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  1. Anthem isn't perfect. It probably should have been delayed another 6-8 months, but its a hell of a lot of fun. I just find it funny how Destiny can rack up big review scores with the similar issues and significantly less content. The popular thing to do right now is crap on EA, and its justified... but it'll be a shame if this game gets the plugged pulled on it early. There is a lot of potential here to fill the gap until the next gen consoles come. Arekkz has the most realistic take on the game, the rest of the YT community is just spitting out talking points which is kinda sad too see since they're suppose to be the alternate to big game sites.

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    2. DeathscytheX


      My thing is that is this pretty much every looter shooter ever. They all release exactly the same and yet they get compared to some mythical example that doesn't exist. That's not to make an excuse for these half baked releases, but they're all the same. I mean I guess Borderlands is the best example of a complete looter shooter, but it wasn't an open world MMO-esque experience, and it has zero endgame besides a few tough secret bosses.

      Unfortunately the Demo did a lot of harm, the build was way too old, the gear drops didn't allow for the full combo system to be experienced, the guns were mostly trash, and some the stronghold mechanics were missing or busted. Plus the infinite load screens didn't give anyone that actually was willing to suffer through constant restarts of the app enough time to experience another javelin, because quite honestly the Ranger is lame as fuck even with higher gear in the full game.

      Destiny is a better designed game but from a technical standpoint it's different. It's designed as a FPS shooter, while Anthem is more like a Division/Borderlands type shooter where stats play a little bit more into how damage is dealt and bullet spread is wild . When it comes down to it, Destiny had a more solid foundation because it's basically Halo repurposed into a different game. The engine is pretty similar so the shooting is top notch, besides the fact that the first year of D1 revolved entirely around a single weapon for all difficult content. I can't really say it was fixed by charging $60-80 more dollars, because you have to include the original season pass with the one that "fixed" it... to me that's just a ripping people off, and they had the gall to do it a second time. Even though D2 was much better, if we're looking at content, Anthem's campaign is 3x as long, the solo accessibility for harder content is superior, and more powerful gear dropping is a little better. Currently there is no weekly lock out modes for loot, and even though the did nerf drop rates in typical fashion, you can still get the exotic equivalent outside of a weekly lock out content. What Destiny has over Anthem is functionality and polish. In the end though its basically comparing a washed out dirt road to a old paved road full of potholes.

      EA has damaged BW to a point it may not recover. I don't have incredibly high hopes they cant turn public perception of this game around like Ubi could for The Division 1, or SE did for Final Fantasy XIV, at best they might can pull a Blizzard on D3. I hope its at least that. Despite the typical issues of a loot/shoot lauch, the flying around aspect is just a blast, and now that I have all Epic gear, it just feels great. But if the game fails, it'll be hard to making something else like it with out the sigma of "Oh iTs JuSt An AnThEm ClOnE!" Sadly loud spoiled entitled internet warriors are also to blame for how the gaming industry is. Not as much as greedy AAA Publishers, but they don't help at all, and drown out the constructive critics. 

    3. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      Meh, no matter how much we discuss this the matter of fact is people will continue to rag on this game until it gets a Forsaken or a complete rework to certain systems like The Division. Sadly I feel that will be to late for anyone other then those die hard fans or those like you who enjoy the game. BioWare dropped the ball here, so much so their name is being driven into the mud so far it may never surface again (this is a bigger flop than Andromeda) and there is no reason why it did. The amount of talent and expertise they have should of never lead to this (I mean for fuck sake they have any actual MMO under their belt, the server issues should of never been a problem). Sadly though I see no difference in this compared to Destiny, they're essentially the same game just with different systems in place and its obvious which one is doing it better (even if that game is still a failure on all accounts that robs it's player base).

      What it comes down to is what people think about whether they got their $60+ worth out of this game and it seems like the majority of people didn't. It's sad but its the reality as of right now.

      Plus this game will never get a great turn around like FFXIV because EA will never sign off on a complete re-work of the game. FFXIV was redeveloped from the ground up for two years before they relaunched it, no other publisher would ever take that risk especially now. ARR came out in 2013 in a much different climate when we gamers weren't as jaded as we are now with the bullshit that's getting pulled (and that's not to say FFXIV still doesn't have problems but those were inherited from 1.0 and couldn't be gotten rid of due to the game engines limitations). Ubi got really lucky with The Division after its bad press and D3 never really recouped it's major player base after it's fiasco of a launch, it got much better but nowhere near the heights it could of been had it been similar to D2.

      However, the game has more promise then critics give it credit for and BioWare can turn it around if they capitalize on the potential most gamers see. its just a matter of EA being willing to let BioWare do what it needs to do and that remains to be seen. I do hope this game does well but not because I want to play it. I just really don't want to see BioWare shuttered from this.

    4. DeathscytheX


      It will be extremely hard to turn around if The Division 2 is a success. They both have Y1 free content. Plus there is a pretty impressive list of games coming out this year for the last hurrah this console generation has. Most of them aren't games that will last more than a few months of interest, but there is enough of them to keep players constantly away. This game most likely should have been a next gen launch title, but in today's world, no one wants to launch huge 3rd party titles for Y1 consoles unless they're on the old gen system as well which is what fucked half of Destiny 1 to begin with.

      Sigh, yeah the gaming industry is in a really poor state. Its highly anti-consumer. Games like Nier and God of War might come around 2-3 times an entire console generation. Anything that cant make money post launch is scoffed at.. I mean is there even going to be a new Dragon Age since EA refuses to allow BW to make KOTOR3? Gaming is my biggest hobby, so this really sucks for me. 

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