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  1. My position with the company was cut last week. Even though they deny it's the reason... I was salary, and starting 12/1/2016 federal law will require companies to pay salary a minimum of over $10,000 more a year than I was making or pay overtime for hours worked over 40. My company responded to this by removing the position I was in which affected 700 managers company wide. I'm now hourly making $5000 less a year because I'm only working 40 hours a week. Just goes to prove you can't force companies to pay people more money. Now each store runs on one less manager and the burden of my workload falls on them. On the bright side I have more time to myself and I'll be gaming on more regular hours instead of insane late night. XD

    1. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      Well at least we'll be able to game together more often. Still sucks about the loss in money but hey less responsibility, that's always a good thing (I know I've been a lot happier at my new job now that I'm not longer in a management position).

      I wonder what Wal-Mart is going to do with this going into effect. I sense a lot of Assistant Managers take a demotion soon (they'll never up their pay and will never pay overtime to those on salary).

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