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  1. I never watched the original Fruit Basket because the description just sounded too silly. The premise of all anime is that at least one of the protagonists has a flaw. Luffy can't swim, Inuyasha turns human on the full moon, etc. I just generally dislike when a flaw is so overwhelming it's a massive inconvenience. BUT Since the simuldub started Friday I'll be watching the reboot. It seems to have a huge following and the first ep was quite good.

    fruits basket kyo soma GIF by Funimation

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    2. DeathscytheX


      XD I'll give a comparison at the end. For me, Violet Evergarden is the most emotionally moving anime I've ever watched. While the animation here is beautiful, it doesn't come close... but I don't think another series ever will and i never expect it too. It's still top tier level like Hyouka. Looking at stills of the original FB compared to what we have here with the reboot, I don't think I could ever watch it. XD You'll have to tell me whats different when its over.

    3. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      I've seen maybe half of the original series (back at my first college when I was a part of the anime club) and it was enjoyable. I completely forgot the new one started airing last week so I never got around to watching it so I'll have to do it Saturday night when I watch all the other shit I was going to watch this season.

      You want all about the feels Sledge you need to watch Violet Evergarden, that will hit you so hard in the feels that everything else will pale in comparison. I say this having seen a lot of shows along the lines of Fruits Basket (we're talking so many you'd almost think I was a girl (yea, I'm into Shoujo shit and I'm not afraid to admit it)) and Violet Evergarden blows them all out of the water for it's pure portrayal of emotions (I always thought nothing would ever beat Clannad for pure emotional portrayal but VE did so). While I'll never rank any anime over Aria (I'm sorry but nothing will ever dethrone this show (for reference this dethroned Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam for my all time favorite anime) due to the pure enjoyment I get from the series (and yes I watch it once a year that's how much I love it)) Violet Evergarden comes extremely close  (god I still need to see the movie, come on Netflix get on it damnit).

    4. DeathscytheX


      It really is one of the best written stories... like EVER. You have to be inhuman not to get that dull pain welling up in your tear ducts when watching this series. Shit my eyes start swelling just seeing a pic of the parasol on the lake scene. Dammit Sledge watch it now!!! XD XD XD

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