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  1. It's All Might to me because its Christopher Sabat and he does all the funny muscle guys in anime. his voice changes tone in deflated form.
  2. This is the first time I bought one of these at launch. I was a bit disgruntled after only being able to play Ep 1 as I'm use to all the eps being available. The first ep was good. A lot of character building. Having AJ with me and watching def made me think more about my choices in dialog. I tried to be more fair and reasonable. This first ep was more about relationship development with the new cast. There was a lot of choices to be made, but I don't think any would have been super impactful for the overall arc. The end was pretty brutal though. And AJ is a little shit, I kinda wish he died in the last season . #TeamKenny
  3. Hopefully if you killed Kenny like a dick before New Frontier, you can't survive this game, and if you let him live, he comes out of no where to save you.
  4. As the simuldub season comes to a close and there are days where nothing comes out, the lull between this and next season had me watching some random series. I was in the mood for some more lighthearted fun. I thought I'd put out some random reviews of series. I get a kick out of the reviews for some of these slice of life romantic comedy type shows, as the reviewers seem to know nothing about anime outside of action series. They review it from a western culture and politically correct point of view... and little extreme at that. I'm here to present it as an actual anime fan and watcher. Unlike the Simuldub reviews, I won't be giving these scores, I'll just be posting what they are about, and my random feelings on each series. You can expect minor spoilers at times, because let's face it.. most of these genres always end the same. I'm not reviewing game changing, pinnacle series that will be remembered 15 years from now. Classroom of the Elite I actually just finished this one yesterday in one sitting. The premise is a government run school hand picks its student body based on potential to be future leaders. The high school boasts a 100% university acceptance and employment after graduation rate. The story revolves around Kiyotaka Ayanokouj, a mysterious unmotivated student that seems to have boundless potential from smarts to psychical abilities, and Suzune Horikita a typical trope ice queen that's out to prove her older brother (who is student council president) that she isn't a disgrace to the family name. Each class room is ranked A-D, and can swap places based on test scores. Test scores for each class serve as the monetary system of the school. The better each class does, the more points allotted to each student within. The focus is to teach these students how to deal with the unpredictability of adult life. Test scores don't seem the be the main focal point of gaining points, as social merits like behavior and being responsible also factor in to gaining points. Ayanokouj and Horikita try to ascend their lowly class D to the top with C-A scheming to keep them down along with their own aspirations of moving up or keeping everyone else down. Overall I thought the series was enjoyable. It was very cut throat, and the way they went about plot resolutions was fairly cerebral even if it was predictable at times. The fanservice was light, and the comedy was limited and dry at times... but most of the high school tropes were there or attempted. Ayanokouj was your typical aloof closet prodigy. Although it was a nice twist where they have you thinking deep down he is a kind soul trying to help Horikita and anyone else, only to eventually hint that hes just a douche using everyone. For the main protagonist, this is quite different. The season ended on that note. Most of it was class D trying to stay afloat, then they pull a major upset. But they never really ascend to be class C. Ayanokouj and Horikita resort to underhanded methods to get there way in unconventional corrupt ways by realistic school standards as they learn the rules and how different this campus was compared to a traditional one. I could see people finding none of these characters likeable. But its a nice dog eat dog story. Masamune-kun's Revenge This one is a slice of life romantic comedy where Masamune Makabe is haunted by his past of being fat, and ultimately rejected by his crush Aki Adagaki when they were just kids. Makabe becomes a health nut and work out junky to be skinny and fit. He does this with the goal to make Aki fall for him just to dump her in the most brutal way possible. Coincidentally, Makabe years later transfers to the school that Aki just so happens to attend. She has become known as the Cruel Princess for turning down every guy that asks her out in savage fashion, branding them with nicknames that stick. This is one of the series that got a terrible review because apparently all the girls are portrayed as cruel and the boys as the victim. I actually find this stupid because there are series that are actually like that, and others that flip the genders. But in this one, everyone is a schemer.. I mean Makabe's whole plan is douchey. From the start you can tell there is something more going on with this backstory. I really enjoyed this one. I go into all of these expecting the cliche tropes, this one didn't disappoint. It has all your love triangle, walking in during undressing, blush face, almost kissed mishaps. They do a good job of building the tension throughout the series between Aki and Makabe. Aki doesn't know Makabe is her childhood friend, who she thinks abandoned her one day back then. That is the twist in the story as they both have separate accounts of events. About half way through its easy to tell what really happened, but they even throw in another wrench that makes little sense at present time. I