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  1. I used 56 Machetes on DS and still didn't get the charged horn and focus part. I can do DS 2 more times for a guaranteed part from the big chest, which is probably what I'll have to do because I can't afford to buy any machetes with this grind. What is funny is that I went to AB afterwards and it happened to be a finished map so I looted all the chests without helping the meta. XD It helped me finish up the machined staff and in turn I finished up the Druid staff collection.

    Now I'm wishing I bought all the mystic weapon skins back when they were 10g each. They're upwards of 50g each now because of Mystic Coin prices. I'll need one for each spec weapon... thankfully staff counts for DD's staff as well. I def want a free asc warhorn so next time I see that Trixi person doing an HoT run I'll take my Ele along because I'll never be able to bare it otherwise.

    1. Sledgstone


      The RNG for those is so crap. I've had 4 machined weapons collections unlocked for a while now and the only charged part I've looted is the one for the greatsword. I'm not going to buy any of those currency items until I get the RNG part of the collection I want done. I don't know if using a different character increases the drop rate but I really don't want to use anything other than my necro on DS right now because of it's condition damage output.

    2. DeathscytheX


      Hmm odd. You must have only done DS once since unlocking because the final big chest gives you are part guaranteed. 

    3. Sledgstone


      Ohhhh... I must have unlocked the collections initially by buying the inscription from the vendor there after the event. I'll have to double check my collections now.

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