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  1. Condi'ed out my Rev WvW style. I need 2 earrings and I'll be fully ascended. Cost me 400g to do for the armor. I already had the mace/axe/staff to stat swap. I didn't get to test it out because I spent 4 hours farming AB for Superior Runes of Durability. But it gave me a chance to learn the class more. I have 20k HP, a ton of toughness, and I can rack up 4k ticks of torment and confusion on vets. Getting rolled on by arrowheads only takes 15% of my HP. XD I can't wait to give this a shot tomorrow night with what I have.

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    2. Sledgstone


      Do you think it was worth the effort to get your rev geared up for that style of play? I'm going to try out my warrior in full berserk gear later to see how it handles itself in a zerg while running with hammer. Warrior hammer cc is crazy with the primal bursts. Skill 4 knockdowns 5 targets and the primal burst shoots out 5 shockwaves that immobilizes multiple enemies each.

    3. DeathscytheX


      Yes, because Firebrand most likely will need vipers armor and I can just give it to my guard when the expac comes out. Or give it to spell breaker and stat swap my guardian, or swap with Rev if it becomes power. Although I think SB for Rev will be a condi range option. Having 2 sets of heavy ascended armor serves to give me options for the future, which is why I made it. I didn't destroy my revs exotic armor like I normally do for that reason. 

    4. Sledgstone


      I've been using my guard in wvw almost exclusively so I'm contemplating making a cele ascended set for her. But I'm a bit hesitant. I have 2 ascended armor boxes now so I'd only have to make 4 more pieces. But at the same time I could make a viper set for my warrior instead so I can run condi warrior and with spell breaker potentially being the next elite spec, it could work great for that.

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