had a good amount of laugh out loud moments. They really do a nice job of sprinkling in Makabe's health nut life style when it comes to junk food, as everyone is always trying to tempt him with it. Unfortunately the series ends with a lot of loose ends. Since I pretty much figured how it ends, in typical fashion with Aki and Makabe eventually getting together. I read the spoilers and confirmed it. I'll still watch season 2 when it comes out next year. The Testament of Sister New Devil Oh boy, where to begin. This one revolves around Basara Tojo, and expelled member of a hero clan that saves the world from demons. His dad is the most powerful fighter ever known and the demon lord himself fears him. Basara caused himself and his dad to get banned from the hero clan because of his uncontrollable power that killed many in an incident where he took on a powerful demon. One day two girls become apart of his family through marriage, but in actuality it was a ruse as Mio Naruse, daughter of a past demon king and her succubus accomplice Maria Naruse attempt to use the Tojo house as a staging ground to hide from the hero clan that deems her dangerous. Mio is a target of both the hero clan and the demons for her sleeping power handed down from her father. Thinking they deceived Basara and his father, they learn that they were dealing with former hero clan warriors, who knew all along and were instead going to protect them from both sides. I spent way to much time on describing the plot. This is a full blown hentai without insertion. Like WTF? If you took out all the lewd titty sucking and fondling you might have a decent anime, but good lord... I use Highschool DxD as my benchmark for lewd fan service anime, but its tame compared to this. They don't go for innuendo, they just do it. Stay away from this one. My First Girlfriend is a Gal I won't spend as much time on this plot. Basically it's a high school harem drama comedy. Typical loser Junichi Hashiba asks out super hottie Yakana Yame when he is inadvertently forced to through his scheming perv friends. She says yes, and he deals with the typical shenanigans with other girls trying to get him to be unfaithful, and Yakana's overly protective childhood friend always giving him a hard time because she is also in love with her secretly. Although Yakana dresses provocatively, shes deep down a really conservative girl when it comes to sexuality. Ok this one is more of the traditional fan service I'm use too. hair covering nips, and what not. The dub was kind of tarnished by Yakana's valley girl accent voice acting. But on a whole the story was actually quite charming. They could have done without the excessive day dream fantasy sequences Junichi would have that never would come to fruition, but hey, thats the genre I guess. I got a ton of laughs out of it so it worked for me. I guess I can relate to this anime because I reminds me of a somewhat similar situation I went through in my younger years. RE:ZERO -Staring Life in Another World- I guess this has become its own genre since SAO. This one is an interesting take on it. Subaru Natsuki leaves a convenient store, when he blinks he's all of the sudden in a strange new world. When he dies, he returns to a checkpoint like in a game and has to start over. He befriends Emilia who is a powerful spirit magic wielder and also an heir to a empty throne along with 4 other candidates. As he gains the trust of her household, he dies many times trying to uncover a potential plot against her. I found this to be enjoyable, even if Subaru is pretty annoying. The animation is really nice, and the action is good. The dying aspect is used often, reminding me of the repeat scenarios of the first season of Westworld. He dies brutally, and even though he knows he'll just resapwn he definitely never wants it to happen to the point it almost drives him mad. Each time he must learn from the last and avoid being killed by someone or by a mistake. He did reset purposefully once. The series ends on a bombshell cliffhanger, and although I'd like to see another season or two, I can see the dying and redoing getting redundant after a while. Sometimes when they do it, it's really disheartening when you think he is making some progress towards his side goals, only to have it taken away. They do a decent job of skipping through all the daily events if he has to do the same scenarios more than once.
  5. I have a few eps left to go, but it seems to be the reboardcasted version. Funi has 26 eps. The Wiki says there is 28 but only lists 24 of them ending with Suzumiya part V. I can't imagine what the original only 14 was like. reading about it is pretty confusing in itself how Season 2 was basically more eps mixed into season one in the correct order.
  6. This simuldub season is pretty meh compared to last. If it wasn't for the fact that MHA and out of all things; Black Clover was still running. I'd be hard pressed to keep up. Ep 1 of Overlord season 3 felt like a waste of time, but the second one made things pretty interesting. Angels of Death seems kind of bland so far. How not to Summon a Demon Lord is a typical fanservice trapped in a video game world show. Same goes for The Master of Ragnarok & Blesser of Einherjar. Lord of Vermilion feels like a better Tokyo Majin.. which isn't saying much. Hopefully it will be something better. Harukana Receive is bouncy bikini beach volley ball, but Haruka is a total best girl, so I'll shamelessly enjoy it. XD On the opposite end, I'll skip Free! because I'm not watching a bunch of dudes swim, and I'm already watching HR and Hanebado... an anime about freakin Badminton. With Dies Irae and AoT not staring until later in the month that leaves three unlikely contenders for a surprise best in season for me, that isn't Overlord or AoT which I already expect to be solid at worst.

