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  1. I'll give credit where its due. Microsoft had a pretty good E3 presentation. But sadly for them the XBox One X is like the Wii U in title. Its going to get them screwed up. On top of that what percentage of the base is going to be using 4k? $500 is steep. Its like the Goldstar 3DO... unnecessarily ahead of its time. They had some time exclusive stuff, but Sony had real exclusives like Spider-Man, Days Gone, and of course God of War.

    1. Sledgstone


      They're naming is horrible. They now have Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X. Microsoft does have one thing going for the S and the X over the PS4 Pro.. The 4k blu ray player. Anyone with a 4k tv will be more motivated to buy the S or the X just because of the included drive. Sony dropped the ball by not having a 4k blu ray player in the pro. And it really makes no sense seeing as Sony owns that actual technology. Microsoft should be technically paying sony a small percentage of money from these console sales just to include Sony's 4k blu ray player tech. But Sony wants everyone to be streaming only with their 4k streaming service. Its all jumping the gun imo. I only know 2 people with 4k tvs as of right now and if they actually were to play games in 4k it'd all be at 30 fps or less with current tech.

    2. DeathscytheX


      I dunno. It seemed like an odd choice, but they were right on no backwards compatability. Apparently only 1% of XBO users utilize it. 

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