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  1. Someone already 3 manned Destiny's new raid and I heard the story was really short. I don't get people that still put money into this game. 

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    2. DeathscytheX


      Fun* damn phone.

    3. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      True, locking weapons and content behind the DLC packs did splinter the games population pretty much forcing you to buy the DLC if you wanted to even be on the same level as the those who did. Honestly Bungie couldn't find that middle ground like so many other games have and the problem with the game is they tried to make it into an MMO but failed to do the proper research. Bungie is working for a company that has probably the biggest and most successful MMO's in it's library (World of Warcraft, no matter what anyone says the game is by far the most successful MMO to have ever been released and continue to proves itself as a contender for the title (yea a few expansions have been pretty shitty but it seems Legion fixed most of those problems)). Why Bungie couldn't have gone to Blizzard and actually learned what it takes to make a successful game continually confuses me, especially with what they were trying to do with this game (which is a major reason why I think so many people have left. The game we were originally promised sounded amazing but I feel even it would have suffered from the same thing the game suffers from now).

      Plus the game has probably one of the worst and most punishing RNG systems in a game to date. I have better luck getting gear and weapons in FFXIV (where my luck for drops is atrocious, even more so when I have to roll on a drop I want (god damn dice roll rng)) then I do in this game (hell I had better luck in WoW). To this day I still can't understand why Bungie hasn't changed the system (they've made it a little more lax and drops are now based on your current light level) to make it more forgiving.

      Plus, I know saying this will make me a hypocrite based on my current play list of games, the game is too fucking grindy and that killed it for me (how people find grinding in this game enjoyable escapes me). I grind almost daily in FFXIV but I actually have fun doing it because I feel like I'm working toward something (since I'm grinding for currency or guaranteed drops to craft gear (that I have to roll on but still)) instead of continually smashing my head into a rock and hoping for that small chance that exotic weapon or armor piece will drop.

      Honestly Bungie is pretty much what IW is now, a shell of its former self. However their legions of fanboys and fangirls will continually keep them afloat much like IW. It's sad really but the only thing that can be done to force change is either convince these people the game they're playing is a piece of shit or hope they stop supporting these companies who have become so used to getting paid for crap content (which will sadly never happen as there will always be someone who continues to support bad developers).

    4. DeathscytheX


      Loot Cave #neverforget XD. It amazing that the loot system was even worse than it is now. Honestly the idea to bring your PvE builds into PvP was pretty damn cool in concept. In the end it probably should have been limited to IB all together. Regular crucible should have granted players access to every weapon the game had to offer. And in doing that you could get the player base more excited to try and unlock these guns in PvE to use at anytime including IB.

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