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  1. Overwatch dethroned everyone at the VGAs sweeping Game of the Year, Best eSports, and Best Mutliplayer game. I hope everyone else takes notice. While OW isn't for everyone, and its hard for SoloQ, games that aren't need to look at what Blizzard is doing. The way they balance, interact with their community without blowing them off, and post launch content. COD started the season pass trend, and every shooter followed suit and then every game followed suit. Titanfall 2 has taken OW route as far as DLC goes. I hope more developers go this route as well. There is money to be made on micro-transactions. RnG boxes are a big hit and OK as long as you can earn them in game, and they don't offer a competitive advantage.

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    2. Sledgstone


      I don't know if CSGO could be considered a typical shooter, but it is beyond insane with skins.

      People are literally selling skins for $300+ in real cash. wtf. There are so many skins that each skin has different versions of the same skin such as "Factory new", "field tested", "minimum wear", etc. I see no difference in the look of any of those variations, but I guess its easier to see the difference in game.

      I'd still rather see microtransations in games than DLC, but I don't like the concept of a real world market place for in game skins. Its like they are legitimizing all those spam gold sellers in rpgs. Imagine if Overwatch did that. All the halloween skins would have been farmed to all hell and then by spring they'd be selling for $200 a piece on a third party site and they'd be spammed in chat all the time. "Mercy halloween outfit, $200, best price online, P V P B A N K . COM!!!" -_-;

    3. DeathscytheX


      But as long as you can buy the skins in game like Overwatch through points you saved up, it will never happen. 

      Counter Strike is a game that came out in 1999 and recieved 3 revisions that basically kept it the same with visual upgrades and new content. It's a game that's been around for 17 years and has an ultra hardcore community that has been there from the start. You can look at the most modern incarnation of the game and tell its outdated. But to alter it would risk changing the skill based mechanics which could anger fans. 

      CS is from and older time. I don't think any triple A publishers would allow a 3rd party market that would circumvent their profits, much like Anet does now with gold buying. The easiest way to shut it down is just not letting players trade and send skins to each other. 

    4. DeathscytheX


      Paid post content will never go away. NES games costed $50 which is about $90 in today's money. Games cost way more do develop and profit from now than they did back then. We pay $60 today for the core game, so these companies have to make up the difference some how, otherwise we wouldn't have a standardized price for games that only varies $10 between first and third party. In the end $100 is about right for the "full gaming experience" I don't think people would be willing to pay $100 for Battlefield's full content and would be upset if that was the only option. Indeed you would only be buying "half the game" which is why its marketed how it is now. But in the end, I'd rather have group funding via cosmetics for the rest of the game... over the longhaul I'm sure I'll be funding extra content for those that don't buy another dime, and the other way around.

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