    Magical Girl Raising Project is apparently a dark ass violent series with cute moe magic girls. XD A total clash of genres. The first two eps only have brief hints at it so far, its mostly just cutesy. But if it turns out like I think it has the potential too. It should be pretty interesting.

    Chio's School Road is a "school" anime thats about Chio's walk to school every day, instead of the actual school day. The absolute absurd happens apparently every time. The first three eps have been pretty hysterical so far. Its different, so I like it.

    Island is a pretty big mystery to me as to what its suppose to be about. It has my interest to see how it unfolds. It can honestly go either way. I guess I'll be reviewing these at the end of the season and we'll see how my opinions have changed since this status update.

    1. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      Overlord has been pretty meh so far, thankfully the current arc ended with episode 5 (the most current on CR). I'm all for world building but honestly these side stories are becoming a little to much for me (I know they're part of the books but I want more Ainz action). I won't go any further as it will ruin the character development but it was honestly unnecessary to show this.

      If it wasn't for Overlord I wouldn't be watching any of the new shows this season considering none have seemed interesting to me. My Hero and Steins:Gate 0 are the only currently airing shows I'm watching (and boy has Steins taken a turn for the extremely interesting as of the last episode. MHA is really dragging out this current arc so I'm not entirely sure how this season is going to end, my current prediction might not actually happen until the next, hopefully, season).

    2. DeathscytheX


      I don't understand why they are structuring the anime to have arcs end in the middle of seasons. The open endedness of last season was odd. I figured Steines will be over within the next few weeks. I didn't look up the episode count to avoid spoilers but I know it won't be running through the entirety of this season so I don't count it. I don't even really count MHA or Black Clover since they are continuously to semi-continuously running through multiple seasons.

    3. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      SG0 has the same number of eps as SG so it'll end in little over a month if they don't take breaks (episode 18 is the newest).

      They're doing it the same way they did the books. Each arc is an adaptation of one book though by the sounds of it the current arc was book 8 so they skipped book 7 (which a lot of people are pissed about) and everyone is worried that now we only have 8 episodes to adapt books 7 and 9 for this season (which may or may not be enough episodes). Plus the way they were going we were in for some major story developments (we still are if they do the next 8 episodes right) but I think they're banking on getting a S4 so they're drawing shit out they don't need to (the feeling I've been getting with MHA but at least MHA is guaranteed a 4th season with how popular it is (I mean fuck it's getting an original movie that has nothing to do with the manga)).

