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  1. Trying to get better with Thief. The personal DPS is amazing, but damn you can't take a critical hit. I did manage to solo the lumber yard event in Lake Doric and prevented all the ghost bandits from making off with the lumber. WTF the ship event is 1000x harder and TTS couldn't even stop the White Mantle from making off with supplies. It doesn't help that one is a Mesmer that just instantly ports off with a bag of goods. The Lumber yard just has a shit ton of spider adds which would get annoying if I couldn't melt them all with staff 5.

    Out of all the classes I believe Daredevil will remain the superior option over its new elite spec for the expansion. I dont see Rifle thief being better than DD. Chronomancer will probably be there as well for raids. Guardian's virtues and utilities will have to be amazing to give up traps. I'm biasly hopeful about Scourge because it just sounds badass. If its true Viper Burnmancer could be insane. 

    1. Sledgstone


      Which class do you think will get a healer elite specialization? I like playing as a ranger, but Druid healing doesn't appeal to me. I'll put on celestial form and heal everyone around me but running around solo as a Druid doesn't add any major improvement over base ranger to me except for a couple druid CC skills. I hope warrior gets something amazing. Berserker is great DPS, but the condi skills were only good for a couple builds. I barely touch the torch skills at all.. to the point that I don't even know what the skills are off hand unless I look them up in game or on the wiki. If Scourge focuses on burn damage it'll be amazing.. as long as Scourge doesn't become the new healing spec.. "Shroud 4 = Healing sands. Heal all allies around you cure conditions. Does no damage to enemies." I hope that doesn't happen.

      About your DD... What I did with my necro, warrior and guard was look up the rotation on metabattle for the build I was using (thankfully the builds I was using has rotation guides) and practice them religiously. I mostly did this in the pvp lobby against those class specific npcs. Of course thats mostly for pvp since pve builds are hard as hell to recreate in there, but if you try taking out every npc there one after another without waiting on your skills to cooldown or to start regening HP, it makes for a good challenge that is great for practicing dodges and blocks. For my full pve training tho I'd find a champ and work on soloing it. Theres usually one in frostgorge sound I'd work on but theres plenty of HP in the HoT maps that spawn a champ to work on. I need to work on my Guardian and Mesmer. I don't know a single combo or decent rotation for my mesmer so I mostly camp greatsword and swap to sword for skill 2. XD I'm great with my guardian in pvp, but to hell if I know the best rotation to kill anything in pve with her aside from spamming traps. XD I can solo a champ with my ranger but can't do a damn thing with her in pvp. XD

    2. DeathscytheX


      Thats my problem with DD. As a guard main, I'm use to standing in a bunch of bullshit waiting for the CD to finish up, I have that luxury. XD Necro I can just swap to shroud and wait for all my CDs to go away. DD's rotation is actually a bunch of AA pressing. Even going back to D/D Thief, their rotation has always been simplistic because AA does a crap ton of damage. The Staff has zero pause between strikes unlike other AAs where you have 2 hits and a slower 3rd strike cast time. Staff keeps endlessly going at a fast pace. I'll hit 5 twice because it does massive crits, CC, and is a dodge. My problem is seeing the enemy is low on HP and thinking I can finish them off before that AoE procs. XD DD max DPS build has 2 sigils as utility so I only have Fist Flurry and my elite to use off CD. 

      There is no way Scourge is going to be a healer, the name doesn't match. If I had to guess it could be Purifier which is guardian... or maybe even Warrior as Spellbreaker? XD We didn't get the leak for Engi or Rev which is already a healer of sorts. I could see Scourge being a support class like Guardian. It could offer ageis sand shields or Ele-like earth armor, and have a lot of blinding/weakness/slow conditions. Since Dhuumfire was nerfed a long time ago I want to say Torch will bring back the burning element of Necro. The sand element could also give Necro some amazing reflects and hopefully stability.

    3. Sledgstone


      Whenever I think of sand shroud I think of Crocodile from One Piece. XD

      We better get some kind of sand scythe AOE attack like this. :D

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