential to be one of the best Shonen series in years. Second to MHA of course. The story is good, the characters and their development are good... besides Asta who's gotten better recently. But the animation quality is such a convoluted mess. People can blame the studio with some merit, but the next episode will be 86 for the sub. That's closing in on two years with zero breaks. The dub only missed a week which is highly impressive for Funimation. When the animation is good, its good... the character models are a mix of good to mediocre. But there is plenty bad... and the low effort animation can go on for multiple episodes in a row. Even a bigger sin is that it happens during big moments at times... you know what you generally save your best work for? Its a damn shame too. The Magic Knight tourney was completely marred the first half with laughable animation at times, and then it got excellent for the final few matches. It drives me crazy when they show how good it can be and then how bad it can be alternating without consistency. With the introduction of their most compelling character yet, I just hope they try to do better overall. I have too much invested into this series now to turn away from it. I've heard they're going to stop outsourcing so much which is the main root of the problem. At least they get the power of friendship right. XD


  5. Edit: it looks like Toonami will be caught up by the time the new season starts. *sigh* I'm not even going to try to hope they don't have the same deal with funi on this as they do with AoT even tho they started way behind.
  6. To be young again. I saw a ton of YT videos and articles worrying about Tifa's design and speculating why they hadn't shown her yet until this popped yesterday. There is a ton of nostalgia to be made into money off best girls of the past. I mean Lara Croft was hugely popular with her cone breasts and trapezoid thighs back in the day. They all look pretty bad now, and not just video game crushes of old, just anything from that era. The jump from 16 to 32bits was so advance at the time everything looked so realistic to the young mind. I remember a few years ago I tried to play and old Ridge Racer game, and I couldn't get over how I couldn't see the track 6 inches in front of me on the screen, it was all a white haze that had the terrain materializing out of it. You had to rely on the minimap and just memorization to master the hard turns. It was so awesome when it first came out... but then when later games on PS2 and PS3 came out where you could see all the way in front of you way off in the distance the PS1 games became super dated.
  7. Funimation put this up finally and it was dubbed... You can tell dubbing foreign films is still stuck in the 60s-70s. Recording voices in the studio over real people is hard. I will say they did an excellent job of lip syncing. The joke of old where the lips keep moving after or well before the voice ends is almost non existent. The issue just comes with that the voices sound like they were dubbed, and in doing so you loose the audio's sound in its true surroundings... no echos in a hallway and what not. The reverberations are missing in relative to the actors surroundings I guess is what I'm trying to say. Plus standing in front of a mic trying to convey fatigue in a realistic fashion rather than an overly dramatic anime style where the character is drawn to take fast deep breaths doesn't come across as sincere. What was funny is that a good chunk of the Fairy Tail dub cast was tasked with this. It was odd hearing a lot of familiar voices do this movie. Todd Haberkorn who voices Natsu also voices the main character here. As a whole, it was entertaining.... but def not one of the best. Japanese CGI is still terrible and laughable. Some of the scenes where Godzilla had to move fast just looked so bad. The resolution to the film was awful... oh and shame on Hideaki Anno for using multiple remixes of the Evangelion background OST for this movie. For hardcore Godzilla fans it's a must watch, but for the casual stick with the Legendary Pictures versions.
  8. Tifa gameplay footage and Sephiroth reveal. I'll probably get this when the whole thing is out. I've never played a final fantasy game because despite it moving away from it in recent years... I've never ever liked turn based RPGS. I don't know the lore of each game and how they compare, I just remember how mega hype this game was when it came out from people that loved RPGs. Whether it deserved it in hindsight, I can't make that call. But regardless it probably benefited a lot from a major turning point in gaming history which was the 32bit era.. While the 128 bit era was the golden age, the 32bit era was the renaissance that lead to it. New technology was born, things that were never done before in gaming were coming to life. No doubt being the first FF game on PSX enhanced its mark in history.
  9. I mean, I'd hope it would be in a Telltale format with each episode coming out every 3-4 months. But you're right... that would suck waiting a year or more for a freakin ep. You'd be better off just waiting for it all to come out and snag a complete series deal or something.
  10. I guess I got so use to them never being in costume that i didn't care. I mean they look like they're all wearing a party city Halloween consume of one of Jean Grey's comic variations. Sophie has a small frame and it looks like she's wearing football pads under her top in the top pic. Everyone else's outfit fits great except hers. Shes just a bad actor. Shes got the same facial expression and tone in everything she does. And when she does interviews shes a different person entirely so its not her personality. Shes just not good at acting.
  11. It will still be episodes https://kotaku.com/final-fantasy-vii-remakes-action-rpg-combat-detailed-1835393635
  12. Funimation put up Your Name. I remember all the hype behind this film and how it it became the highest grossing anime at the box office. After watching it, it was kinda a letdown. I mean it wasn't bad, but Spirited Away is immensely superior to this movie. Its worth watching, but I wouldn't grade it above a solid straight to Netflix feature.