  7. SWORDGAI I already stated before after the first season that this was mediocre at best I believe. A lot of reused animation for transformations and what not. I just finished Season 2 a few days ago, and while they upped their game with getting rid of the transformation sequences, and made the story more interesting kinda sorta. It still fell flat. It feels like a poor man's GARO, which is far superior in every way... except for the Crimson Moon season which I never finished. I'd say skip this and go watch GARO and GARO - Vanishing Line instead. Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans I watched this soley because Funi never gets Gundam, but somehow got their hands on this one. The dub was quite excellent with the variety of voices they picked for it. After the first season I would have said it was an ok watch but I wouldn't have recommended it to anyone. Season 2 changed all of that. They are almost like day and night with tone. Season one it felt like nothing could stop Tekkadan, either because they had strong willpower to make it through, or they'd always catch the lucky break. Season 2 takes all of that away. Its a brutal watch with some awesome battle scenes. There was seriously maybe 1 ep where shit wasn't going down in season 2. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya I guess I'm late to the party on this one. I came across this from a random Mother's Basement ep on YouTube. So I checked it out and I adore this anime with all its wackiness. Its an all around Folly of Kyon's everyday life. I love the character chemistry between bat shit hyper Haruhi, and cynical realist Kyon. What seems to be just an average slice of life school anime, turns into something thats just all around nuts and a good time. Somehow it manages to stay grounded though without really going out there like Bobobo or Space Dandy. Although Space Dandy is probably my all time favorite comedy anime next to Fumoffu. Thats a whole other story though
  8. Apparently the leaked map is the real deal. I'm pretty excited. RDR was Rockstar's best game to date IMO. GTA is their money maker, but RDR was their most epic story.
  9. Spoiler Alert for Iron Blooded Orphans. Funi put up the rest of season 2. Seriously fuck off... it's been a while since I've so mad about a character death. The way they killed Lafter was gut wrenching. I though Biscuit's death was bad, but fuck that was so fucked up. :(

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    2. DeathscytheX


      Honestly I can't really take "fans" too seriously anymore. I see comments on Funi's post about some random new series thats not gundam and someone just posts "Dubs are trash, and so is this anime, watch Gundam UC timeline". I'm like bruh, this isn't an anime forum 20 years ago... (Think about that We've all known each other for 17-20 years now. XD)

      I really dug the grey area aspect of the story in season 2. There wasn't really a good or bad side per-say. I respect what McGillis was after, and in the end it came to fruition in a way. Elion seemed like not to bad of a guy in the end, even if his ways were a bit convoluted getting there. Tekkadan was just caught in all the wrong places. Orga's death was sad, but it didn't hurt like Lafter's. It was a given that he was a target, so it wasn't much of a surprise. Lafter's death was so senseless off something so petty, it was hard to swallow... especially after the development she had been getting as you said. 

      Even though S2 was better. My favorite moment was when Mikazuki freight trained Carta without warning when she challenged Tekkadan to a 3v3 duel. XD  I love small anti-cliche moments like that. It reminded me of Mugen in Samurai Champloo when a little kid was being held hostage and his holder was like "don't you care if this boy lives or dies?!" and he was like "naaaah, not really" and started kicking ass. XD

    3. DeathscytheX


      Oh and Bael was my favorite mecha of the series.

    4. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      Heh, good god how the time flies and boy has the anime forum mentality sure evolved (well depending on where you go. The MAL forums could be pretty toxic back when they were still up).

      Yea, Orga's death more or less felt forced for plot sake. I understand why they took that method (I mean leader of Tekkadan, master of Mikazuki and the Barbatos, and what have you) but it wasn't exactly necessary (even if it did rile Mikazuki up and force the final battle). McGillis, while I admire what he was after, went about it in the worst possible way (ala Zechs in GW) and caused so much unneeded death.

      That was a great moment. The lack of care Mikazuki shows while in battle is amazing. "Oh you want a fair fight, no dice" *proceeds to dash in and murder everyone* This is why he's one of my favorite characters from the show. Yea, he's pretty much emotionless outside of talking to those who he cares about but he is probably one of the best pilots in any Gundam show based purely on instinct alone.

      If it doesn't show already my favorite mech is the Barbatos Lupus Rex, such a finely tuned piece of machinery (not to mention it literally took 7 Dainsleifs to finally bring him down to Julieta's level of fighting (though he was practically dead at that point) and he still took out most of her soldiers before she "won").

