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  1. I don't know how anyone can bare to play open world PvE content with the Ele class... at least its base. I haven't unlocked tempest yet. It has no burst damage, its squishy, and its down state is ass. Highest DPS in the game... but only sustained. I can burst mobs better with every other class. Range attacks are the death of you. Doing the Jade Maw heart on Ember Bay was so frustrating, the lack of CC the class has is astonishing. I have no idea how everyone loves it. I'm sure its amazing in fractals and raids, but for casual play its a nightmare. 

    1. Sledgstone


      I tried elementalist on my one alt account and didn't like it. I didn't have it to level 80 nor did I have all the traits unlocked so I only have the slightest bit of experience with it. What I have seen is elementalists owning in fractals even before HoT. There must be a build that is good or specific rotation people like using. The thing that always amazed me was how often I'd see elementalists go full on melee mode. I always thought they'd have to play ranged because of how squishy they are but nope.. right in every enemies face but with alot of dodging like a thief. That diamond skin trait makes ele's pretty much immune to condi damage as long as they get hit by enemies which is probably why they stay in melee range. That and ice bow auto attack heals HP to any friendly that is near the target that is hit, another reason to stay in melee. I figure elementalists stay in melee and spam ice bow all the time for a constant heal while getting hit which procs diamond skin.. damn eles never seem to die from what I've seen of them. :P I think thats the problem with them tho.. they're kind of limited to always running a specific trait like warrior is.

    2. DeathscytheX


      Pre HoT their rotation was different, they made a change to the CDs of each element when you swap that messed it up. The reason they stay melee range is because of the hit boxes most likely. Its the same for the Guard Scepter. Its highest DPS is when you're basically melee attacking. Even though its projectile speed got buffed, it can still miss small hit box enemies. Ele is even worse. Most of their attacks are slow casting AoEs. This is why its fustrating in open world. The lava front/Meteor Storm/Dragon's Tooth/etc all miss if you have the aggro. The enemy just runs out of the circle to you... which is why they probably melee range it anyways so they can hit the enemy... but mobs will just tear you apart in seconds.

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