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  1. I've got a feeling you'll be disappointed. MS is the biggest software maker in the world, they know software better than Sony ever will. Full backwards compatibility across every generation is going to be the one thing they have over Sony. PS5 will at best be able to play all PS4 games and maybe some PS3 games. I doubt they ever planned to have anyone pop a copy of Twisted Metal 2 or Warhawk into their PS5 to play it. They haven't really done a lot of backwards compatibility because they don't really know how to program it. The first PS3s had PS2 guts jammed in them to make them backwards compatible. I remember playing some PS2 games on my friends newer PS3 and the bugs and graphical glitches were crazy. If you read between the lines though, for the majority of consumers its a feature thats more for bragging rights. The amount of people that will really pop in their Xbox and 360 games is minimal compared to those playing new games or even Xbone/PS4 games. Its a nice feature that SHOULD be there, but at the end of the day its not what's going to sell consoles. I'll be very disappointed if my digital library isn't available. Sony stands to gain money from last gen titles. Seeing as you can still see PS3 games in the PS store, PS5 users would be inclined to spend money on older last gen (single player) games if they're on sale. I just read an article that said PS5's launch titles will not be cross generational. Which I assume points towards the last PS4 titles that pop before PS5 will be playable on PS5 without the necessity of having it be an PS5 title. But having no cross gen launch titles is a big plus for me. I don't want the first 6 months of titles to be just upscaled PS4 games. Give us those games that can only run off SSD drives.
  2. Its just a PC tower with a disc drive and a green glowy top. looks like something from ibuypower tbh. I'm on board with PS5 just because I've always been a console gamer first and foremost. It honestly could be even uglier and I wouldn't care as long as the games are good, which in itself are few and far between. My biggest concern with PS5 is these mock ups of screens on the DS5... please no. I remember when I was much younger being super hype about that type of stuff, but now I'm old and grumpy. The damn DS4's battery life is utter shit compared to anything I've ever used. I don't want screens or lights on my controller. It wastes battery and makes it more expensive to replace. No one has successfully reinvented the controller yet. Nintendo failed multiple times, and they stopped making steam controllers from what I've heard.
  3. Oh man you can have Ichiya in the party?!?!?! I might have to get it now.
  4. I'm only posting this because the graphics are so bad. LMAO! This is 2000's level movie game bad.
  5. LOL, this is the only trailer I've ever seen where the gameplay part of the footage makes the cinematic stuff look like trash.
  6. That was... interesting.
  7. DeathscytheX


    Godfall is the first PS5 game announced. It will be a PS5 and PC exclusive. I guess Gearbox has some serious GARO fans because this screams GARO without the licensing.
  8. DeathscytheX

    XBOX Series X

    Sony made the first announcement, but MS makes the first reveal. The Next Generation kicks off next holiday season.
  9. Looks neat. Kinda feels like Stranger Things: Ghostbusters Edition.
  10. While I agree the 725 is still OP, the M4 doesn't need a nerf. Meh, its just this games M16/FAMAS/ACR/UMP45 etc. It's a jack of all trades gun, but it doesn't have the TTK of the AK or Oden. Anyone with better aim is going to beat the M4 9/10 times, and those same players aren't dumb enough to challenge long range with these weapons. People have moved away from the camping double claymores. Of course I don't play TDM, but it was prevalent in Domination and Headquarters. Less so now I guess that people unlocked their camo challenges and what not and people have started playing the game. I still don't love FPS as much as I use to, but I enjoy a few hours here and there. I use to be able to sit in front of the TV for 12 hours straight and never get tired of it. The Battle Pass system is pretty good as it is now. Apparently in BO4 they started out good and got shitty soon after. We'll see how it goes. There are 100 tiers That will take you 200 hours to complete. I think the first 80 are free? I could be wrong but it goes up to a certain amount and then you have to buy a battle pass upgrade to get the last however many tiers. These last tiers are cosmetic only, and you can choose to buy at any given time instead of the start. That way if you're a dedicated player but you ran short on time one season due to personal life issues, you don't have to spend your COD points to upgrade if you know you wont make it all the way through the tiers. The 2 weapons will take about 20 hours to get someone calculated as they're both sub 30 tier. Basically it takes longer to get to the max soft cap rank 55 than to obtain these weapons so I feel like thats pretty fair. The question is what will they do when the season is over? Will they sell them individually if you missed out on the free period? Basically you don't have to spend a dime and just play an hour a day for 2 months to get the weapons is what it breaks down too. People are still complaining about that, but if you aren't playing MP for at least 20 hours in 2 months why did you even buy this game? If you're an ultra hard core COD fan, you can grind out the whole battle pass and get more COD points than you put into it and buy the next one with your earnings. So in theory if all you do is play COD you won't have to spend any money outside of the season 1 battle pass premium purchase. All of this sounds too good to be true for Activision The store is where they decided to be douchebags. They have cosmetic bundles that are around $15-20 each. They come with an operator skin, weapon charm, some stickers, a blue print (a gun skin), and maybe a calling card or emblem. The price isn't the issue, the issue is you can only see what they show you, and if you want more options you have to buy a bundle for a new one to appear in that spot. Apparently they rotate out every 24 hours, but you could be waiting days or weeks to get the one you want. Impatient people will spend a ton of money just to get the one they want to rotate into the store. I mean more power too them, but it seems like thats a small minority of players. They'd make more money just letting people pick whatever they want overall and the whales are gonna whale regardless. I think XclusivelyAce, without mentioning it directly, noticed that patent matchmaking in affect. COD has Score Based Match Making... basically trying to keep you at a 50% W/L 1.0 KDR. People hate it and IW has refused to acknowledge its there.... honestly git gud though. I've started tearing off some 38-6's 21-4's here and there. Its possible, its just not gonna be every match. Anyways Ace basically stated once he bought a bunch of skin bundles he noticed he started getting lobbies with scrubs that were oblivious to any type of map awareness and he was just stomping people into the ground. Basically he was put into less skilled lobbies so people could see his bling in their kill cams. The game isn't perfect, but I think is pretty enjoyable. It's better than anything I've played since Black Ops 2, but it doesn't quite beat anything before that.... except MW3... that was utter trash.
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