  10. Holy shit. I just finish this, and they HAVE to make another season! The Laevatein is a fucking monster! What a tease... I need more!!!
  11. OMG! I didn't even know about this, or I forgot about it. But it just popped on my new Simuldub season list for Funimation!!! I'm so hyped!!!
  12. This sounds like a huge trainwreck.....
  13. I don't drink much soda anymore unless I'm at the theater or some other public event. But every time I see something new I gotta try it. My grocery store got some new specialty sodas in this week. Some haven't come in yet that I sill want to try. I've already had Cheerwine before which is basically a Dr. Pepper variation clone. They had some Faygo with real sugar, and a Shirley Temple soda that was liquid diabetes. But there was one called Moxie and it was pretty fucking nasty. XD It didn't say what it was, so I assumed it was just some type of cola... which it was with a vile aftertaste that can only be described as bitter grapefruit extract with a pinch of dirt. Apparently its an old soft drink made in the late 1800's and it should have stayed there because its nasty AF.

    1. Sledgstone


      I remember trying a cab of TaB back in the 80s. That was the nastiest soda I ever drank. XD faygo with real sugar sounds good. I used too drink faygo all the time when I was a kid. 

    2. Sledgstone


      *can.... I hate my phone. -_-,

    3. DeathscytheX


      Tab is the Good & Plenty of soda. XD I remember they came out with an energy drink about 10 years ago, and it almost made me throw up drinking it.

