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    Astral Chain

    This looks crazy, and I love it.
  3. I finally passed the anime in the AoT manga. This next half of season 3 is probably going to end before they explain everything, where the titans came from, the world outside the walls, and how everything happened. It's interesting, but I feel like it makes the series lose a major component which was the mystery of why anything was happening. The anime is about to get as intense as season 1 was, but after that I can see people getting bored with the next season unless the really fly through this section of explanations. I don't think they will though because the anime has been the manga verbatim.

    1. Sledgstone


      The manga actually explains all that? Wow.. I need to start reading the manga again. 

    2. DeathscytheX


      Yeah, they finally get to Eren's father's basement and everything about the world is revealed through his fathers records. And through that they pretty much spoil who the beast titan is, although I suspect they did that on purpose since they make a big what to do about it before they get there.

  4. DeathscytheX

    The Division 2

    I played for a extended period today hitting the max level, getting some specialized gear, and some decent weapons. Pros -The open world is a lot more alive. There are way more enemies, and events that constantly spawn. -There are tons of loot caches everywhere, whether its guns, gear, or crafting components -Mechanically gunplay is the same... each type handles like it did in the first game. TTK is much higher for normals and purples. -Attachments are crafted or awarded and act as a global unlock. You can use them on multiple weapons at once rather than having to unequip or worry about scrapping it by accident when you salvage a weapon. -Enemies no longer grenade spam as much allowing you to utilize cover -Side missions are unique and interesting, rather than the rinse and repeat of the first game... this type of content is regulated to the open world. -The skill variants are nice. The sniper turret is super OP and I expect it to get nerfed... Even though you have to manually operate it, it can one shot normals, and 2 shot almost anything else. A lot of the skills require more manual inputs. Unfortunately it doesn't always work for the best, but thats the price of having a PVP aspect to your game. But each skill has 3-4 options so there is plenty to choose from. Cons -The open world is more alive, but its also repetitive. Sometimes these events get in your way when you just want to go somewhere else. The game is different enough to where you cant just run past enemies and tank it until you escape. You're forced into engagements to get to a lot of places. -The armor plate system is nice to a certain extent, but it has flaws... if you get staggered out of cover under heavy fire, you're just automatically dead. The rushers can be problematic, but its mostly the specialist enemies that hide and spam there ability while you try to clear the mobs to get to them. The grenadier shoots out a very slow arcing nade that will crush your armor plate. its actually pretty annoying because if you're under fire, it sucks to move. But the worst is this enemy that keeps spamming RC cars that explode.... they'll hide way in the back and keep doing it so you have to keep trying to shoot the car and enemies until everyone is dead and you can chase the bastard down. If the car explodes on you it will take your armor and a chunk of your health which doesn't last long at all under fire. -The autopathing needs to be optional... too many times I try to dive/dodge only to take cover facing the opposite way of my enemy and died. Being magnetic to walls is super annoying.
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    The Division 2

    Beta sign ups: https://tomclancy-thedivision.ubisoft.com/game/en-us/beta
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    Battlefield V

    I love how they blamed it on everything besides insulting the fan base and telling them not to buy the game.
  7. DeathscytheX

    Battlefield V

    So Battlefield has never used a roman numeral. V is either for Victory ala WWII... or Vietnam which I'm hoping for the most. PLEASE GIVE US NAM OPERATIONS!!! HILL 137! I need to RPG choppers again. Nam is the best of modern without the cheap ass guided bullshit.
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    The Division 2

  9. DeathscytheX

    Anthem (Bioware's Destiny)

    The loot table being the same for all difficult content is going to make people cry, but if they all have the same difficultly adjustment its ok to me. Hopefully they make auras or something for people that raid.
  10. DeathscytheX

    Anthem (Bioware's Destiny)

    Looks an awful lot like Destiny. gameplay will be at MS E3 conference.
  11. DeathscytheX

