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  1. In a move of douchebaggery that should surprise no one,  you must have the Infinite Warfare disc for MWR to work. That's how desperate they are to make you keep their pile of shit in hopes that you'll play it and spend money on supply drops. Fuck you Activision. 

    1. Sledgstone


      I read about that last night. I bet its to prevent the market from being flooded with used copies of Infinite Warfare. I bet at least half the people that are buying the game was planning on getting the remaster and selling the disk to gamestop on day 1. Theres no reason for needing the disk IMO. Wolfenstein, Saints Row 4, Last of Us, etc.. have all had stand alone DLC that don't need the full game or original disk to play. Activision forcing everyone to have the disk or owning the full digitial version is just a cash grab. The only benefit I could see of requiring IW is if it saves on hard drive space. Maybe the remaster has a much smaller footprint on the hard drive since it's assets are in the IW installation. If the two games are installed separately and both take over 40 GB each then we'll know its them forcing everyone to have IW for no reason except for DRM BS.

    2. DeathscytheX


      I saw an article on the MWR file size but didn't click on it. The way it was worded I'd imagine it's another 20-40 gigs. It foils the plan of the download and return, but it also fucks over dad's that were going to give IW to their shithead kids and keep MWR for themselves. I saw a few YTers that said they were going to do that,  not now. You better fork over $200 for 2 deluxe copies. 

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