  14. This looks better than FFXV. This looks really bad ass actually... can't wait to see more. The dystopian anime style really grabs at me.
  15. Darling in the Franxx ended and it was pretty much a letdown. The wildly inconsistent pacing I could deal with, but when I thought Trigger wasn't going to be able to help themselves and give us a epic Gurren style space ending, what we got instead was WTF. Pretty bizarre stuff. This was a lost opportunity for sure. Toyko Ghoul:RE ended strong, If they don't skip to some random future part the next season it will be worth keeping up with. Legend of Galactic Heroes ended in a big cliffhanger... like Legend of Legendary Heroes. I hope there is a season 2! Katana Maidens ending was satisfactory, Not much more you can expect from a series like this. Basilisk: The Ouka Ninja Scrolls ending was cliche as it gets. This was a let down for me. It didn't hold up to the first. The character deaths were lame and meaningless at times, which is a shame because some of the characters I really liked. HINAMATSURI was a joy. It's open to another season so I'm all for it.
  16. I'll probably start reviewing these based on what I've watched each season. If I watch one later that I just didn't have time for I'll update the corresponding post. I'll also review them before they're completely done because they all wont end at the same time, and if the ending is a catastrophe I'll update my review. These will be spoiler free as well. My Hero Academia Season 3 (Will carry over into Summer 2018) 5/5 So far this season has been the best. Two high octane arcs have completed and they've kept an incredible pace since season 2. As I heard from an analysis video before, MHA shows what a shonen jump series can achieve when it takes proper seasonal breaks rather than pumping out episodes endlessly for weeks. The series stays focused and there are no fillers. I can't say enough with how quality the animation is for its action sequences. Its one of the few left that keeps intricate details with very few short cuts. Black Clover 3/5 This has been going on for a few Funi seasons now. I just caught up and we're in the 40s on ep count. This series had major hype for being the next big thing. Honestly it hasn't really delivered until the current arc. The animation is good, the fights were spotty until this arc, and they cheat you out of a good 3 min of animation by putting up the same pre-opening monologue about the first wizard king killing a demon. I mean 40 episodes later, that little segment needs to go. My main problem with the series is the main character. Hes ultra obnoxious and screams and yells constantly... and its both in the dub and sub (inb4 dub lulz). Asta is like that weirdo that should have been a funny side character that was good in smaller doses. There is plenty of cliche in this series. The lore, the other characters, and just about everything else is what makes this series watchable... just not the protagonist. Tokyo Ghoul:RE 3/5 Like WTF is even happening here? Like I said before, this season is way more enjoyable than the previous ones, but its so disjointed from the end of season 2. They're really butchering the shit out of the manga, and throwing together arcs they think will look good as an anime, but they aren't doing anything to bridge the gaps. With a bit more work, they could have done it with some proper flashbacks. But no, they just expect you to know what is going on from the get go. The action and gore is superb though. Steins;Gate 0 5/5 Feels train. The first series was a mind fuck that was so crazy, it was kinda hard for me to pay attention the whole time. I liked it enough to have an emotional attachment to all the characters. This one just makes sure to gut punch you in the feels non stop about the end of the original series, and the latter half of it at that. I would actually recommend the first to anyone that hasn't seen it, just to watch this series. Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory 5/5 I could almost dock a point for excessive recap eps, but damn this season keeps you on the edge of your seat. This is the most tense anime I've ever watched just about. I think all of but one or two eps end on a crazy ass cliffhanger so far. Overall, the animation quality is good minus the cringeworthy CG car chase scenes. Those are really REAAAALLY bad. But the story, and the ongoing suspense is incredible. The action has been solid, and damn there is some brutal violence. They really got that head shot blood splatter/mist perfected. Basilisk: The Ouka Ninja Scrolls 2/5 I loved the original Basilisk, It was a well thought out drama tragedy akin to a samurai Romeo + Juliet. The story of this one is pretty weird. It takes place many years after the first. I don't really even understand why anything is happening. The animation style is interesting, and some of the fights are good.... but overall very little makes sense about what is going on and why the conflict is happening. DARLING in the FRANXX 4/5 This anime is weird, touching, dreary, and crazy. While I have really enjoyed it, I could see other people not doing so. The pacing is a bit wonky in the middle, but the character development is really good, I have a feeling I'll have to redo this review when I see the end. They could leave a lot unanswered, even though they had a huge plot twist last week. They have some pretty wild battles the first half, and then there are a few eps devoid of any action at all, and now we're in the midst of some more crazy action. The influence of the Gurren Lagann team can be felt, but don't expect anything as epic and over the top. This series is much more down to earth and serious. On an emotional tone, its actually pretty dark and f'ed up. Dances with Dragons 2/5 This is casual watch, when there is nothing else to do. The world building is incredibly weak. Some of the comedy is good, and the fights are pretty entertaining, but kind of like Ouka Ninja Scrolls, its not really clear whats going on. The motives aren't really explained well. Oddly enough this anime opens with the Universal Studios jingle and logo. Maybe that has something to do with the weak story. HINAMATSURI 4/5 LOL! This series is adorable. Its a slice of life anime that delivers some touching moments, and some great comedy. Its not gut busting funny like Ben-to or My Bride is a Mermaid. But it has it's moments. The dub voice work is pretty fantastic. Since its based on a little girl with super powers and a low ranking yakuza, they can get away with some pretty absurd scenarios. Based off the description, I figured this was going to be an action comedy, but even though it wasn't, I've enjoyed this one very much. Toji No Miko (Katana Maidens) 4/5 I don't know what made me watch this one. I think it was because I was waiting on another series to pop a new ep. Pleasantly surprised that this was actually pretty decent. I was expecting a Bewbs and Blades or a power girl children's anime. It does lean toward the children's side, but its actually got a pretty complex social and political structure to it. The fights are pretty good, but they really cut corners when it comes to character's battle animation. Its almost ingenious how they did it. The whole premise is these girls fight in a some what holographic but powerful state. They have a glow when they do this to cover up the fact that when they fight they are being CGI'ed rather than drawn. But there are a lot of times when their awkward motions and close ups give it away. It can be pretty jarring at times. I don't get why this decision was made because literally everything else is drawn, including the monsters. Either way, pretty solid story dividend into two arcs. Its worth watching. Legend of Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These 4/5 After watching a few comparison videos, this seems to be just a complete update of the original. The story is the same, and even some if not a lot of the scenes are the same verbatim. It's a mostly political drama with some epic space battles here and there. I love political drama when the world building is solid. There are so many characters, its kind hard to keep up with at times, but I'm getting the hang of it. This is definitely not a series you can watch with one eye on your phone, or playing it in the background. You'd probably get lost pretty fast.
  17. Ancient Magus Bride is amazing. Omg watch it!