    The Division 2

  12. DeathscytheX

    Violet Evergarden

    Every time I see a clip, I'm reminded how this is the most beautiful work of animation ever created.
  13. I just finished this on Netflix and I must say; Bravo Netflix you finally nailed it. I almost stopped after ep 2 just because this anime wasn't what I thought it was going to be, but I kept with it and I'm so glad I did. It's definitely not a genre I usually watch. There is very little action and its mostly drama, but good lord the story is great, the voice acting is phenomenal, the animation is stunning, and the OST is beautiful. Episode 7 was probably my favorite, but 8-11 is a damn feels trip. Holy shit its rough at some points, but the final two episodes serve as a proper finale. I can't recommend this enough. There is some Studio Ghibli level charm with this series. This should have received more promotion from Netflix than it did if any.
  14. DeathscytheX

    Gamestop's eventual demise.

    While digital sales are the biggest part of this, and was the primary goal of Sony and Microsoft to put them in the grave, they certainly never helped themselves by not selling you a game 3 weeks after it came out because you didn't preorder it. 🙄 Especially since most of these are located near a Walmart are Target where you can just walk across the parking lot and buy the game. They may be around a few more years, but it looks like they're finally going to be gone. I haven't stepped foot in one since they screwed me over on my Destiny 1 special edition. They're still living in the PS2 era trying to push strategy guides and disc insurance, they've never been able to adapt to the current state of gaming.
  15. DeathscytheX

    Project Blue Book

    The first two eps were interesting, but kind of hit and miss at points... the last two eps have been outstanding, and I think the series found its groove.
  16. DeathscytheX

    Project Blue Book

    Little Finger and Aliens? Sold!
  17. DeathscytheX

    The Division 2

  18. DeathscytheX

    The Jimquisition

  19. I'll pass on a review of the Fall simuldub lineup. Mostly because everything I like is bleeding into the new season minus SSSS.Gridman, ZOMBIE LAND SAGA, and Goblin Slayer. There rest was underwhelming, absolute trash, or not dubbed. As someone that enjoys a fanservice fest now and then, I don't get the appeal of SENRAN KAGURA, After 3 eps, I was like "holy shit this is so bad". XD I guess because it tries to be so serious. Anyways, I watched the first ep of Magical Girl Spec Ops, and it was pretty awesome. I think this is closer to what I was expecting from Raising Project. Seeing a magical girl slice up a bunch of people with a karambit was pretty awesome. XD Boogiepop and Others is interesting so far so I'll stick with it. Still waiting for Mob Psycho 100 season 2 to start the dub, and I guess I'll ride the hype train for The Rising of the Shield Hero when it starts.

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    2. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      I thought SAO had a simuldub? I could of sworn I saw it up on the Funimation app (I could be wrong, never actually looked into it since I watch in on CR). Honestly you're not missing much in the way of SAO. The beginning 6-7 eps were pretty much all set up for the current plot and we only recently started getting into some good ass fights but honestly its just more SAO without what made S1 and Mother's Rosario so awesome. I'm honestly not impressed by it (and by what I hear this arc really isn't that great in the books also (though it's technically still the current arc) but it could just be that I'm SAO'd out now that we've done 3 seasons, two short arcs, a movie, and the alternate SAO that aired (that was actually pretty good).

      No idea what Rinshi is, never heard of it but a quick google search says it's based off a 4 panel manga that is based on the author's life so that might be why it's so out there (those type of shows usually are).

    3. DeathscytheX


      Nah, SAO is just a simulcast. I guess thats part of the thing with the CR split, there are 4-5 simulcasts this season when they use to be all dub outside of One Piece. 

    4. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      Ah, well Toonami will start airing it on the 9th of Feb if you really want to watch it.