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    2. DeathscytheX


      It was absolutely beautiful from and animation standpoint. I just found it to be a typical love story. XD the musical montages sprinkled through out it didnt really do anything for me. I could have done without the episodic series style opening too. I liked it, I just expected more since it got so much praise and every new movie is wrote about comparing it to Your Name. 

    3. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      That'll be the problem for the foreseeable future until something else comes out that's superior to it in some way (Shinkai has a new film coming out so who knows it'll probably kill the Your Name hype if its good (which who am I kidding, I'll think its amazing so my opinion here is pretty much moot XD)). Almost every sub-genre in anime has a "Your Name" title in it that everything else gets compared to so I completely understand the sentiment when looking at it that way.

      Honestly Your Name's OST is probably one of my favorite ones to date so those muscial montages were amazing to me (one thing Shinkai does well is having a good musical score for all of his movies). Honestly my only gripe about the whole film is how it ended but I should be used to that by now, none of his fucking movies have a happy ending (Your Name is probably the only one that comes close to being a happy ending). They always end with both main characters going their own way either not remembering who the other is (ala Your Name), not recognizing each other in the future (5 cm), completely loosing their memories (The Promised Place), being million miles away from each other (Voices of a Distant Star), or having  a falling out and not seeing each other again (Garden of Words, though both still pine for each other). Drives me fucking nuts and I wish he'd fix that about his stories.

    4. DeathscytheX


      OMG, I thought Your Name was gonna end like that. If they wouldn't have turned around and acknowledged each other for the payoff, I would have been so pissed. XD

  13. Not surprising. None of the trailers did it for me. Sophie Turner is a uninspiring actor, shes too stoic, stiff... I don't know what it is. I didn't like her in GoT, and I didn't like her in Apocalypse. As a centerpiece of a film, I knew it wouldn't work. X-Men has always been a B series for me, only propped up by mega stars at the start. The scripts were never that great. Days of Future Past was probably the only film I found to be excellent, excluding Logan which was outstanding. James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender are well above everyone else in the young cast. Deadpool will be the best "X-Men" movies from here on out. Which is crazy how X-Men side story/alternate universe movies are better than actual X-Men films.
  14. Oh they even tuned it to each map. If a control map had even a 55% victory rate for defense or offense, they'd change cap speeds and other aspects of the map to get it to within a 1-2% margin. It totally takes the "fun" or sense of accomplishment out of "bad maps". I remember in MW1, Bog was the most lopsided map for whoever started out on the side opposite of the bus graveyard. It was a terrible map because the enemy team could just pin you down in all the choke points as you were just in a big kill box. There was a path to the side a lot of people didn't pay attention to except a few campers. If you're aim was good enough or you could get lucky/ knowledgeable enough where to blind throw the nade over the building, you could clear the path, get behind, and flip the spawn to where your team starts spawning on the good side. It was such a good feeling, because once you did that, you're team was in the know and guarded the hell out of that path so the other team wouldn't be able to take it back. If they were disorganized, they'd just funnel through the door in panic mode and get mowed down to defeat trying to flip the spawn again.
  15. Well it has a release date.
  16. Please Sony don't do what MS did and have a lame ass montage of a bunch of generic people talking about a console's vague specs you don't get to look at. Don't bother having a presser until physical hardware is ready to see and they're are games to announce for it. 🙄 I hope you missed E3 for this reason, and you're own event will not feature this garbage.

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    2. Sledgstone


      I didn't watch it but the gist seems to be.. "most powerful console ever (like they all say every single time a new console comes out), 120 fps, 8k support, backwards compatibility support, blah blah..." no details on whether that 8k support is for movies/streaming movies only or if its for games.. 120 fps, but no details with at what resolutions to achieve that. It almost seemed like they were testing the waters. Ever since they did their last big reveal with the Xbox One, with no used games, must have a kinect sold with it, etc.. and it initially flopped and got ripped apart by the community.. its like MS wants to be as vague as possible so they can read peoples comments on what they actually want to make sure they have a solid product now before they finalize it.

      What I want to hear from Sony is backwards compatibility of all digitally purchased games. They are making the PS5 backwards compatible, but both MS and Sony are not giving details on their consoles backwards compatibility. Is the backwards compatibility only for disc games? Or can we finally use our digital libraries over multiple consoles like all PC players have been able to do since the beginning of the Steam store and more recently the Epic store?

    3. DeathscytheX


      The more I've thought about this, the more I'm convinced both consoles will be digitally backwards compatible. They both want to be all digital and streaming one day, but mostly for PS+ and Games with Gold. Remember how shitty the free games were, until basically the end of the consoles life cycle? When the consoles launch they'll have a strong last gen line up to give out for free monthly rather than random indy shovelware for the first years. It's too perfect not too do.

    4. Sledgstone


      That's a damn fine point right there. I hope that happens.

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