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  1. Condi'ed out my Rev WvW style. I need 2 earrings and I'll be fully ascended. Cost me 400g to do for the armor. I already had the mace/axe/staff to stat swap. I didn't get to test it out because I spent 4 hours farming AB for Superior Runes of Durability. But it gave me a chance to learn the class more. I have 20k HP, a ton of toughness, and I can rack up 4k ticks of torment and confusion on vets. Getting rolled on by arrowheads only takes 15% of my HP. XD I can't wait to give this a shot tomorrow night with what I have.

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    2. DeathscytheX


      If all the qT speculation is right, guardian is going to replace Chrono as top support. Mirage is going to be a dps class. If the permaswiftness is 10 targets, Firebrand is def going to be wanted in WvW. I'm already feeling the burning nerf coming. If firebrand can sustain burn damage after stacking it like base guard already can, it will be a blast for a few weeks. You might as well craft another full set of ascended heavy armor. Just avoid meta runes that are locked behind some map or dungeon. The fractal infusion remover should work on WvW infusions. You can alter the stats and give it to whoever when a meta is formed after the expac releases. 

    3. Sledgstone


      Good points. I think I'll make a heavy viper set next, but won't rush to do it. I might start up some fractals again and maybe luck out with some more ascended armor chests.

    4. DeathscytheX


      After playing Warrior for a few hours, Its fun until you get exploited for your weaknesses. What I can't stand about warrior is how vulnerable you are from the back side. I'd often find myself getting melted by some asshole DD that was waiting for an opportunity to kill someone that strayed out or got CCed and fell behind. I guess I'm spoiled by Guardian that can deploy Staff 5 behind yourself, drop a trap, purging flames, ageis, or renewed focus to stop a burst from behind.

      Having to dedicate the whole utility to stability is crazy. FA had a ton of Mesmer tonight and I kept getting gravity welled and melted by condi bombs. None of the guards were dropping purging flames to help with this, and Warriors condi cleanse is pretty shit. At least with rev, I can keep stacking resistance duration and mega heal off condi bombs. Hopefully that changes with Spellbreaker. Even Cloud Fly died a few times it was that bad.

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