  20. DeathscytheX

    Dragon Ball Z - Action RPG

    Hopefully they skip the Garlic Jr. Saga.
  21. DeathscytheX

    Ace Combat 7

    I haven't read a news site review in years, but I heard either IGN or Kotaku docked it because it was "too hard". Seriously? While it had some frustrating moments, it was certainly not the most difficult. Like you said, go back and do the Pasternak fight, which is probably the crowning achievement of the series as far as intense dog fights. The dog fights were less intense in this one. They did require a little bit more out of your piloting skills... although I can see the canyon spotlights being easier with the novice controls... I have no idea how you'd do the final mission without the pro controls. I haven't used the beginner controls since Air Combat. I remember quite a few times previous Ace Combat games made you resort to finishing up enemies with the main guns because you just weren't going to ever get a clean lock on harder modes. This game has crazy special weapons, along with buffs to homing, lock on speed, and damage, you can pretty much always rely on them so long as you can control your aircraft and keep the enemy on your TV screen. The only time I got my ass handed to me truly was because I was being super lazy with the A-10, and it caught up with me on the Stonehenge mission. Trying to evade Arsenal Bird's missile barrage along with the drones protecting it presented an interesting challenge when trying to take out the propellers within the time limit. Being that slow, made me regret my choice.. I had a bad habit of looking at the air and ground target breakdown pre mission and being like "A-10 time!" The mutli ground target missile special is just great, and the F-35 has an even more powerful version of it which is nuts. Like you said about the constant missile warnings, I pretty much made it a thing to take out all the SAM and XSAMs I'd find just to ease my ears of that damn alert. That Fleet destruction mission was indeed annoying because of the time limit, I think I came up short by 2-300 points twice and started getting irritated. I eventually figured out that I needed to target the main ship, and ignore all of their SAM and guns. Even with a strafe run (WARNING PULL UP PULL UP PULL UP 🙄) and missile and bomb barrage all at once, some of those ships were damn beasts when it came to damage intake. The frigates and destroyers went down fast but the ships with the missiles, I think it was VAL or something, took 2 runs of perfect barrages... which was a little much. The Aircraft carrier, I understood since it was worth an ass load of points. But once I got that down, I could take out the first eastern fleet with plenty of ammo to spare and about 8 minutes left.. even then I'd still go to replenish because it was the closest to the base. As long as you took out that whole fleet, it would get you a little more than half way there, after that I took out the smaller array of ships on the way to that base that looked like a massive oil rig.. I guess they both did, but the one out in the open water. That would push me over, but I still think I was down to about 2 minutes or less by the time I was done. They did a good job of tucking some ground targets in places where the standard missiles would hit the ground or wall they're in. Don't get me started on having to manual ID in that night city escort. As much as I loved that mission overall because of how it looked, damn they made some annoyingly placed targets to ID and then take out. The aircraft tree was nice, but you're right, the aircraft unlocks should have not been apart of it. Plus half of the upgrades you didn't really need. Like the Queen's touch, or any of the performance enhancers... yeah they were good on lesser fighters, but for the better ones, you're better off going with capacity and weapon upgrades. Thats one of the reasons I didn't go the F-15 route, the ice up part i felt, and found out was completely useless. I never wished I had it at any point in the game... the only time it remotely became a thing was when you're out flying to avoid the radar zones on the way to the space elevator near the start of the game. I think I iced up one time chasing fighters into heavy clouds... the only upgrade I could have used, if it exists was a lightning strike resistance.. that was kind of annoying when it happened.
  22. DeathscytheX

    The Division 2

    The armor system makes sense now. Those one shot shotgunners were the most annoying thing about TD1. To know it was a engine flaw is crazy. The faster TTK is good, because its clear the game isn't really a cover based game when you'd always be forced out of cover in the first one. More about it, Its good to know there is no more interrupts for repair... I'm glad there is still some type of replish of armor or health. The self healing was pretty much a necessary in the first game, it was just way to powerful not to choose. They did good by spreading it out to everyone making it a non-factor to choose over some other gear slot.