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  1. Chalice of Tears is one of the most hateful things Anet has ever done. To make you do it twice or even three times if you didn't want the anomaly taking up inventory space is even worse. Even the last section is an insane jump that if you mess it up you'd have to start all over again. Thankfully I was able to run the port group twice today to get the worst part of this legendary trinket collection out of the way. -_-; Ports were very rare as this content got older, and it will def become that way again after the expac launches.

    1. Sledgstone


      Map chat in ember bay is full of people doing the exact same thing we've been doing. Collecting those tokens and doing the jp got alot of people raging. Mostly because of the jp tho. Thankfully memsers are porting it while there is so much interest. I need to get my collection unlocked so I can get that last item from the jp chest before all the buzz dies down.

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