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  1. The Wurm boss on Ember Bay has a wonky scaling issue. I two manned it with a random with ease as we defended two energy pylons each. But when I did it with more people later, elite wurms kept spawning and we almost failed with 1 energy pylon left which almost got destroyed. X_X So I could actually have soloed a world boss by just keeping 1 alive myself if no one showed up. XD

    1. Sledgstone


      I did the event last night and we had 3 champs spawn back to back at one of the pylons. That pylon had 2 HP left and we beat the event right when the last champ was 1 attack away from destroying it. x_x Would the event still succeed with only 1 pylon?

    2. DeathscytheX


      I think the event can succeed with none of them as long as Smooshatron has enough HP left to kill the Wurm. He can also be healed by Eles, Mesmers and Guardians. When I beat it with one pylon, I think the wurms started attacking him more and I had to heal him a few times just to stay ahead of the boss in HP.

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