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  1. Once again my company restructures and my position in the company is eliminated. I'm pretty much a lock for another position they created, but its getting old having to worry about whether I'll have a job the next year when they probably do change again. It will be a night shift management position so I'll be working late again and not get to game with friends like I've been enjoying the past 8-9 months. On the upside at least I'll be back in management, and not some guy thats coded for a job he's not really doing because he's being used as a manager/utility guy.

    I was going to buy a new graphics card and power supply, but its on hold now until I know for sure I'll still be employees in a few weeks. Its pretty tough watching people lose their job that you've worked with for years. It seems just about every retail company is doing this lately. I know Lowes recently laid off a shit ton of managers.

    1. Sledgstone


      Job security is one of the worst damn feelings of anxiety. x_x Sucks you'll be going to nights, but on the bright side, being management again you'll get a raise tho?

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