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  1. Well I guess I put off buying a video card for too long. All the prices have skyrocketed by 50% or higher because of some bullshit ethereum mining thing. I'm def not paying these prices. I was planning on doing it next month when I financially had a chance to do so. I guess I'll have to hope my video card last a bit longer.


    1. DeathscytheX
    2. Sledgstone


      This same crap happened when the latest generation of nvidia and Radeon  came out last year. All the miners rushed out to buy them and screwed over gamers. They'll buy 10+ gpus at a time and set them up in an awkward mess of cables and cooling systems and run them 24/7 for profit. I've seen quite a few topics about how those same ppl will then resale those gpus on eBay after 6 months or so before the cards completely fail from being overheated constantly. They'd joke about some gamer buying their used cards for high prices knowing the cards will most likely fail within another 4 months. 


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