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  1. Ever since that series "Life after People" it always made me wonder how old is humanity? Were always told we're but a blip on the map of time. But there has always been small bits of evidence here and there like things resembling batteries, and the Giza plateau structures being older than they should be. If we all died tomorrow, pretty much all evidence of our existence would be gone in 200 years. The earth would reclaim all of it. 200 years is practically nothing, so how many other times has civilization advanced and got wiped out by an asteroid or what not? If you ever get time to listen to something, these are worth it. Completely fascinating. If you don't have YT red, you can download these from podcast sites. Regardless of your opinion on Joe Rogan, Randall Carlson is just fascinating to listen too. He backs what he says with science. There are episodes with Graham Hancock as well who also does similar research, and they do this podcast together a few times. Those are very interesting as well, I'm not going to sit here and flood this single post with video scrolling. Ep #872, #725, #1284, #417 are all solid. #961 to a lesser extent because they invite some "professional skeptic" that just gets destroyed but wont shut up after he completely lost the argument. TL;DR: Humankind is much much older than we've been told. It's not really a conspiracy and more just prideful bullshit that archeologists are too stubborn to admit they're wrong.
  2. I marathoned most the day through the grueling redundant quests. Holy cow I was starting to get disheartened with the roller coaster of awesome and then redundant. Fight a big ass dragon on a bridge... cool this has to be the end right? Nah escort this scholar and help Tataru find some pearls... lets go in and out and in and out and in and out of Rising Stones. I saw where they plan on condensing the story some.. they really need to just get rid of all the unnecessary foot travel after you initially defeat the Ultima Weapon and Lahabawhatever. all these 4800xp quests are meh at best. Keeper of the Lake was amazing. Favorite dungeon so far. I'm finally at the Before the Dawn. I had to stop before that because god damn pal, The good 40 minutes of cut scenes was a lot to take in... and now there is another warning for a long cutscene set. Though I just bitched about all those shitty quests, the pay off was crazy. I was just thinking about how GoT-sey this game was. Ishgard/Coerthas is so Winterfell, Ul'dah is Casterly Rock, and Lima is Kings Landing kinda with the doucheyness residing in Ul'dah. I guess Gridania can be High Garden. As I was thinking that they had to go full Red Wedding on me at the banquet. I honestly hated Coerthas and everyone in it my initial run becasue everyone was rude as fuck with the whole fake bishop thing. But yeah I'm warming up to Haurchefant. Before all that madness though Press F to pay respects to Moenbryda's equivalent exchange moment, I'm still catching all these references. Midgardsormr better start backing me up since he took me damn blessing too. I look forward to a long session when I wake back up.
  3. I defeated the Slyph primal, helped create the Crystal Braves and now I'm looking for the spy within the Flames, after half ass hunting the heretic in Snowblinds. On a side note the jumping puzzle thing in the current festival was hilariously easy. Coming from GW2 and its savagely brutal JPs, even its easiest one is much harder, and its festival ones are the most insane. But I'm not complaining I hate JPs with a passion and was pleased not having to go through that frustration. Fuck this halloween JP
  4. DeathscytheX


    I really wish GW2 would add this system. There is a "sexy stretch" in the hand on hip idle. Each idle stance has an animation that goes into it. That way people that bitch and moan about it never had to see it, but people that liked it can have it in that stance. I have more fun that I should messing around with poses in this game while I wait to be match made into a dungeon. /sit has different sitting positions, and you can sit in chairs or on boxes and have different sitting positions there too. I'm sure this is nothing to every other FFXIV player, but to me its so unique and fun. There is even a /pose where you do a little turn around over the shoulder look.
  5. Yes it was Lost City of Amdapor because I accidentally did it when I was suppose to do Amdapor Keep. the mechanics were cool until it wasn't. We kept trying to explain to the guy not to open doors at random. Ugh. I just beat "Leviabeetus" last I played. i read the main quest texts but i stopped reading most of the side quests text not too long ago because I just want to get it over with at this point. Moving back and forth between the same two locations on a map just to give me something to do on some of these quests is sorta asinine. I feel like the ARR story has ran its course and I'm just doing busy work with this Doma refugee thing.
  6. *splits topic out of GW2 thread* I still haven't made it to heavensward yet, and my next job quests are in the city I can't access until I get to it. I've run several dungeons on hard for various quests. The Odin fight was my favorite of all of those. Diabolos was the most frustrating. My first run, my power flickered when Diabs only had 10% HP left, so running it again I had some guy just opening random doors causing us to wipe 4-5 times. The mechanics are cool until someone does that. I unlocked the Crystal Tower, and now I'm just running food around for refugees. I'm just trying to get through this main sequence hoping it leads to where I need to go. I'll save the raid for later.
  7. I finished out the first part of A Relic Reborn. A friend told me it was tedious and I might would want to wait til I get to other expacs since there is a weapon every expac. Eh I need better IL stuff. I spent a lot of GIL on some 110-125 armor, but I'm not about to drop a half a mil on a weapon so I'll do that the ole fashioned way. The quest itself wasn't that bad... a lot of duty finder waiting for hard dungeons. Other than that it was mildly tame compared to GW2's absurd collections. At least so far, I see I can keep going with it somehow. The weapon itself is pretty ugly to me compared to some of the amazing bows I see people running around with. True traditional Bard stuff with the whole harp thing. EDIT: Yeah I'm pretty much always going to take screen shots in this damn inn. Everytime I want to screen shot it's night which lasts forever when I want to do something in the day.
  8. DeathscytheX


  9. Funimation put up the first 5 eps today. So far its really well done.
  10. I finished A Realm Reborn. I enjoyed the story overall, even if it was campy and silly at times. I enjoyed all the pop culture references and had a good chuckle with how heavily a major chunk of the final fight was inspired by MGS1 from the elevator to Ultima. The Dungeons were pretty fun, in one part I'm glad you cant skip the cutscenes on the major story ones. Certain GW2 players would have an aneurysm over that, but at the same time I can see how its frustrating when repeating it, especially when you get nonsensical cut scenes every 10 steps on the second to last dungeon. I also didn't see the point of waiting 15 mins for a 3 minute boss fight that had no dungeon when you start the last questline. That should have just been instanced instead of a full 8 man party. 8 man dungeons are more fun than the light party though, the effects and buffs going around gets wild. My only bad experience so far was one of the optional dungeons I ran to get a level up. The healer was awful so our Tank died a few times causing a wipe. I heard Bard use to have more support, but at level 50, all I can really do is block or remove 1 ailment, increase direct hit, and grant swiftness... could be one more I'm forgetting right now... but its not going to keep anyone alive. The Bard quest line was interesting. I see now a lot of people in GW2s community wanted something more interesting when getting elite specs. I guess I gotta finish up some loose ends before I get to Heavensward and start on Dark Knight. I heard that story is pretty neat too.
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